Video – San Francisco Transit acrossair iPhone app

Another fine demo of an Augmented Reality enabled iPhone app being used by the progressive team at BART. Unlike other 2D apps, this application displays all lines of San Francisco Transit in 3D arrows, including: BART, Caltrain, Muni Streetcar and bus stops. Load the app holding it flat and all lines will appear. Tilt the phone upwards to see the stops nearest to you and what direction they are in relation to where you are standing. Recall BART recently also partnered with Junio for more AR

Seeing location-based multimedia content through the iPhone

Last week, to relatively little fan fare, metaio officially announced the launch date of junaio, its mobile augmented reality platform – according to the company, they will officially release a first version exclusively for the iPhone on Nov 2 with roll-outs for Android and Symbian platforms soon after. So, what’s the big deal?

By combining innovative online and mobile technologies, junaio will allow users to see location-based content through the display of a mobile device. Users can leave traces, messages or objects and visually interact with their friends or anyone else in the world. Already existing web services can be enhanced and completely new ways of interaction can be created. Whether it is social networks, multimedia content or game concepts – virtually anything can be embedded in the real world and connected to a certain place. See more details here or jump to

Marketing Opportunities via Augmented Reality within Google Earth

An interesting story of how academics at the Georgia Institute of Technology are working on a project to integrate real-time video into Google Earth for an amazing augmented reality experience – the goal is now purely a wow mapping app but rather, a clever marketing opportunity for companies! can’t you just imagine browsing Google earth on  a Saturday and flying over the Big House in Ann Arbor and actually see the game being played… nice! Indeed there’s a slew of possibilities with this – see more here