UAV cinematography and Geotech in ABC News Animas River EPA Spill Story

I caught wind of an impressive use of technology in a recent ABC news story covering the EPA spill in the Animis River in Colorado. The story uses Google maps technology to show the area extent but even more impressive is the UAV captured video providing an incredible perspective to convey to the viewers the damage that has resulted to the affected areas. The UAV videography technology was provided by  Terra Imaging jump directly to the video HERE


Hello GoPro HERO4 Session

Bigger isn’t always better, case in point, the HERO4 Session, an awesome little gadget! Small in size but big on functionality, HERO4 Session is compatible with existing GoPro mounts and will retail for $399.99 MSRP at authorized GoPro retailers around the world and on beginning July 12, 2015.

GoPro Launches HERO4 Session

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Amazing Videos – KLM Takes you on a Spectacular Flight to St. Maarten on the 747 400

I love flying, I mean who doesn’t? I simply had to share this amazing video from KLM that lets you experience the flight from Amsterdam to St. Maarten inside the cockpit of the massive KLM 747 400 aircraft and drop into the airport in St. Maarten with a rather short runway. Making it even more exciting, the plane passes over a popular beach just before touching down with beach goers amazed as the plane passes over at an elevation of about 50 feet! Incredible video sharing some great technology and some pretty powerful marketing here by KLM – well done!

For the real aviation fanatic watch the whole flight and many more at

A Year in the Life of Earth’s CO2

NASA Computer Model Provides a New Portrait of Carbon Dioxide – An exciting and amazing new dataviz from NASA – this new, ultra-high-resolution NASA computer model has given scientists a stunning new look at how carbon dioxide in the atmosphere travels around the globe. The Nature Run simulation was run on the NASA Center for Climate Simulation’s Discover supercomputer cluster at Goddard Space Flight Center. The simulation produced nearly four petabytes (million billion bytes) of data and required 75 days of dedicated computation to complete. Source: NASA


FME UC 2014 Video: FME Powers CKAN Open Data Portal

YEs indeed the FME User Conference videos, more than 70 of them, are all online for your viewing pleasure! One of my favorite sessions at the event was delivered by Mark Laudon of the City of Surrey, B.C. Surrey is definitely a leader when it comes to open data and citizen engagement, although they are quite modest about it! Enjoy this talk by Mark as he describes their efforts, discusses open data platforms, and shares some very useful tips! [Read more…]

Share your images and video with Animoto (PC or mobile)

There’s no questioning that I’m a huge fan of digital media – photos, video etc… and I’m also big into sharing. So naturally, when I hear about a cool tool that enables users to create compelling content from digital media and share it then naturally, I’m going to share details – enter Animoto. This app is available as a PC web service and also has a mobile client (see Animoto in Apple itunes shop for iPhone app). Using Animoto you can easily and quickly create a fun video from images and video clips… piece them all together, add some video, save and share. A pro version is available for just $30 per year, enabling users to lift some size and sharing restrictions… nice! See – sample video is shared below… enjpoy and let your imagination wander!

Create your own video slideshow at

GeoTech Video Pick of the Day – ESRI 2010 Mashup Challenge

If you read this blog then you know that we’re huge fans of video to help convey your message – enter out Geo video pick of the day! An informative and useful video put together by ESRI’s Joseph Kerski (via ESRItv) describing the ESRI Mashup Challenge… Joe (Twitter @josephkerski) is an amazing Geo Tech evangelist and advocate of GIS K-12education – way to go Joe! Some details… Build an innovative mashup using ArcGIS Online and Web APIs for the chance to win one of four cash prizes. Learn more at

Looks like Geo Techs are pushing out great videos!

I’m so glad to see that many companies seem to agree with me regarding the importance of sharing videos of their technologies and solutions with their customers – recall blog post from the other day! Case in point, NAVTEQ has released another new video to welcome you to 2009 and discuss their offerings and ERDAS has rolled out what they call ERDAS TV, a collection of videos and a dedicated YouTube Channel.. well done! Reminder, if your company has a youTube channel or area on your blog or website where you archive videos, please tell me about it (glenn at or list details in our directory in this Video category!