Enjoy the Chemistry of Guinness Beer on this St. Patty’s Day

A little shout out to all of our colleagues, friends and others who are enjoying the Irish spirit today. Here’s a fun visualization sourced from my favorite local Craft Brewery (here on Vancouver Island)  to enlighten you a little on our favorite Irish refreshment – enjoy!

the chemistry of Guiness beer

Click to enlarge image – Happy Saint Patrick’s Day All – Cheers!

And if the poster isn’t enough, you can learn everything there is to know about Guinness in this fine documentary… its kinda long, you might need 2 beers to get through it!

10 Reasons to Marry or Date a GeoTech Professional or GeoGeek

Here’s a little end of the week fun… Dating  a geek  can have its perks [and a few pitfalls]. For example, you won’t have to worry about getting over-caffeinated when they say they need to work with some Java. Remembering the name of that awesome bar or restaurant you visited a few years ago won’t be an issue because chances are good that he or she has record of it in a Checkin with Foursquare, Google plus or facebook (a real geek will have a GeoRSS feed that pulls all those checkins into a web service). And don’t fret about having access to gadgets and computing power because you’ll have more technology kicking around than you could ever know what to do with. So you might wonder, what about the GeoGeek? What could possible be the perks of dating a Geo professional? Well, after reading a similar article that looked at the pluses of marrying a real estate professional I decided to take a similar look at the GeoGeek.

Perks of dating a Geek!

And so, here’s just 10 perks of dating or marrying a GeoGeek: [Read more…]

Got a million pieces of Lego? Why not make a World map!

Who doesn’t love Lego?/ Heck, just yesterday my daughter and friends pulled out a big box that I have and created for several hours… the stuff is timeless! And thanks to Gary in the UK for sharing this awesome story about an amazing Geo creation using the building blocks – about a million of them!

Yes indeed, some savvy Lego engineers got their hands on a ton of the stuff and created an amazing and HUGE World Map in the UK near Royal Festival Hall. Read more about this on Gary’s blog

Source: vicchi.org via Glenn on Pinterest