Unlimited BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) from Boost Mobile Just $30, sort of!

I’m sure there’s still a couple of Blackberry fans out there (although I have to scratch my head in wonder), and for those of you who are, Boost Mobile has announced some pretty sweet pricing coming up for plans that will include the new BB 9310 Messenger (the device will roll out for $99 soon).  But, in typical carrier fashion, the new plan isn’t exactly $30 a month, rather, the plan provides customers the opportunity to be rewarded for simply making on-time payments. For every six on-time payments, customers will see their monthly payment shrink by $5, eventually getting down to as low as $30 a month for unlimited nationwide talk and text and worldwide BBM access. Why can’t they just say what the price is and cut all the crap? Regardless, I suppose $30 is a pretty nice deal even for a BlackBerry… see more at http://www.boostmobile.com