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Microsoft Introduces Office for iPad

TweetYes indeed, today Microsoft rolled out the news that Office for iPad (and their enhanced cloud offering) is here! This from Microsoft… Whether you’re creating an Excel spreadsheet on your tablet, authoring a Word document in the browser or making … Continue reading

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The 3D Seflie! 3D scan yourself at home with Kinect

TweetEver wanted to give the ultimate gift to someone, like a 3D printed figure of yourself? Well, now you can with! Using the Kinect hardware, users can scan themselves and get a 3D figure shipped off in not time, … Continue reading

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Video – The Social Media Guard takes the social out of Media

TweetHere’s Coke’s solution to the “social media problem” – yes indeed, get your head out of the phone! Nice… (Source)  

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Oh Mercator – What do maps have to do with Social Inequality?

TweetOh, that darned Mercator projection!! Enjoy this little gem… This comes from 2 years ago but its still worth a good laugh  

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Video – 3D Mapping Smartphone – Google Announces Project Tango

TweetSomething fun and cool from Google… Amazing technology. Many of the pieces exist. For related technologies and vision, please click here for The Future Site or Download the PDF  

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10 Minutes of pure HD awesomeness and completely off-topic!

TweetI simply had to share this because of the pure awesomeness of it all. I know its completely unrelated to anything Geo but who cares, if you don’t want to watch it don’t bother – Enjoy…  

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New standalone iPhone app for facebook – Paper

Tweet You may notice faccbook getting loads of attention on the wires this morning… that’s due to a new app called Paper – This morning, Facebook is announcing a new standalone iPhone app called Paper. Contrary to earlier rumors, it’s much … Continue reading

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How Tough is the Toshiba Ultrabook? Field Testing the Portege Ultrabook vs. Drooling Dog

TweetHow tough is the Toshiba Portege Ultrabook – darned tough… even tough enough to withstand the drooling pooch test!! Enjoy…  

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The Moment NASA astronauts Captured Earthrise – Dec. 24, 1968

TweetThe Moment NASA astronauts Captured Earthrise -  Dec. 24, 1968 – the photo that almost never was!   A look at the capturing of Earthrise by NASA, the iconic photograph of the Earth as you’ve never seen it before – … Continue reading

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Some holiday Cheer and All I Want For Christmas

TweetA little holiday cheer and some lighthearted fun in this fun rendition of the popular “All I want for Christmas”… enjoy and have a happy holidays and very Merry Christmas to everyone from Glenn and the GISuser gang…

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The Moto G Sub $200 , no contract smartphone

TweetToday Motorola unveiled a new, affordable Android smartphone. At sub $200 for an unlocked, high end, Android device that requires no contract, well, its a no-brainer for the price conscious! The kicker here is no contract… Those of you still … Continue reading

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Indeed, We Could All Learn To Put Down that Darned Phone For a Day!

TweetI know I’ve often looked around and shook my head, saddened by how much people (including myself) are truly missing out on because we have our face stuffed in our phone… next time you pull it out perhaps you’ll think … Continue reading

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