Tip – Optimal Dimensions for Images Shared on Social Networks

Yes indeed, we love social media just as much as the other guy and you can find us on most of the popular “must have” social channels. Images are a huge part of our social strategy, particularly as it is well known that a good image can really drive engagement. So how to optimize images (or maps) for a good social media strategy? Thanks to the good people at HootSuite, here’s a pretty handy list of the optimal dimensions for an image shared on  top social networks:

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Americans Lead the World – Spending 4.7 Hours a Day on Smartphones

Those glancing moments that you have every hour or so are really adding up! Americans are now spending an average of 4.7 hours a day on their smart phones – more than their counterparts in at least 11 countries around the world – according to a new monthly report from Informate Mobile Intelligence that tracks and measures consumer use of smartphones in 12 countries.

Americans Spending Nearly Five Hours a Day on Smartphones

See more info on the report HERE

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Java Training Tips, Tools and Resources

Would be coders, hackers, mashup artists and others are honing their coding skills, many of them brushing up on Java and Java Script. A number of free toolkits, guides, white papers and other learning aids are available to take advantage of  including the following:

Java 8 Features: With no doubts, Java 8 release is the greatest thing in the Java world since Java 5 (released quite a while ago, back in 2004). It brings tons of new features to the Java as a language, its compiler, libraries, tools and the JVM (Java virtual machine) itself. In this guide we are going to take a look at all these changes and demonstrate the different usage scenarios on real examples

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Tips to Locate and Track Your Lost or Stolen Android Smartphone

I’m a pretty heavy Android user, and I’m also a big lover of my device(s). So naturally I’m also quite proactive when it comes to keeping them secure. Here’s a tip on how you can hopefully secure your Android smartphone – remember, a disaster is pretty much inevitable!

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Technology Developers in BC Get a New Exchange with BCDevExchange

A tip for developers, would-be developers, mashup artists, coders, students and others from the BC Government – What if brilliant developers could use real-time data feeds to create mobile phone transit apps to locate moving buses?

BC Developers' Exchange

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EDU Tip – Learn What Spatial Analysis Can Do for You

This free online training from Esri kicks off tomorrow, March 3 so you better be quick if you want to take advantage of this! From Esri… ” This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is for people who know something about data analysis and want to learn about the special capabilities of spatial data analysis. – See more

esri mooc

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Temperate Rainforests in OR, WA, BC, Alaska experience irreparable losses

More bad news as climate change and rainforest experts warned that without drastic and immediate cuts to greenhouse gas emissions and new forest protections, the world’s most expansive stretch of temperate rainforests from Alaska to the coast redwoods will experience irreparable losses.

Temperate and Boreal Rainforest Web Map

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List Your Business with Apple Maps Connect Canada, Germany and France

Ever wanted to add/include details of your business into Apple Maps? Well, now business owners in Canada, German, and France have access to Apple Business Listings via Maps Connect. To use the service a user must have an Apple Account and login. Once logged in, simply follow the instructions and add details like address, category(ies), hours of operation, and contact information (including facebook, Yelp, and Twitter). Once finished the process requires validation by providing a PIN that is sent to your contact number.

Apple Maps Connect

Get started at https://mapsconnect.apple.com/

See also this article – Get your business found via these 10 local search apps

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Data Collection 101 – Creating an Urban Art Walking Tour with FulcrumApp

It was a beautiful Sunday here in the PacNW so what better way to kill the morning than by walking around the beautiful downtown core in Victoria BC while testing out a little data collection using FulcrumApp.

YYJ urban Art

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North Atlantic Coast Comprehensive Study Webinars

North Atlantic Coast Comprehensive Study, is designed to help local communities better understand changing flood risks associated with climate change and to provide tools to help those communities better prepare for future flood risks. It builds on lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy and attempts to bring to bear the latest scientific information available for state, local, and tribal planners.

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New Rules Coming for Drone and UAV Operators

Nobody likes too much Government intervention, however, with the number of “near misses” between UAVs (drones) and commercial aircraft on the rise, not to mention the privacy concerns, it was only a matter of time before the rules get stepped up. the next step may likely be a move towards licensing and/or certification and may not be a bad idea!

DOT and FAA Propose New Rules for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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Valentine’s Day Geo Crossword Puzzle Fun

A little GeoGeeky Valentine’s Day fun for you Geo Lovebirds! A fun crossword with a Valentine theme courtesy of the US Census Bureau… enjoy!

valentine's day facts

See also more Valentine’s Day facts and figuresWondering, what’s the most romantic place, Loveland Colorado or Loveland Ohio??

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