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Canada’s Launches a Search for the National Bird Project

Wow, as a Canadian I was surprised to find out that Canada doesn’t actually have an “official” national bird! Yes indeed… like me, i bet you likely suspected it was the Canadian goose or perhaps the loon but nope, sorry!

Via Canadian Geographic, the public is invited to vote for their selection. Pick your favorite from a host of options categorized as raptors, songbirds, seabirds, game birds and more. Personally, I’m torn between the Canada Goose and the common loon – the blue heron also holds a spot close to my heart!

Canada's Launches a Search for the National Bird Project

Canada’s Launches a Search for the National Bird Project

See more and vote HERE on the Canada National Bird Project

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Google Maps Engine users Told to Seek Alternatives

Yes indeed, out of the blue (seemingly) users of the Google Maps Engine service have been informed via messaging in an official user forum that the company has discontinued development of the service and will no longer be allowing new free sign-ups. However, existing GME project will be available for use through January 29, 2016 Continue reading

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Create, Share, Print, and Order your own, Custom MapWheel

Ever wanted your very own map wheel? You know, those very cool directional plaques (toposcope) that sit in your yard or business and direct people to your favorite cities around the World. Well, now you can – enter MapWheel.


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DataViz – The Growth of Colleges in America

An impressive effort here, Map of the growth of Colleges in America. In order to create the product, I’m told by creator, Mike Summons, that he manually searched for each college’s founding date and latitude/longitude, finishing with a list of 2,068 schools!

About the Project… eCollegeFinder is back with new map, this time it’s in motion!  From the creators… Late in 2014, we stumbled across Flowing Data’s map showing “The Growth of Walmart”, which Excel Hero recreated using a simple Excel workbook.  We found the map to be mesmerizing and immensely informative, telling the story of Walmart in such a simple fashion.  So much so, that we decided to recreate a similar map of our own, this time looking at “The Growth of Colleges in America”.

More info in this story on GISuser or jump directly to the project page HERE

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Is ESRI to Reschedule the 2016 #esriuc to Avoid Conflict with @MLB All Star Game?

I have to thank Twitter colleague, Craig Williams (@williamscraigm) for some tips and insight on this one! Those of you who are baseball fans may be aware that the 2016 MLB All Star game was recently awarded to the San Diego Padres! WAY COOL you might think, but sit back and think of years past and ask yourself, isn’t the All Star game usually the same week as the Annual ESRIUC which is also in San Diego? Bingo!! Indeed it is.

pteco park

Image Credit: UT San Diego

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Map Design Gone Wrong – Do People Even Care Anymore?

Cartographers take pride in their work, typically applying all the rules and principles of good cartographic design to their work, all in an effort to make people want to look at and appreciate their work (See Esri, Make Maps People Want to Look at).  However, in this new era of social sharing it seems that the map has been replaced by the Infographic and the data visualization, a mashup of data, graphics, and maps presented in an effort to tell a story.  Now us geographers are well aware of story telling via map, however, to this new breed of data visualists the focus has sadly been on quantity rather than quality. Bloggers, publishers, newspapers, etc… run to the web, download data and mashup the results in creative and not so creative ways, the end result is often a map but sadly, the product is also something your GEOG 101 Prof would likely slap you if you called it a map!

ugly map

The Ugly Map – Source: ObliviousAT

Yep, gone are the days of cartographic principles, map design standards, scale, composition, and elements of good map design.

Continue Reading -Have Infographics and Data Visualizations Ruined Good Map Design?


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10 Reasons to Marry or Date a GeoTech Professional or GeoGeek

Here’s a little end of the week fun… Dating  a geek  can have its perks [and a few pitfalls]. For example, you won’t have to worry about getting over-caffeinated when they say they need to work with some Java. Remembering the name of that awesome bar or restaurant you visited a few years ago won’t be an issue because chances are good that he or she has record of it in a Checkin with Foursquare, Google plus or facebook (a real geek will have a GeoRSS feed that pulls all those checkins into a web service). And don’t fret about having access to gadgets and computing power because you’ll have more technology kicking around than you could ever know what to do with. So you might wonder, what about the GeoGeek? What could possible be the perks of dating a Geo professional? Well, after reading a similar article that looked at the pluses of marrying a real estate professional I decided to take a similar look at the GeoGeek.

Perks of dating a Geek!

And so, here’s just 10 perks of dating or marrying a GeoGeek: Continue reading

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The Incredible 2015 Ikea BookBook – Experience the Power!

At only 8mm thin, and weighing in at less than 400g, the 2015 IKEA Catalogue comes pre-installed with thousands of home furnishing ideas — This was just simple too awesome not to share!! Enjoy… (Source)


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Plume from Fukushima, Japan took 2.1 years to travel across the Pacific Ocean

An interesting update from EarthSky regarding a topic of interest to those on the Pacific coast. From the article… A radiation plume from the March, 2011 nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan took about 2.1 years to travel via ocean currents and ultimately cross the waters of the Pacific Ocean to reach the shores of North America. That’s according to to a study published at the end of 2014 (December 29) by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,

Read more HERE

See also:

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F2V – A virtual platform for waterway data

This is very cool from @FlyingFishViews -F2V.me (Beta) – A virtual platform for waterway data. Take a trip downstream using this StreetView-Like platform. According to the developers, F2V is a streetview like experience for rivers made possible by integrating imagery, waterway data, and other data sources. The result is an impressive, immersive experience designed ideally for resource managers and planners as well as outdoor enthusiasts.

Spring Lake Mapping Project Enabling Exploration, Research and Conservation

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The Business Card is Not Dead! Card DesignsThat Will Blow your Mind

Have you looked closely at your business card lately? Have you ever passed one out to someone and they paused, carefully looked it over (both sides) and said “WOW!”? If not then perhaps you should think about spicing it up a little.

business cards that will blow your mind

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