State of the Map (USA) and WhereCamp PDX Reminders

A little reminder here about the coming State of the Map (USA) event taking place this fall in Portland, Oregon – see About the event… The OpenStreetMap conference brings together people who care about OpenStreetMap to advance the world’s free community map. October 13-14 in  Portland Oregon. Look forward to an event of  special talks and sessions, birds of the feather meets and other presentations. Another win for attendees is that WhereCamp PDX will run concurrently with the event (Oct 12-14), taking place is the usual, geeky, and popular un-conference format! See

See @SOTMUS – Note, Session proposal deadline for submission is this Friday, Aug 31 (see


OpenPaths – NearFar News Through Data #whereconf

In a talk titled “NearFar News Through Data”, Jer Thorp (The New York Times) introduced us to the clever OpenPaths service, an community project initiated by the Research and Development Lab at the New York Times Company. Using their mobile apps you can track your location, visualize where you’ve been, and upload your data to the OpenPaths website. You can then download your data from the website in a variety of friendly formats, including KML, JSON, and CSV.
Via upload data to a central location,  store it and engage in a transaction with researchers who want to use the data. Researchers can sign up and pitch a project, users sharing data then have the opportunity to share their valuable data and use it in a research project working on some cause. Some recent projects include: Tourists patterns in Spain, Mapping Habitual Geographies, and a Tiger-Tracker Project See

About OpenPaths – Using our mobile apps you can track your location, visualize where you’ve been, and upload your data to the OpenPaths website. You can then download your data from the website in a variety of friendly formats, including KML, JSON, and CSV. The OpenPaths API enables you to integrate your own software with the platform, and you can import data from location-based services like Foursquare.  (Source: OpenPaths)


Where2.0 #whereconf 2012 Tuesday Morning Livestream Session Updates

This morning (April 3, 2012) there was a flurry of activity and a few announcements made at the popular Where2.0 conference – you know, the cool, geeky event attracting geeks from all walks of life who are interested in social, location, mobile, and other related technologies – but mostly location!

A few of the key items that were dropped on us today:

David Blackman at foursquare has released a new “coarse city” geocoder – Two Fishes. The open source resource is based on geonames data ( and flickr public domain SHP file dataset. Check it out at
See also this article by @jonBruner

Public Lab, a group of guys interested in open technology have boasted an innovative grassroots mapping KickStarter project. You can check out more details and even contribute, see

Stratocam is a very slick effort to help users locate and nominate the best of the best of the coolest imagery found online in google maps.See and find an awesome image online and then nominate it for inclusion. Way fun!

MapBox is building on the awesome MapBox Streets with the announcement of free custom styling for MapBox Streets. Keep tabs on developments of MapBox at See also the video of this presentation online at

Bern Szukalski of Esri was touting “GIS without the box”, an open platform not just for GIS developers. Mobile developers can take advantage of the open APIs, SDKs for building native apps on all mobile platforms (Bern was quick to point out that this stuff isn’t simply for “GIS” folks) – all of this for free for non-commercial use and a good getting started place is More information for developers can be found in the online resource center,

via @jw of facebook (think Gowalla) Instead of just checking in, location is now a tag for anything that is to be shared #whereconf

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See The Where2.0 #Whereconf Livestreams on Tuesday and Wednesday

Once again it’s time for Where2.0, the popular location technology event taking place this year April 2-4 in San Fran. Some good news for those of you who can’t make it to the event as the O’reilly Media team is offering up a livestream. Complete details and the stream can be seen on this O’reilly Page, and we’ll also have the stream embedded here and on Livestreams will start on Monday (no schedule known, sorry) and the Tuesday and Wednesday morning keynotes will also be streamed so be sure to check back here and see also the #Whereconf hashtag on Twitter for updates. See the Conference website HERE

Note, the complete Where2.0 Video compilation can be purchased HERE [Read more…]

Save The Date – WhereCamp SoCal 2 To Hit Santa Monica August 26-27

Here’s a geoGeek meetup of interest to anyone in SoCal or interested in heading to Socal next month… Event Details: WhereCamp SoCal – Friday, August 26th (evening) – Saturday, August 27th Google Santa Monica Office  Santa Monica, CA

About the event – Tentative plan is for scheduled Ignite talks Friday evening followed by unscheduled sessions Saturday. This event picks up where the team left off last year at  WhereCamp SoCal which took place July 17-18, 2010 in San Diego

The goal of WhereCamp is to simply encourage social cross pollination of ideas between developers, makers, artists. By being totally free to participants it can attract voices who otherwise simply cannot afford to speak. It is a complement to Where20 in that it provides the kind of time to really dwell on and examine a topic.

Check it out at See also this Google Group of interest

Crowd Sourcing and the Old Weather Project – a WhereCampDC Video

If crowd-sourcing is something that interests you then you’ll really dig this presentation from the recent WhereCampDC describing in detail the amazing OldWeather project – and yes, you can become a captain! A tip abotu this awesome project came from Kate and her MapLoser blog where she shares her passion for OSM, the crowd, and humanitarian mapping efforts. More presentations from WhereCampDC can be found on the WhereCampDC website


SimpleGeo Places Data is Open and copyright free

Surprising many at Where2.0 was Matt Galligan of Simplgeo (See @mg on Twitter). Feeling in a generous mood, SimpleGeo announced that their Places data is now open – really open, as in Creative Commons Zero (CC0) and copyright free. Galligan referenced their stance on open data, in particular  with reference to the open knowledge definition – a piece of content or data is open if anyone is free to use, reuse, and redistribute it — subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute and share-alike.

On the SimpleGeo blog Galligan discussed the company’s philosophy on the open data and their position as a services company not a data company… ” take our data, use it, make it your own, and make it better”. Obviously the idea here is to focus on the services the company offers and to encourage developers to leverage location and location-aware data to create cool apps and services. While on stage at Where2.0 Galligan noted how we are all sensors, gathering data in real time and cited the importance of developers having access to data. With access to real time data developers are helping provide tools that are working on real problems in real time.

See More:

SimpleGeo blog

SimpleGeo Plcase

Where2.0 Videos

The O’reilly Media #where20 Livestreams – Where2.0 Presentations

Didn’t manage to talk the boss into sending you to Where2.0 this year? Hey no worries as the cool crew at O’reilly Media has done their usual fabulous job of sharing. You can venture over to their Livestream website HERE or watch the presentations below… enjoy and thanks again for sharing to the Where20 team.

Watch live streaming video from oreillyconfs at

Leveraging Location – Groupon, Facebook, Google, Foursquare + More at Where2.0

Still thinking about attneding Where2.0 in Santa Clara CA? IF so here’s a discount code (WHR11GU) that can save you a couple of $$.  Some details of the popular location tech event…  Now in it’s 7th year, the O’Reilly Where 2.0 is the premier conference for all things location-aware, exploring the intersection between location technologies and trends in software development, business strategies, and marketing. Happening April 19-21, 2011 in Santa Clara, CA, Where 2.0 will show you first hand how to leverage technologies like Groupon, Facebook, Foursquare, and Yelp as part of your marketing and advertising mix. The dynamic mix of speakers will bring you the latest on how to use location to identify, understand, and better serve your customers.  To see the list of speakers and sessions, and to register, visit: