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Temperature Map Paints A Chilly Picture of the Deep Freeze

TweetAnd so the deep freeze continues… heck, even up here in the balmy NorthWest we’ve had temperatures below freezing levels, however, nothing compared to most of the continental US. From NOAA… The powerful winter storm that has been affecting much … Continue reading

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Be Prepared With Apps for Winter Weather Maps and Mobile Data Updates

TweetWith the busy travel season and holidays just around the corner you’ll definitely want to be informed about weather and the latest extreme weather forecasts. For mobile device users there’s plenty of fine options, make sure you have a good … Continue reading

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Imagery of Moore, Oklahoma before and after May 20 tornado

TweetThe Pléiades satellites, operated and built by Astrium have captured images of Moore, Oklahoma, which clearly shows the devastation caused by the massive tornado that swept through the region on May 20, 2013.  By comparing today’s image with an image … Continue reading

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Esri Map Shows Real-Time Effects of Winter Storm Nemo

Tweet Just in time as the winter storm “Nemo” approaches the US Northeast. A new weather map from Esri has been released to help explore live storm reports, precipitation, and weather warnings with geo-tagged social content from Twitter, Flickr, and … Continue reading

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Extreme Weather Map Reveals 10 Worst States

TweetSome new numbers crunched by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and 2012 tallies reveal even more monthly weather records set than the 3,251 records smashed in 2011, with record-breaking heat, rainfall and snow events catalogued by State – Top … Continue reading

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2012 Could Be The Year of Extreme Weather/Climate Events

Tweet2012 has been a rough year for the weather tracking and monitoring industry, so rough that the yer could be shaping up to be known by many as The yer of extreme weather events in the US.  NOAA has released … Continue reading

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Uber Weather for Chrome, weather on steroids!

TweetNow available in the Google Chrome store, Uber weather (think weather on steroids). To check it out you can also fire up your Google chrome browser and hit for an awesome experience and be sure to hit the snow … Continue reading

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Louisiana – Seven Years After Hurricanes Katrina And Rita

TweetAmazing that already we’re headed into September and with that another hurricane season is upon us (I’ve always been somewhat of a hurricane tracker since my days living on the Gulf Coast). Hard to believe that it’s been 7 years … Continue reading

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Video – Visualizing Historical Tornado tracks

TweetCreated by IDV Solutions using some 50+ years of historical hurricane track data, this animation walks you through hurricane season from 1951-2011. About the 3 minute clip… Animation shows the annual migration of tornadoes northward throughout the season. Brightness of … Continue reading

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The New Accuweather for iPad – This is how to deliver a mobile experience!

TweetAre you a mobile developer or perhaps a would-be mobile developer? If so then take note of the new mobile iPad app from Accuweather – a fine example of how to deliver an awesome user experience! Accuweather has done all … Continue reading

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Tornado Risk Report Reveals Tornado Alley Could Cover All States East of The Rockies

TweetI find this tornado and hail risk incident report from CoreLogic to be pretty interesting. Obviously being in tornado alley can be a bit risky but it seems that most tornado damage is now taking place outside of the area … Continue reading

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NE Denver, Colorado Tops the list of most tornado prone region in the USA

TweetEver since the day a couple of years ago when I watched a tornado (F4)  blow through the town of Windsor Colorado, about 1 mile from my home, I’ve had much interest in the topic of tornados and storm chasing. … Continue reading

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