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BreweryMap and BreweryDB – Mapping Every Brewery you can think of… and then some!

TweetThere’s no doubt that GeoGeeks like beer and the BeerGeek in me also digs maps so when you combine beer + maps you definitely have a winner – enter BreweryMap!  This awesome service does a great job at mapping all … Continue reading

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Web Map Tip – Seattle Parking Map, Seattle.gov

TweetHere’s an awesome webmap tip to share (courtesy of a tip-off I received via the Esri FB page) the WDOT Seattle Parking map from seattle.gov. This is a handy online resource showing where to park and how much it costs … Continue reading

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Open Source Web Mapping Architecture For Mapping Colorado Wildfires

TweetIn an effort to keep the public informed and make data available to them during the recent wildfires near Colorado Springs, CO the company turned to open source as a solution. Their blog goes into details of how they luckily, … Continue reading

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ArcGIS.com Tentative Waldo Canyon Fire Line Map, Colorado Springs

TweetAn interesting map paints a pretty clear picture as to the extend of the fire near Colorado Springs, spanning north from Garden of The Gods by Manitou Springs north into Pike National Forest and past the Air Force Academy, sandwiched … Continue reading

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