Webinar – Deliver GIS-Lite Interactive Apps

A webinar tip from our friends at TerraGo… Deliver GIS-Lite from ArcMap with TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS – April 14, 2015, 12:00PM – 12:30PM (ET).  Learn how to deliver GIS-Lite capabilities inside documents to your clients, customers, and the people who consume your work done with ArcMap using TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS.

Deliver GIS-Lite from ArcMap with TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS

Deliver GIS-Lite from ArcMap with TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS

April 14, 2015, 12:00PM – 12:30PM (ET)

Explorer for ArcGIS on Android, coming soon!

Found this little nugget via Twitter (@ChrisLeSueur) and courtesy of Jeff Shaner @jeffshaner and the ArcGIS mobile team… yep, Explorer for ArcGIS on Android, coming soon! According to details of the release on the ArcGIS blog… “Explorer for ArcGIS on Android is a native app and has a look and feel that will be familiar to Android users. Like our other Explorer for ArcGIS apps on iOS and Mac OS X this app was created for everyone, it is intuitive and easy to use…no special training is required to us the app.” See more on the Esri blog

The Beta is open although this is a private Beta

Tasking your own satellite for data collection… there’s an app for that!

Yes indeed, recently, at the ESRIUC, Esri business partner, Airbus Defense and Space showed off their newly launched service that enables ArcGIS users to easily task a satellite (Pleiades and SPOT) for data collection over any area of interest. the service is now available through the ArcGIS Marketplace and boasts that users will receive their data within 30-60 days (See also the PR announcement).

Airbus Defense & Space Satellite Tasking at the Esri User Conference

Airbus Defense & Space Satellite Tasking at the Esri User Conference

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Esri Connecting Citizens and business With Open Data

Recall it was in February (seems ages ago!) when Esri’s Andrew Turner (@ajturner) lifted the lid off the Esri Open Data initiative,  and effort to help Governments meet their mandate to be more transparent and serve the public with more open data – enter ArcGIS Open Data. I’m a huge fan of such efforts, mainly as they support Governent’s true mandate of serving the public and acting as the platform for innovation!

See more in this blog post from Esri

For all the deets direct from Esri see this resource devoted to ArcGIS Open data

Tweets from the GeoGeeks in Palm Springs at #DevSummit

No doubt some of you are in Palm Springs this week for the annual Esri BP Summit and the Dev Summit where team Esri will be showcasing their latest solution offerings and sharing their roadmap for the future… those of you not there you will also hear more on this in July at ESRIUC. Recall you can stay informed of updates from the Springs by following @esridevsummit on Twitter as well as the #devsummit hashtag – keep an eye open for links to videos from Esri and updates from this morning’s plenary! Some interesting updates on the twitter stream today as the GeoGeeks have been sharing loads of goodies… here’s a few interesting tweets:

  • @JimBarry New site for developers in time for #Esri #DevSummit http://developers.arcgis.com
  • @SterlingGIS You’ll be able to “federate” your ArcGIS server with Portal for ArcGIS, allowing shared identity store and hosting of services
  • @chrisjepps  Scott Morehouse onstage – lots of mentions of Apps and even an App marketplace (18 months away?) #DevSummit
  • @RichRuh  ArcGIS platform is “what we used to call ArcGIS Online” – Scott Morehouse #DevSummit
  • @DaleLoberger  “#GIS has always been more than pins in a map or driving from here to there.” Scott Morehouse #DevSummit << its a platform for analytics!
  • @dafkobyte  Reminder: ArcGIS Viewer 3.2 for Flex source is now on GitHub
  • @DaleLoberger “Fork your code.”on http//esri.github.com or better yet “pool it back.” Euan Cameron #DevSummit – Developers are a community (or “platform”)
  • @skendrot World Geocode service and World Routing service fully documented for developers to use in http://arcgis.com  apps #DevSummit
  • @SethPatrich “We are sending the program to the data, rather than sending the data to the program” –Mansour Raad on Big Data with Hadoop. #devsummit
  • NOTE – Esri #DevSummit Plenary Videos and The Adventures of Dev Dude now online

Source: twitter.com via Glenn on Pinterest

Correction – Esri Announces ArcGIS for Windows Mobile 3.1

A correction… I first posted this with a title in error that read “Esri announces ArcGIS Mobile for Windows 3.1″… obviously it should read Esri Announces ArcGIS for Windows Mobile 3.1… OOPS! In all honesty though, I have a helluva time with all the Windows, Win dows mobile, Windows Phone, Windoze yadada OS versions… Geeze Microsoft!! Enough already… (@gletham)

Here’s one of interest via the Esri mobile GIS blog as the company has rolled out ArcGIS for Windows Mobile 3.1 (through the customer care portal). This from Jeff (@jeffshaner) via the blog… The 3.1 release builds upon the success of 3.0 with minor software enhancements and quality improvements. However, the exciting news with 3.1 is our joint release of ArcGIS for Windows Mobile and Trimble® Positions™ Software Suite by Trimble®.

See details here & See also details of Trimble Positions

Source: trimble.com via Glenn on Pinterest

ArcGIS Online at the 2012 #esriuc and Geography As A Platform – Top Features

No huge surprise here as much of the story t esriuc2012 was indeed, ArcGIS online (AGO), or as Jack Dangermond might describe it, The mapping platform for your organization! We heard how ago is a ready to use, simple, cloud solution and is the ideal way to reach your users and potential users. AGO provides users and web administrators with effortless sharing via the web, mobile Internet, and even social media.  So, why ArcGIS Online? We heard many compelling reasons while at conference this year, some of the main reasons as outlined by the AGO development team and other Esri experts includes:

  • Allows you to easily go mobile
  • Free downloadable ArcGIS apps
  • Collaboration made easy
  • Easily add data and put your data in the cloud … Think web enabled services from your data.
  • Feature or tile services provide a fast, smooth user experience
  • ArcGIS Online provides users and publishers with tools that help maintain ownership
  • Data publishers have the option of private or public data sharing via a robust environment to manage security and data ownership
  • Publishers and webmap administrators have access to a wealth (understatement) of data and content
  • Various levels of administration is enabled for users and content publishers enabling the definition of users as Administrator, publisher, or users
  • Your published web service is scalable and can easily support unexpected spikes in traffic that could otherwise crash your system – see billing/license model for more information on this.

In the words of Esri founder and president, Jack Dangermond, from the UC opening plenary, ArcGIS online will amplify geography and with it Esri is Providing geography as a platform.

See more at https://www.arcgis.com/about/

and explore at http://www.arcgis.com/explorer/

Planning Your #esriuc week with the online Agenda and a mobile agenda

The 2012 International Esri User Conference is approaching fast (July 23-27, 2012 in San Diego, CA.). There’s no question that browsing the conference agenda and planning a week of activities is a monumental task. With several concurrent events (EDUC, GIS Manager’s Open Summit and more), 15+ half/full day pre-conference seminars, and over 1,500 events listed in the online agenda one needs to carefully strategise and plan out the week to make sure you catch everything that’s crucial to you and to maximize your time in San Diego… and don’t forget about all the social activities, parties, and special meetups (like the unofficial Sunday Night TweetUp! (See http://bit.ly/2012esriuctweetup)

Like years past and like this year’s Esri DevSummit, I’m hoping that a handy mobile agenda will be made available soon for my iPad, this will definitely make things much easier… and I’m willing to be an Android version will also be available – stay tuned on that one or check out the Esri UC website  or Twitter (@esriuc #esriuc) for updates on this! I sure hope the mobile app comes soon as I’d hate to have to print out the agenda and carry it with me!

Seems @cageyjames and I both agree that indeed it would be a good idea to simply have a mobile app for the Conference that updates each year, rather than creating a specific app for each year (eg. 2011esriuc app, 2012esriuc pp, etc…) then I could simply run an update each year.

Image derived from the 350 year old Klencke Atlas