Waze Yourself to Gas Deals with Waze 3.2

Some pretty cool news via the Waze blog as the company has officially announced details of the new, Waze at R 3.2. Something really cool is special Waze deals for wazers that will get you reduced gas at participating retailers. According to the team some 2,000 fuel retailers around the US are offering wazers gas reduced from 5-10 cents per gallon – or simply use the app’s search functionality to locate the best deals on gas nearby and then waze yourself to them and fuel up… very nice!Offering deals, coupons and the like is a really nice and logical extension to the Waze offering I think and I can’t wait to see where this goes next!

Here’s some details about updates found in Waze 3.2:

  • Category search lets you find local business by category (think coffee shops, car wash, pharmacy) along your way.
  • Waypoints allows you to add a stop en route to your final destination, and get accurate ETAs for both. (iPhone only, coming soon to your Android phone too!)
  • Text-to-Speech now supported in 9 new languages! TTS capabilities provide you with turn-by-turn voice prompts, including reading the street names you’ll be turning on, so you’ll never need to take your eyes off of the road to know where to turn again. Waze has been studying hard, and can now read street names in UK English, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Italian, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, and Swedish.
  • Voice reporting: Android users can now join their iPhone counterparts in reporting incidents on the road, hands-free. Here’s how.

Recall, Waze is the very cool, free, community driven navigation, traffic and mapping service available to users of iOS, Android, and BB smartphones. Waze combines routing and navigation along with a support network of community members as well as a fun social gaming element.

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