UAV cinematography and Geotech in ABC News Animas River EPA Spill Story

I caught wind of an impressive use of technology in a recent ABC news story covering the EPA spill in the Animis River in Colorado. The story uses Google maps technology to show the area extent but even more impressive is the UAV captured video providing an incredible perspective to convey to the viewers the damage that has resulted to the affected areas. The UAV videography technology was provided by  Terra Imaging jump directly to the video HERE


AIDSVu Maps Depict Impact of HIV in Denver Metro Area

Some new mapping for the Denver Metro area from the AIDSVu project out of Emery University. AIDSVu is a compilation of online maps that display HIV prevalence data across the U.S. at the national, state and local levels, and by different demographics, including age, race and sex. The maps pinpoint areas of the country where the rates of people living with an HIV diagnosis are the highest.

AidsVuAIDSVu Denver CO metro area

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Tech Companies and Colorado Non-Profit helps Salvage Flood Damaged photos, documents and more

Here’s a clever effort by some folks and companies in the Colorado tech community to help flood victims preserve some of their precious documents and memories forever, simply by getting access to scanning and digitizing hardware and handy tools from a local company. As people begin sifting through their water-logged homes, most will inevitably come across precious memories – photos, slides, videos and other memorabilia – that have become water-logged, buried in mud or otherwise damaged in the disaster.

memory preservation coalition

Flood victims can go to any Memory Rescue Center for information, assistance and resources to rescue their photos, videos, films and other memorabilia. Memory Rescue Centers will have on-site wash-and-dry stations free for use, free take-away information on how to salvage photos and home movies, Flip-Pal mobile scanners free for use, as well as extensive services to digitize photos, slides, videos, film and other memorabilia at a discount.

More information on the effort can be found here in the official PR

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Open Source Web Mapping Architecture For Mapping Colorado Wildfires

In an effort to keep the public informed and make data available to them during the recent wildfires near Colorado Springs, CO the company turned to open source as a solution.

Their blog goes into details of how they luckily, had already been working on a system designed for rapid web publishing and thus managed to roll out a solution built almost entirely on Open Source, with the exception of the ArcGIS Server component (apparently an option exists to migrate to the Open Source Geoserver in the future).

To see the results for yourself check out the web map and imagery at

Read More – Sanborn Turns to Open Source Web Mapping Architecture For Mapping Colorado Wildfires Tentative Waldo Canyon Fire Line Map, Colorado Springs

An interesting map paints a pretty clear picture as to the extend of the fire near Colorado Springs, spanning north from Garden of The Gods by Manitou Springs north into Pike National Forest and past the Air Force Academy, sandwiched in between HWY 14 and within about 2 miles of I-25 – good luck everyone in the area! Direct link to the Map HERE [Read more…]

Lost and Found – The Colorado GIS Portal

I’m in search of the Colorado GIS Portal, if there actually exists such an entity! Recall a while back I put together a comprehensive State Clearinghouse directory (See HERE). This may seem a little “hohum” to you, however, if you’ve ever tried to search out and document all the “official” State GIS resources you’ll soon realize what a daunting task this can be. One issue that, quite frankly, blows my mind is the frequency of such important resources simply vanishing without a trace leaving would-be users with that familiar 404 error… I guess I must be naive because I’m left wondering, is it really that difficult to coordinate such an effort? The most recent 404 message comes from the CO resource and I’m sure there’s a few others.

I’ll applaud James Fee (@cageyjames) who recently shouted out with a great idea related somewhat to this topic … “Cash for GeoClunkers“. James started a discussion something to the effect that we could use some stimulus cash to rid us of old, broken-down webmaps and GIS web services – really, this is a great idea – forget filling all those portholes, lets invest in some GeoWeb services and pave the way to open access to data! I’m hoping that with the recent launch of perhaps this issue will come to surface once again. The Feds have started with a State/Local links page, although with only links to 2 state resources (CA, UT)it’s falling a little short and is disappointing to say the least.. perhaps would like to use our State Clearinghouse resources as a starting point?? Please gimme a call and we can discuss, I’ll be glad to help you out! For those of you interested adding a description and link to an official State GIS resource that you frequently use, please Add details and a link to this Directory or list a regional, county, or local resource HERE

Technology Workshop for Colorado K-12 Teachers

An event of interest and great opportunity for any geography teachers that you may know. Sponsored by the Colorado Geographic Alliance, there’s no cost unless the participant seeks graduate credit and Lunch, coffee breaks, and resources are provided. In this workshop attendees will:

  • learn about how you can apply geospatial technology to teaching geography and other subjects
  • be given an overview of the state standards as they relate to geospatial skills and geography
  • receive materials to use in the classroom
  • be given specific ideas you can incorporate into your classroom next week

See more details at or the official announcement HERE