Call for entries – The Vizzies

Do you love animating data, creating science apps, or taking macrophotographs? In the Visualization Challenge, sponsored by the National Science Foundation and Popular Science, your handiwork can receive its due glory and win you cash prizes. Contest winners will be announced in February 2016, and will be featured in the March issue of Popular Science, on and

Visualization Challenge: Call for entries - The Vizzies


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Java Training Tips, Tools and Resources

Would be coders, hackers, mashup artists and others are honing their coding skills, many of them brushing up on Java and Java Script. A number of free toolkits, guides, white papers and other learning aids are available to take advantage of  including the following:

Java 8 Features: With no doubts, Java 8 release is the greatest thing in the Java world since Java 5 (released quite a while ago, back in 2004). It brings tons of new features to the Java as a language, its compiler, libraries, tools and the JVM (Java virtual machine) itself. In this guide we are going to take a look at all these changes and demonstrate the different usage scenarios on real examples

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Google Dev Video – Women Techmakers

This via the Google Developers Youtube… Coder and activist Jennifer Pahlka believes that apps, built quickly and cheaply, are a powerful new way to connect citizens to their governments. Google’s Steph Hannon chats about the future of Code for America and how to get involved.

Women Techmakers presents Jennifer Pahlka interviewed by Steph Hannon

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Dev Tip – Learn Python in 24 Hours!

Python, all the geeks are learning Python, most employers are craving employees who have some grasp of the popular language… here’s a couple of resources that could help kick start you with some desirable skills:

Python: Learn Python in 24 hours or Less – Jargon Free & Refined With Examples and Assignments For Absolute Beginners. This guide can teach any new programmer how to efficiently create their first Python programs. By the end of the book, you will be able to program on your own, and create your own programs from scratch. Python is a versatile language that is an excellent choice for future web developers.

learn pythong

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DevTip – Open Data Means Opportunity: The Food Truck App Example

So, you wanna grab a bite to eat. Chances are good that if you live in or near a cool, hipster filled city that a food truck may be close by. Think opportunity!
I recently stumbled onto a cool mobile food truck app for my city (Victoria, BC) and there’s no reason why you can’t create one for your region. All you need is a little creativity, some handy mapping tools, and most important, some quality open data! Streetfoodapp is pretty simple in concept with a Google Maps driven user interface. Load the app of choice and the map is centered on your city. Food trucks are identified by green dots on the map along with helpful data showing time of operation at that location. Trucks can also be viewed in a tabular list form that also displays a user ranking by stars, open or closed designation, and distance from your current location. Finally, trucks can be sorted by popularity or listed as your favorites. View detailed info about each truck and you should see hours of operation for the week, a link to an official website, twitter, and email account. Social sharing options are also provided so you can share with your fiends and networks.

The app is simple but very effective. Can it be made better? Sure it can and that’s where you can jump in – think Opportunity!

Individual truck info is provided

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