Students WOW the crowd at #ESRIUC again!

With the International ESRIUC behind us for another year it’s now time to digest all the amazing things we saw and heard about and get busy. If you aren’t motivated enough then perhaps this awesome presentation by Sara and Lily from Hawaii will inspire you. These incredibly smart and passionate ladies are using GIS in their efforts to tackle a local environmental concern, the invasion of the mangrove on the shores of their home, Molokai, Hawaii. I’m always completely blown away each year at ESRIUC when I hear from the K-12 students, the ESRI K-12 & EDU team, and what they are doing and this year was no different. Enjoy the presentation, and if you’ve already seen them, go ahead and watch it again, I did! (Video Source: Esri)


DataViz – The Growth of Colleges in America

An impressive effort here, Map of the growth of Colleges in America. In order to create the product, I’m told by creator, Mike Summons, that he manually searched for each college’s founding date and latitude/longitude, finishing with a list of 2,068 schools!

About the Project… eCollegeFinder is back with new map, this time it’s in motion!  From the creators… Late in 2014, we stumbled across Flowing Data’s map showing “The Growth of Walmart”, which Excel Hero recreated using a simple Excel workbook.  We found the map to be mesmerizing and immensely informative, telling the story of Walmart in such a simple fashion.  So much so, that we decided to recreate a similar map of our own, this time looking at “The Growth of Colleges in America”.

More info in this story on GISuser or jump directly to the project page HERE

Oh, Nothing Much Here… Just a donation of $1B in Esri Software and STEM EDU

WOW, indeed Jack is making some headlines this week and I love the focus on youth and STEM – for over 20 years now I can recall hearing the industry urging youth to look at STEM for their future and over the time the demand has continued to grow.

Via Bloomberg – ESRI CEO Jack Dangermond discusses strengthening and investing in stem education with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart”. (Source: Bloomberg)

Grad Student Recruitment at SFU for 09

Wow, I used to run up and down the hill at SFU way back when I was interning in Vancouver… now here’s your chance to do the same! The Department of Geography at Simon Fraser University is currently accepting applications for its MA, MSc and PhD programs for entry in September 2009. Areas of research expertise include urban, political, cultural, legal, economic, environmental and health geography; fluvial and glacial geomorphology, hydrology, biogeography, soil science, water resources science and limnology; and GIScience. See more on the website

Graduate Student Assistantships McGill

The Department of Geography at McGill has announced graduate recruitment for entry in September 2009. Student assistantships are available for positions advertised on the department website, and funding beyond these are available from numerous sources including federal and provincial fellowships, teaching, and research assistantships. Applicants are asked to contact an appropriate faculty member to determine if she or he may be willing to serve as a supervisor. McGill is one of the top ranked universities in the world, and the department is an active research community with particular strengths in Earth System Science; Development; Environmental Management; GIS/Remote Sensing; Land Surface Process Studies; and Political, Urban, Economic, and Health Geography. Montreal is a unique and vibrant multicultural urban community, with excellent quality of life and affordability. See

Northwest PA GIS Conference Sees Good turn out

Nice to see an event of this scale being so well received. Now in its third year, the Northwest PA Geographic Information Systems Conference took place recently at Clarion University. Keynote sessions featured David Gilbert, GeoDecisions and PaMAGIC president, who presented “PaMAGIC Overview and Current Activities”; and Gilbert and Kathryn Reed, GIS outreach specialist, who presented an, “Update on the Progress of the Commonwealth GIS Strategic Plan Meetings.” Other presentations came from reps attending from Latitude Geographics, Robert Kimball and Associates Inc, and a number of others. See more