Via Nokia world – Instagram will be coming {finally} to Windows Phone

Yes indeed, Nokia smartphones, which have long been touted as having perhaps THE best cameras in any mobile device, will finally be getting Instagram {insert loud applause here…} The Nokia blogosphere is going wild (well, not really) and this is some of the hottest news to come out of Nokia World event this week which takes place in Abu Dhabi – geesh, business must be pretty good for Nokia!  From the event…
DreamWorks Animation, Flipboard, Electronic Arts, Vine and WhatsApp are among leading developers who have built new applications for the latest larger screen Lumia devices and intuitive Asha phones, including Nokia’s first tablet, which were also launched at Nokia World (details of the new devices is HERE).
More Nokia World News at-a-glance:

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Nokia Takes the Gloves off in the Switch to Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone Video

You may not see a Nokia Lumia 920 in the wild on every street corner in North America these days, but you gotta give Nokia a little credit for their videos… great stuff! You don’t really get a feel for the device of for what it can do but it will bring a chuckle… FYI, if you haven’t yet experienced the Windows Phone OS yet it really is quite something and the Lumia 920 can be scored at a carrier for a darned nice low price given the impressive features and strong build. Enjoy the vid…

Create Your Custom Lumia 820 Case With a 3D Printer

Here’s something kinda cool that you may have never thought of… how about printing up a new shell for your smartphone? Well, if you happen to have a device like the Nokia Lumia 820 which sports a removable shell (case)  Nokia developer is making it a bit easier for you by providing you with all the specs and design drawings so you can print up a nice, fully customized shell… oh, you will need access to a 3D printer! If 3D printing is your thing and you happen to be a Windows Phone geek then have a looksee at the mechanical drawings of the Nokia Lumia 820 back shell… and be sure to send me a pic when you print one up!

Now let me see, where did I leave that darned 3D printer of mine?? ;0)

Want to know more about 3D Printing? See How 3D Printing Works

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Tablet Tip – Dell Latitude Essentials for Windows 8

There’s no doubt that 2012 was the year of the tablet… 2013 just may see the same! This week at CES a number of hardware solution providers are rolling out their latest goodies – Enter Dell and their new Windows 8 tablet – Dell Latitude Essentials… supports Adobe Flash, framed in magnesium alloy, and optional dock.

Ideal for organizations such as schools and small businesses, the new configuration offers outstanding value with essential productivity and collaboration features and a full-featured Windows 8 tablet experience. The new Latitude 10 offers consumer customers rich entertainment features for movies, books and games, as well as compatibility with familiar applications and accessories to transition seamlessly between work and play – see more info and specs GISuser (

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Side by Side – Nokia Lumia 920 VS Windows Phone 8X HTC

This week Microsoft with HTC and Microsoft unveiled the Windows Phone 8X HTC, HTC’s first Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Surprisingly (or not) the device may initially remind you of the Nokia Lumia series, in particular the Lumia 920 – there’s also been some buzz about this on Twitter today, case in point, this Tweet from Nokia EVP Sales and Marketing USA Chis Weber:

Source: @CWeberatNokia  It takes more than matching color to match the innovation of the Lumia 920. #SwitchtoLumia” 


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Windows phone mobile emulator for android or Apple iOS

So, you’ve heard all about the new Windows Phone OS, you know, the OS that Nokia has adopted for all their new high end devices moving forward. Well, thanks to a tip via engadget, you can now hit a very cool demo site on your iPhone or Android smartphone and you’ll get a really good idea what its like to be running in the WP mobile environment (like on a Nokia Lumia 800). Very cool stuff! You can hit the emulator by pointing your mobile web browser to – Image shown was captured using a Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone.

Windows phone for android

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