BreweryMap and BreweryDB – Mapping Every Brewery you can think of… and then some!

There’s no doubt that GeoGeeks like beer and the BeerGeek in me also digs maps so when you combine beer + maps you definitely have a winner – enter BreweryMap!  This awesome service does a great job at mapping all the breweries in north America – and then some! Search an area and voila, using the Google maps API you are presented with all the hits as pins on a map. Click a pin to reveal the brewery logo, address, directions, and a link directly to their website. the site also provides routing capabilities so you can bplan a road trip or pub crawl – nice!  Finally, what’s way cool about this service is the awesome built-in sharing capabilities so you can easily share your favorite finds via twitter or facebook. Brewery owners will also love the very simple embed code that is provided so they can easily embed a map to their location for all to see – nice touch! Well done to the developers here and kudos to them on also providing android and iOs apps as well (the HD app for iPad is sweeeet!) – Check it out at – Cheers!

Developers, See also, BreweryDB, a fully moderated, open library of breweries and beers from all around the world, a great resource to power your beer apps!



Web Map Tip – Seattle Parking Map,

Here’s an awesome webmap tip to share (courtesy of a tip-off I received via the Esri FB page) the WDOT Seattle Parking map from This is a handy online resource showing where to park and how much it costs in the City of Seattle. Users will find parking lots, street parking restrictions, rates and more. Additionally, every single parking related street sign is posted on the map – nice! Streets are color coded according to parking style, for example, no parking, unrestricted, time zones, etc… Well done Seattle!


Seattle PArking map

Open Source Web Mapping Architecture For Mapping Colorado Wildfires

In an effort to keep the public informed and make data available to them during the recent wildfires near Colorado Springs, CO the company turned to open source as a solution.

Their blog goes into details of how they luckily, had already been working on a system designed for rapid web publishing and thus managed to roll out a solution built almost entirely on Open Source, with the exception of the ArcGIS Server component (apparently an option exists to migrate to the Open Source Geoserver in the future).

To see the results for yourself check out the web map and imagery at

Read More – Sanborn Turns to Open Source Web Mapping Architecture For Mapping Colorado Wildfires Tentative Waldo Canyon Fire Line Map, Colorado Springs

An interesting map paints a pretty clear picture as to the extend of the fire near Colorado Springs, spanning north from Garden of The Gods by Manitou Springs north into Pike National Forest and past the Air Force Academy, sandwiched in between HWY 14 and within about 2 miles of I-25 – good luck everyone in the area! Direct link to the Map HERE [Read more…]