Never Get Lost Again with Avenza PDF Maps on your mobile clients

I always make the time to have a one on one at ESRIUC with Ted Florence, CEO and get caught up on his flagship product, chat some hockey, and get some candid comments about life as a software solution provider. This year Ted pulled out his iPad and showed me the most recent build of PDF Maps ( and as usual, I was Wow’d!

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Top 10 New Features in MAPublisher 9.4 for Illustrator

What do the USGS, Bloomberg, USA Today, the United Nations, the National Park Service, the FBI and others have in common? All of these well known orgs rely on  MAPublisher software from Avenza systems to help them create and author awesome maps for their clients, customers, and the public. At R. 9.4 MAPublisher boasts loads of new functionality to support your cartographic and map publishing  needs. In addition to supporting pretty much ALL of the most common GIS and mapping data formats, MAPublisher works seamlessly with all common GIS and mapping platforms.

MAPublisher 9.4 for illustrator

MAPublisher 9.4 for illustrator

And so, the following are 10 New Features in MAPublisher 9.4 (for Illustrator):

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San Diego Gaslamp Map – Print it or grab it as a PDF Map for iOS while at ESRIUC

Here’s a fine map of the San Diego Gaslamp district for you. Created with local knowledge by Martha and Jim Rodgers, the pair have been maintaining this fine resource for several years now and I’ve been sharing it with you since the start… enjoy! Print out this map or store the PDF on your iPad and bring it with you to locate any restaurant, bar or club in the Gaslamp. The pair being San Diego locals also have some great suggestions for you and highlight a few new must visit places – enjoy and thanks Martha & Jim! See more info Here

Go to to download the PDF or view it on your pdf-enabled mobile device – I’ve already got it on my iPad! To help with their bandwidth, we’ve hosted the PDF map file on our server also and you can download the 2 MB PDF Map HERE

San Diego gaslamp map 2012

NOTE: I felt the gang at Avenza would be interested in this data in order to produce a nice product for users of PDF maps in iOS. Basically, using this version on PDFmaps has more intelligence (like georeferencing – although it hasn’t been field verified yet). The map is now available online in the PDFmaps map inventory and available for free download.  Users of PDF Maps can access the map via their iOS device HERE.  Need PDF Maps? Get it right here in the iTunes store!  Here’s a handy QR code you can also use to grab the map!

Oh, a reminder… bookmark our designated ESRIUC news/feature archive to stay up to speed on the news from San Diego.

Safe Software Webinar Recap – Sharing geo Data as PDF

On July 12 the crew from Safe Software (@safesoftware on Twitter) hosted a webinar all about sharing your Geo data as PDFs. Interesting to note that to kick off the event, Dale Lutz commented how PDF is likely the most widely misunderstood data format used on the web for mapping purposes. Many (including a tweet I received this morning) refer to PDF as the data format where data goes to die… Obviously there are many in the industry who think otherwise.  Lutz noted how important it is to keep Geospatial data readily available to users and that professionals aren’t doing so if their data is moving – PDF is one format that enables simple sharing of Geo data with the masses… even your mother can use the popular Adobe reader!

So, why PDF? The Safe guys noted that PDF is idea for sharing because it provides:

  • native support for spatial
  • 2 and 3D support (many folks don;t ever realize that PDF supports 3D)
  • widespread use of Adobe reader


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