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Video – Tips to Sharpen Your Spatial Analysis Skills

TweetA handy video from the Esri video production team shares some tips for users on ideas for sharpening their spatial analysis skills and get started with web GIS… FYI, for more interesting and useful Esri videos I suggest you also … Continue reading

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Marissa Mayer and Yahoo! design team kill a week-end creating a “new” logo

TweetI’m not sure if you Yahoo! or not (honestly I can’t recall the last time I hit the site) but apparently a few of you do and apparently Marissa Mayer has been doing some “great” stuff there also  – beyond … Continue reading

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Home and Remote Office Workers… A Good Idea or Just Yahoo!-ing Around?

TweetIt seems that Marissa Mayer and Yahoo! have stirred the pot a little here with this topic, although honestly, given Yahoo!’s track record I don’t really take much to heart that is coming out of the fledgling Internet company (when … Continue reading

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BOSS Geo Added to Yahoo! Search API

TweetSomething new from Yahoo! (you remember them right?)… seems the Yahoo! team is beefing up their API a little with addition of some new geospatial capabilities. Via their dev blog, Yahoo! describes BOSS Geo as being comprised of two popular … Continue reading

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Yahoo! looks back at search trends – BP tops search and Germans interested in maps

TweetToday Yahoo! Inc. has  announced its 2010 Year in Review (, the annual Yahoo! look back that identifies the top trends of the year from billions of consumer searches, and the top stories and topics of the year from the … Continue reading

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The New Yahoo! Goes Loco With Local offers and a Dozen Partners

TweetOut of the Web2.0 event this week in San Fran, Yahoo! has lifted the lid off their latest plans to harness the power of location and mobile location tech – enter Yahoo! Local offers. Some details… Yahoo! is launching its … Continue reading

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Yahoo! Sketch a spatial search

TweetYahoo! just recently rolled out Yahoo! Y sketch for iPhone a cool search tool where users simply sketch an area of interest on a map and look for hits of interest returned within the area… very clever!

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Add geo-location to facebook via fire eagle friends on fire

TweetA tip for you Geo geeks on facebook… I stumbled onto an update from Yahoo! Fire eagle this morning that enables facebook users to integrate more geo location functionality into their account courtesy of the friends on fire applet … Continue reading

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GeoCities R.I.P as Yahoo! pulls the plug

TweetI doubt that there will be very many tears shed, however, one of the web’s old timer resources is shutting down today as Yahoo! pulls the plug on GeoCities. I have to admit, I haven’t even looked at a GeoCities … Continue reading

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Yahoo! Increasing your whereness with Placemaker

TweetFrom Yahoo1 Dev net today comes Placemaker, a geoparsing Web service that gives you a way to determine the ‘whereness’ of unstructured content. From Yahoo!… This read-only service identifies, disambiguates, and ‘extracts’ places from structured and unstructured text content, such … Continue reading

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Yahoo! and Google sitting in a tree… K I S S I N G…

TweetInteresting to see how Yahoo! is looking to Google for help in serving up ads for their search results. this comes as Yahoo! tries to fend off hostile takeover from Microsoft. Could Google possible own any more of the online … Continue reading

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WikiNear, the location-sensitive WiKiNear – using Yahoo’s fire eagle + Google maps API

TweetWikiNear, the location-sensitive WiKi… this cool app. uses Yahoo’s fire eagle – you’ll need an invitation from Yahoo! to use this – the skinny of it is that the app. uses your location to locate Wiki pages that are closest … Continue reading

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