FME UC 2014 Video: FME Powers CKAN Open Data Portal

YEs indeed the FME User Conference videos, more than 70 of them, are all online for your viewing pleasure! One of my favorite sessions at the event was delivered by Mark Laudon of the City of Surrey, B.C. Surrey is definitely a leader when it comes to open data and citizen engagement, although they are quite modest about it! Enjoy this talk by Mark as he describes their efforts, discusses open data platforms, and shares some very useful tips! Continue reading

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Watch the Google I/O Keynote Live

Yes indeed it’s I/O day and you can catch it live here or on youtube... enjoy!

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Webinar Tip – 3D Machine Control and the Land Surveyor

Details of a webinar taking place later today, June 25 – Recent advances in civil construction workflows are exciting. As technology provides contractors with new opportunities, today’s surveyors must master new techniques as their role evolves.

Civil Integrated Management (CIM) represents the dynamic aspects of the modern job site. CIM helps to make sense of workflow and strategy as these processes grow ever more complex.

Sit in as leading expert Marco Cecala of Takeoff Professionals outlines a strategy for establishing or increasing the role of land surveyors as we integrate with the 3D world. Topics to include:

*Equipment (Overview, application, anatomy & integration)
*Training (Options, Approach, Identifying key learners)
*Application (How to, implementation, responsibility)
*Work Flow (Who, what, when, where, why, effectively)

Space is limited. Reserve your seat now

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10 Difficult Coworkers and How to Cope With Them

Here’s an interesting, humorous, and realistic look at some of the coworkers (like the parasite, the frenemy, and the  Volcano) you may encounter on the job and how to deal with them. Getting along with coworkers mostly means minding your own business, according to Geoffrey James, author of Business Without the Bullsh*t: 49 Secrets and Shortcuts You Need to Know.

10 difficult coworkers

Here are 10 of the most difficult coworkers:

1. The Waffler
Wafflers study everything to death, always seeking that mythical single last bit of information that will make a decision into a no-brainer. If your project hinges on a waffler, establish a deadline, with a default if no course of action is chosen.

2. The Competitor
The competitor defines the world as a zero-sum game. He always must feel that he’s won and that someone else has lost. To deal with him, channel that competitiveness into helping his team win (and somebody else’s team lose). Continue reading

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Safe Software #FMEUC Videos and Slide Decks

Didn’t manage to make it to this year’s FME user conference in Vancouver? Hey no worries because the awesome team at Safe software have put up a great resource where you can view more than 70 videos of keynotes and user presentations, including the slide decks from presenters from Google, Autodesk, Hexagon, Esri and more – great stuff!


See also this short event recap – FME Users Convene on Vancouver, BC for the International FME User Conference

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FulcrumApp Adds Support for SpatialVideo GPS track logs

Very cool… FulcrumAPP, you know, the data collection tool, has just announced a new and exciting feature, SpatialVideo, support for video collection integrated with your field data collection and is also records a GPS track log that syncs with the video – nice!

From the developers… “Within the Fulcrum iOS and Android apps, you also have total control over video quality, both resolution and frame rate. Based on your needs, being able to adjust quality gives you a way to manage file sizes and storage.”

See more about fulcrumApp and SpatialVideo here

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Hitchbot, the GPS, 3G enabled robot is Hitching A Ride from Coast to Coast

This is one of those stories that I simply HAD to share, mainly because its completely covered in awesome sauce! We have a story of a robot, throw in some cool GSM and GPS technology, it starts off in my home Province of Nova Scotia, ends in my current city, Victoria, B.C. and involves a robot.. how can it get any better??

Enter “Hitchbot”, the hitch hiking robot from Ontario that will start a coast to coast journey across Canada.

Hitchbot (Image Credit: CBC)

Continue reading

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Google Enterprise Rolls Out Google Apps for Business Dogs!

So awesome from Google… something for our furry friends!

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FME Users Convene on Vancouver, BC for the International #FMEUC

On June 10-12 in Vancouver, B.C., Safe Software held their International User Conference (the previous event took place 5 years ago). Sadly I had to miss the first day of the conference which featured special keynote presentations from Esri and OpenGeo… no worries though as I quickly got into the feel of the event on Day 2 which kicked off  with award presentations to FME answer board phenoms, rock stars and ninjas! These folks have made stellar contributions to the FME user community! The crowd enjoyed these special recognition given to these power users and it was evident that these guys really enjoy working with the Safe staff and their solutions. The awards were then followed by the keynote presenters of the day, Robert Bray of Autodesk and and Brad Skelton, Hexagon Geospatial.

The presentations were interesting and varied, the users were passionate and eager! Most of all, I found it very interesting how Safe had customers/partners from Esri, Google, Autodesk, and Hexagon to share their stories and how crucial the FME software is in their business – definitely impressive!

Don Murray (R) and Dale Lutz (L) on stage

Don Murray (R) and Dale Lutz (L) on stage

Continue reading the article HERE

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Event – Connected Car meets the Internet of Things

A webinar of interest for those of you interested in the Connected car and the future of the in-car experience…

Speakers from Nissan, Continental and Ericsson will explore how a car, with the ability to send and assimilate information from other connected devices, will shape the driving experience of the future.  They’ll look at how to use big data for improved engineering and testing, as well as identifying customer hot spots. You will learn how to overcome data privacy concerns and ultimately integrate the car into the connected lifestyle to generate new revenue streams.

Join the event Wednesday, July 2nd at 2pm GMT. You can sign up for free at:

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Five of the Best Mobile Apps in Finding Local Deals

A Mashable report showed that 75% of American mobile users plan to use their device for online shopping, 42% intend to purchase big and small ticket items, and 32% are inclined in using mobile mobile apps. The data also reported that 73% of the respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with their smartphone shopping experiences, while 69% said they prefer their tablets when shopping.  In the perspective of entrepreneurs, marketers from Let’s Get Wise (@letsgetwise) tweeted one of their blog articles outlining the power of mobile device to drive sales. It was supported by the latest Deloitte Media Survey revealing that £15 billion ($25 billion) of sales was driven by information found on smartphone in the United Kingdom alone. It generates online and offline sales. For the consumers, its convenience is said to influence our decision when purchasing.
GrouponIn this post, we’ll feature five mobile applications that will assist you in finding the best local deals. Continue reading the full article HERE

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Businesses and Social Media – Most Fail to Plan

I’m pretty active on social media – both for business and pleasure – and have been for a long time (about 8 years now I’m guessing). I admit that one of my own personal observations is that I often have failed to plan out my social strategy, rather, just diving in and doing it! Well, it seems I’m hardly alone as some survey findings of business users on social media are also failing to plan out their strategies.

Continue reading

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