GeoTech Webinar Tip – Creating Amazing Maps with FME

Looking for a little professional development? If webinars are your thing (I love em!) then take note that the gang at Safe Software is hosting a live webinar on Thursday Oct 18, bright and early at 8 AM Pacific time  (11 AM for those of you on the right coast). Don Murray, president and co-founder of Safe will head up this presentation titled “5 Ways to Impress in Google Earth and Maps – Creating Amazing Maps with FME”

About the event – Discover how to easily display nearly any combination of data (CAD, GIS, database, raster, etc) on Google Earth or Maps. You’ll see how to style the data exactly how it’s needed, and provide viewers with the most timely information – even real-time updates onto Google Maps. You’ll also hear how Kansas Department of Transportation and Burns and McDonnell teamed up, using FME with Google Earth to develop the award-winning Kansas Airspace Awareness Tool – an online, interactive 3D model that helps planners avoid building tall structures in areas that violate airspace restrictions.

Register Here and be sure to tweet @fmesoftware that you’ll attend and that Glenn (@gletham) sent you ;0)

Safe Software Webinar Recap – Sharing geo Data as PDF

On July 12 the crew from Safe Software (@safesoftware on Twitter) hosted a webinar all about sharing your Geo data as PDFs. Interesting to note that to kick off the event, Dale Lutz commented how PDF is likely the most widely misunderstood data format used on the web for mapping purposes. Many (including a tweet I received this morning) refer to PDF as the data format where data goes to die… Obviously there are many in the industry who think otherwise.  Lutz noted how important it is to keep Geospatial data readily available to users and that professionals aren’t doing so if their data is moving – PDF is one format that enables simple sharing of Geo data with the masses… even your mother can use the popular Adobe reader!

So, why PDF? The Safe guys noted that PDF is idea for sharing because it provides:

  • native support for spatial
  • 2 and 3D support (many folks don;t ever realize that PDF supports 3D)
  • widespread use of Adobe reader


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Geo/Tech Webinar of Interest July 12 – Share Spatial Data with Anyone, Anywhere as PDF

Safe Software will be hosting another webinar for industry professionals on  July 12 – How to Share Spatial Data with Anyone, Anywhere as PDF  – Learn how to easily create PDFs of your spatial data. You’ll find out how to integrate disparate data and share it out as a rich mashup in either 3D PDF or Geospatial PDF. You’ll also discover how automated processes allow you to give others self-serve access to PDFs of data within your databases and systems.

FYI, the presenter of this event will be Dale Lutz, Safe Software Co-founder and VP of Product Development – Save the date and time – Thursday, July 12 at 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm GMT / 5pm CET