Webinar – Single Photon LIDAR: Why Not See the Forest AND the Trees?

A webinar of interest – “Single Photon LIDAR: Why Not See the Forest AND the Trees?

Single Photon LIDAR

In stark contrast to the linear-mode LIDAR sensors available on the commercial market, single photon sensitive sensors offer multiple advantages for customers seeking cost-effective collection of wide area elevation data. Conventional linear-mode sensors require detection of hundreds to thousands of photons per range measurement. This approach dictates that the transmitted laser energy be concentrated into a single beam and limits the sensor to flight at low altitudes. Across a required collection area, the compromised aerial coverage due to inefficient use of aircraft time and employee resources results in significant costs incurred by the customer. [Read more…]

Do’s and Don’ts For Taking Your Dog to the Office

A little mid-week fun here to break things up a bit… those of you who know me know that I’m a dog owner and dog lover, as are many of you I’m sure. However, have you ever considered taking the pooch into the office to hang out with you?  If so there’s a few things you’ll need to remember before  attempting this.

Dos and Don'ts for Taking your Dog to Work

Dos and Don’ts for Taking your Dog to Work

Dog lovers  will be taking their pets to work the week of June 22-26. The annual “Take the Dog to Work” event celebrates the bond between people and their canine companions and demonstrates the joys of being a pet parent. [Read more…]

Using The National Map services to enable your web and mobile apps

From the USGS, a message for developers or mobile apps – Calling all developers or organizations that use mobile or web applications to support your users, tools or services –   the USGS wants to help you. The National Geospatial Technical Operations Center will be hosting a 30- minute webinar on “Using The National Map services to enable your web and mobile mapping efforts” on June 16 at 9am Mountain Time.

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Esri Provides U.S. Flooding Public Information Map for Central U.S.

Such a tragedy seeing the flooding and devastation in the South this week… we hope all of our readers and colleagues are staying dry and safe! To help those of you interested in tracking and/or monitoring the current situation, Esri has developed a U.S. Flooding Public Information Map which provides continuously updated information from the National Weather Service showing:

  • Observed flooding locations
  • Current and forecasted precipitation
  • Flood warning areas

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World’s Lightest Portable Immersive Virtual Reality Glasses hit CES Asia

Something pretty cool out of CES Asia, the World’s smallest VR glasses – enter Dlodlo. According to the company, Dlodlo VR Glasses are used in a variety of ways:  for gaming, movies, apps, and adult entertainment [and no doubt, for mapping!]; in addition to use in schools, government, and corporations for education and training; in hospitals and medical offices during operations, research, and patient consultations; with the disabled, and much more.  Dlodlo has an interactive mode with touch and move-enabled controls, so the applications are endless.
Portable Immersive Virtual Reality Glasses [Read more…]

Expedia Road Rage Report Reveals Trends in Texting and Maps Apps

From Expedia, a fun way to kick off the summer road trip season. Data from this year’s effort indicated that “The Texter” generates the most fury among pre-established  categories of American drivers, earning scorn of 26 percent of 1,000 respondents. Rounding out the top five, “The Tailgater” (13 percent) ranked second, narrowly edging out “The Left Lane Hog” (12 percent), “The Crawler” (10 percent), and one of my least favorites “The Multitasker (7 percent).


Expedia 2015 Road Rage Report: “Texters” Enrage Fellow Drivers Most

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