Expedia Road Rage Report Reveals Trends in Texting and Maps Apps

From Expedia, a fun way to kick off the summer road trip season. Data from this year’s effort indicated that “The Texter” generates the most fury among pre-established  categories of American drivers, earning scorn of 26 percent of 1,000 respondents. Rounding out the top five, “The Tailgater” (13 percent) ranked second, narrowly edging out “The Left Lane Hog” (12 percent), “The Crawler” (10 percent), and one of my least favorites “The Multitasker (7 percent).


Expedia 2015 Road Rage Report: “Texters” Enrage Fellow Drivers Most

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How to Write a Tweet!

Sounds simple enough right? Jot down 140 characters (max) and hit send, that’s it! Well, indeed that is what most people do, however, it really isn’t that simple, particularly if you expect some engagement. Thanks to the crew at Hootsuite, they’ve reminded us of several important elements that you must consider when crafting a tweet – some good reminders here.

how to write a tweet

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Dev Tip – HTML5 Programming Cookbook

Here’s a tip off about a useful resource you might wish to add to your iPad library, a cookbook of tips and coding strategies to help you get up and running with the popular web programming language, html5.

This 66 page help document provides numerous useful html5 resources including code and instructions to help with dropdown menus, audio player functionality, working with graphics and animations, offline web apps, geolocation, form validation and more.

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5 Reasons to Replace Proprietary GPS Handhelds with a Modern, Mobile Solution

This guide was written to help organizations leave the past behind and join today’s mobile revolution. Here are five compelling reasons for operations managers to modernize their field data collection workflows, free their field workers from the shackles of proprietary GPS handhelds and tap into the massive benefits of modern technology.

Guide to GPS Data Collection

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Webinar Tip – Maximizing R.O.I. with Laser Scanners

In this webinar, attendees will learn about the diverse ways laser scanners are being used today in Architecture, Engineering and Construction. Multiple strategies will be discussed for reducing the learning curve when implementing the technology. Case studies and real world examples will be shared – Save the Date – Thursday April 30 – Webinar sponsored by FARO.


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