Watch GISDay Activities on the BlueRaster Instagram Map

GISDay is here once again and for a little GISDay fun the cool team at BlueRaster has mashed up a very cool map that shares all the photos on Instagram tagged with the #GISDay hashtag. Have a look around the world to see some of the activities and map fun taking place on Nov 20, GISDay. Nice stuff BlueRaster – see the Instagram GISDay map HERE

GISDay Instagram Map

Blue Raster Welcomes students from Washington-Lee High School for #GISday

A nice “feel good” GIS Day story today from our friends at Blue Raster as the crew shares details of how they hosted a slew of young GIS enthusiasts at the office in order to celebrate, educate, and invigorate… well done! If you’ve ever wondered just how you or your company can take part in GIS Day, geography awareness week, or other similar events this is a great example to follow.

Blue Raster welcomed twenty-three students from Washington-Lee High School who are participating in the James Madison University Geospatial Semester, a college-level GIS class. The day’s agenda included presentations of various Blue Raster GIS projects, a geography challenge and a Q&A session for students seeking an understanding of working at a GIS firm. See more details here and See Also:

Reminder – GIS Day event, Thursday Nov 19, CSU, Fort Collins, CO

For those of you at or near Fort Collins and the Colorado Front Range, here’s details of tomorrow’s GIS Day event planned for CSU… In an effort to bring together the myriad GIS users both on campus and in the greater Fort Collins community, GIS Day at CSU was organized on Nov. 19, 2008 as part of the international GIS Day celebrations. Thursday, November 19, 2009, 09:00 AM, Lory Student Center, Cherokee Ballroom

The day’s events will include:

  • The unrolling of the website, “Geospatial Centroid @ CSU”
  • Poster displays
  • Presentations
  • A discussion forum

More information

GIS Day Wishes from the GIS Institute as they Think Beyond Plastic

I received a GIS Day update and best wishes email from Drew Stephens and the crew of the GIS Institute. Drew shared details of his GIS Day plans which include and update on their “Think Beyond Plastic” Expedition – Drew notes that they are now in their third week of picking up plastics along the coast. From Stephens…

We have an interactive map, in its basic form now – test it out and see what you think. -Thanks to all who have helped get this project up and going, and especially for those of you who have donated this week. We need all the support we can get, so please read the blog, and consider donating to help us map AND clean-up the oceans. See more at or if you think you can help out, see

City of McAllen, Tex GIS Day event to include city manager and Accela rep to discuss ESRI ArcGIS Server Mobile ADF

An interesting GIS event in Texas… The city of McAllen, Tex., is planning to throw their own GIS Day “party” on Friday, Nov. 20. McAllen has integrated GIS into multiple facets of its operations, and the City is leveraging GIS Day as an opportunity to showcase how it views the future of geological, geographical and civil sciences applied to government. Members from Accela will join McAllen on-site to present  a compelling overview of the enormous impact that mobile GIS can have on the operations of local governments.

Accela’s GIS Product Manager, Brian Wienke will join Jose Peña, one of McAllen’s lead programmer analysts, to present an overview of how their GIS-infused Accela applications (including Accela GIS and Accela Wireless) have been deployed to great effect by various departments – including Engineering, Planning, Inspections, and Fire. In particular, McAllen’s Code Enforcement operations have completely turned around with the advent of Accela Wireless, which includes embedded ESRI ArcGIS Server Mobile ADF.

NET RESULT: From a creaky, paper-based system in which each case took nearly 30 days to close out, McAllen has graduated to a fully automated, Web-based system that boosted processed code-enforcement cases by more than 80% in one year. The city of 130,000 now is on track to process more than 10,000 cases this year. Not only that, but the new system helped McAllen quickly recover from a direct hit my 2008’s Category 2 Hurricane Dolly, which damaged over 150 buildings in the city.

NOCO GIS History from Carl Reed at GIS Alley GIS Day Event, Fort Collins

It was great to have a chance to take in a local GIS event this week, thanks to the GIS Alley team  and the local GIS user community here in Fort Collins and the NOCO Front Range. Last night in FT CO the first annual (we hope) GIS Day event organized by GIS Alley took place at the Drake Center and I’m guessing there was close to 100 local GIS professionals & enthusiasts in attendance. We enjoyed some great finger food (my son killed the meatball plate!) a couple of drinks and some good conversation in a room filled with local GIS companies exhibiting their technologies (Red Hen Systems, Cartopac Field Solutions, TechniGraphics, cci, ESC Engineering)  and a few brave map makers who shared some of their latest works via a poster display.The highlight of the night was a welcome address from the Mayor of Fort Collins (who also has a history in Geospatial technologies), some fun GIS trivia, and a fine presentation by Carl Reed, CTO of the OGC… a Fort Collins “old timer” and GIS pioneer in this area. READ FULL REPORT HERE

Find Your Place In The World’ Is Theme Of National Geography Awareness Week

Nice to see that the National Geographic Society (NGS) is hyping Geography Awareness week. In doing so, the NGS is offering up a free, downloadable World wall map to the public. Continuously celebrated since its founding in 1987 by Congress, this year’s Geography Awareness Week features an online Blog-a-Thon, a series of local and national events and a new website ( that provides a broad range of opportunities for the public to get involved, including downloading a free National Geographic map of the world. The Geography Awareness Week Web site offers students, teachers and the public access to games, activities and lessons about mapping. The site features contributions from National Geographic and partner organizations such as Google and ESRI. See more HERE

GIS Day in Fort Collins, Colorado

HEads up to those of you in GIS Alley along the NOCO Front Range… here’s details of a GIS Day event taking place on Nov 12 4-7 PM… GIS Alley in Fort Collins, Colorado is planning to celebrate GIS Day on November 12th. Sounds like a fun event and is targeted at GIS professionals. Here’s the link for registering:

The event is free to attend but you need to register to get a ticket. See also GIS Alley website:

GIS Day events from Canada

A number of Canadian Universities elected to celebrate GIS Day as part of the week-long Geography Awareness Week. Some schools that took part include:

Carleton University – Carleton University’s GIS Day showcase and trade show had displays, speakers, and interactive demonstrations of GIS technology. The Canadian Space Agency’s Dr. Marie Claude Williamson, program scientist for Planetary Exploration, was among the speakers.

Dalhousie University – activities included Perusing of posters. Treasure Hunt/Geocaching or Geography Trivia Contest. Intoductory hands-on workshop introduced GIS. Answering of geographic questions, how to customize a GIS map, etc.

University of Waterloo – The courtyard on the second floor of EV1 was set up as a map gallery where people could browse the maps and meet others. Fun hands-on activities were offered in the adjacent seminar room.
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GIS Day recap from City of Loveland, CO and with 2nd graders

Loads of excitement during this geography awareness week – I spent Tuesday at an ASPRS event in Denver where much of the focus of discussion was on Landsat, and in particular, the future of Landsat and the Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM). No doubt it will be interesting to see how this topic is managed by the new administration, although with such dramatic changes in our physical environment taking place there’s little doubt in my mind that this important resource will continue to be expanded enabling us to get a grip on some of the problems facing all of us. See more on LDCM at Recall, it wasn’t too long ago that a major, major announcement was made with Landsat 7 ETM+ Data Now being made available to users at No Charge (see or

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