5 More Favorite Tweets!

It’s tough to keep up with all the activity on Twitter… so, here’s a few of our favorite Geo tweets from the past couple of days. To have your tweets considered for listing here you’ll need to follow me on Twitter @gletham.

  • @googlemaps – First flight of Boeing 787 Dreamliner at 10am PST. Click “Webcast” & follow real-time flight path on #GoogleMaps
  • @sloanb – Android Market grows up, hits 20,000 apps milestone – When are they going to realize its not about number but quality
  • @JeffHarrison – British Geological Society’s OpenScience Portal Open for Business
  • @Taliesn – RT @theitskeptic: @ServiceSphere: Map of US States Showing Countries of = Population
  • @ajturner – USGS enabling Citizen as Sensor… hosts

Thanks all for the fine tweets… you can see all my Faves HERE

More Cash For Social Location as Gowalla scores funding

It may not be boom that we saw in the dot-com era of the early 90’s, however, it is a great sign that investment is still alive and well. It seems social media and more specifically, social location is attractive to some of those in the investment community. Case in point, location-based social networking service GoWalla has just received B series funding to the tune of $8.4 million. A nice score for the company who offers up a cool, and fun social gaming experience similar to foursquare although with a number of cooler, differentiators like the ability to build a passport and some fun trip building… imagine sending a group of friends on a beer crawl or scavenger hunt! I wouldn’t run off thinking your social service can drum up millions (although if you have a great idea there’s no reason that you couldn’t), however, keep in mind that GoWalla has a team of high-profile business people behind them – Ron Conway, Kevin Rose, Gary Vaynerchuk, Shervin Pishevar, Jason Calacanis and Chris Sacca – which obviously helps! Good luck to them and Gowalla which I use on my iPhone and find to be a real hoot! See PR details here or check out GoWalla.com

We recently featured GoWalla in this article: 5 cool, free, fun Social Media Location-Aware iPhone Apps with Twitter Connect

Gowalla on iPhone

Friday Sharing & Seven Cool things

One again, I’m pleased to share with you 7 cool things from the “goodie bag”… enjoy these apps and services:

  1. iPhone App of the day – Twitter360 with Augmented Reality AR – Twitter 360 is a new application specifically developed for the iPhone 3GS that enables you to visualize your Twitter friends located in your nearby environment. See the video demo
  2. Blackberry App – CitySearch for Blackberry. Updated Mobile by Citysearch Application for BlackBerry Smartphones Delivers Local the Way Users Want It; Includes Calendar and Email Integration and Twitter Functionality.
  3. S60 Spotlight – The Nokia N900 isn’t S60, rather it runs the maemo Open Source (think next-gen Symbian OS) and is the latest device from Nokia to start shipping – think of this one as the new flagship smartphone fromm the device maker. At the heart of the Nokia N900 is its powerful ARM Cortex-A8 processor and up to 1GB of total application memory.
  4. Android OS app – Telmap Navigator for Android. Telmap Navigator for Android enables users to be set-up and navigating within seconds. It provides users with real-time, relevant and localized services.
  5. Tweet of the day – via @geoparadigm¬† RT @tabascojack: you will love the GIS Day song “Tied Together” http://twitter.com/geoparadigm/status/5880457879
  6. Twitter add-on of the day – Waze mobile navigation for iPhone now has even more Twitter connect functionality so users can share details of their trips via Twitter. See @waze on Twitter
  7. Free GIS Data Pick of the day – It seems the UK Ordnacne Survey is making a bold move to open up access to their data in the new year. From a recently released PR… “Ordnance Survey Chairman Sir Rob Margetts says: “I am delighted that the Prime Minister and John Denham have today made these proposals about releasing for free some of Ordnance Survey’s data to support innovation, accountability and growth. I¬† also very much welcome the commitment made by Government to contribute to the cost of this.”

Wazers can now Checkin to @Foursquare via @Waze

Great news for you wazers (think free, mobile navigation) out there as the company has just released an update to their iPhone app – head to the iTunes store to grab it. Perhaps the coolest thing about this release is that we now have the ability to check-in to foursquare via waze – this is a natural and a no brainer… I love it! Now after navigating to Starbucks via waze I can easily check-in to my foursquare account upon arrival and hopefully become mayor of yet another spot! Other new functionality includes support for multiple languages and more twitter connect. Awesome – see the Waze blog for details of this latest update to R 1.4 – I gotta go drive down to Loodles (via waze) and checking to test this out!