Amazing Videos – KLM Takes you on a Spectacular Flight to St. Maarten on the 747 400

I love flying, I mean who doesn’t? I simply had to share this amazing video from KLM that lets you experience the flight from Amsterdam to St. Maarten inside the cockpit of the massive KLM 747 400 aircraft and drop into the airport in St. Maarten with a rather short runway. Making it even more exciting, the plane passes over a popular beach just before touching down with beach goers amazed as the plane passes over at an elevation of about 50 feet! Incredible video sharing some great technology and some pretty powerful marketing here by KLM – well done!

For the real aviation fanatic watch the whole flight and many more at

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Cleveland Cavaliers Leveraging Location Technology

A nice, real case study looks at an effort by the Cleveland Cavs to deliver a cool and fun experience to fans using proximity beacon technology

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Alternatives for USers of Google Maps Engine

A timeline of activity relating to the deprecation of Google Maps Engine and the subsequent interest from Esri and CartoDB in particular.

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Earth Primer for iPad – Discover how Earth works

This interactive Geology book will bring your iPad to life! Enter Earth Primer. The app gives the user an amazing experience and a chance to explore and discover how the Earth works. Unlock new tools and features as your progress… cool stuff!


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Event Tip – RIEGL LiDAR 2015

An event of interest for those of you interested in the booming LiDAR industry – actually, 2 events! LiDAR 2015 from RIEGL takes place in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China May 5-8. Solution providers and VARs take note that Sponsorship opportunities are still available!


From RIEGL… Take part in revolutionary RIEGL hard and software introductions, experience captivating keynotes and presentations from industry experts, meet with members of the worldwide RIEGL community, and join us for exciting social events in unique locations!

See more at

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New Orleans Mardis Gras Parking Map

The party will take place in the Big Easy very soon (Feb 6-8) and if you have plans to head to N’Orleans you might want some helpful parking and parade route information. No worries, there’s a map for that from NOLAGIS (powered by ArcGIS Online). Use the map to identify daily road closures and parking restrictions…

New Orleans mardis gras maps

New Orleans mardis gras maps

Jump to the Map HERE

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Fastest Growing Industries & Top Technology Positions

Trends like big data and mobile media are translating into growing paychecks in 2014 for some professionals, according to Salary Guides from Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group.Moving into 2015 the demand for .Net developers, Systems Administrators, Java Developers, and web developers continues to grow.

Technology positions in demand - Credit: Robert Half

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Report Comparing Life in Boston and Seattle Picks Seattle as Winner!

Just in time for the Superbowl… a new study that compares Life in Boston and Seattle… The real estate brokerage ranks each city based on factors like income, housing, education and transportation, and declares Seattle as the winner.

Redfin Releases Report Comparing Life in Boston and Seattle

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Mapping Where the College Graduates are Going

An interesting report has surfaced recently revealing just where College students are heading after they graduate.

Map of centers that attract young talent

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Popular this week on GISuser…

A few highlights on trending articles from the past week…

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Canada’s Launches a Search for the National Bird Project

Wow, as a Canadian I was surprised to find out that Canada doesn’t actually have an “official” national bird! Yes indeed… like me, i bet you likely suspected it was the Canadian goose or perhaps the loon but nope, sorry!

Via Canadian Geographic, the public is invited to vote for their selection. Pick your favorite from a host of options categorized as raptors, songbirds, seabirds, game birds and more. Personally, I’m torn between the Canada Goose and the common loon – the blue heron also holds a spot close to my heart!

Canada's Launches a Search for the National Bird Project

Canada’s Launches a Search for the National Bird Project

See more and vote HERE on the Canada National Bird Project

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Google Maps Engine users Told to Seek Alternatives

Yes indeed, out of the blue (seemingly) users of the Google Maps Engine service have been informed via messaging in an official user forum that the company has discontinued development of the service and will no longer be allowing new free sign-ups. However, existing GME project will be available for use through January 29, 2016 Continue reading

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