Wondering what’s next in Open Mobile? Check out Symbian^3

This week at MWC in Barcelona, Spain, Symbian foundation is making some noise by rolling out more details of the next iteration of the Open, mobile OS – billed as Symbian^3. Symbian expects Symbian^3 to roll out to developers as early as next month. Of interest, Nokia has rolled out several touch UI devices in the past (N97, N900) however, Symbian^3 will take that concept much further. Features of this latest OS include: significant usability and interface advances, faster networking, acceleration for 2D and 3D graphics in games and applications, HDMI support (High-Definition Multimedia Interface), music store integration, an improved user interface with easier navigation and multi-touch gesture support, a feature-rich homescreen, and the ability to run even more applications simultaneously. North American developers may chuckle when you mention Symbian, however, for developers of apps with a Global reach there’s no denying that porting to Symbian is a must! – see details

Symbian Partner Event video + Roger Smith AT&T

I’ve yet to go over the notes that I took while in San Fran but until then, here’s a quick, 2 minute video montage of images from San Fran and last week’s Symbian partner event. Highlights include AT&T taking to the stage and an introduction to the Symbian Foundation by executive Director, Lee Williams. Note: for more about Symbian Partner event see this article.

Symbian Partner Event montage – San Fran, Dec 2008 from glenn gisuser on Vimeo.

To set some things straight regarding AT&T, here’s a brief clip (below) of Roger Smith of AT&T from his presentation at Symbian event. AT&T has indicated they may be getting “cozier” with Nokia/Symbian, hewoever, I’d hardly say that they will be moving to a single mobile OS in their portfolio (as some have suggested).

Roger Smith, AT&T at Symbian Partner Event, San Fran from glenn gisuser on Vimeo.