The 2014 Tour de Britain Route Maps

With the start of the 2014 Friends Life Tour of Britain just weeks away, cyclists and fans can get their hands on this year’s stage maps as Ordnance Survey and SweetSpot release the routes. The new route maps are available in a range of formats and can be viewed, downloaded or exported as GPX files for mobile devices, allowing cyclists to try out the routes or spectators to pick the best spot to watch.

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OS Ride iOS app maps the first three stages of the Tour de France

Seems the UK Ordnance Survey is in the mobile app making business as the UK data provider for teh Government has released OS Ride, a mobile app for iOS featuring routes for the Tour de France. OS Ride features detailed routes of the first three stages of the Tour de France, which comes to Great Britain in July 2014. The easy to use app uses Ordnance Survey’s detailed outdoor mapping, enabling cyclists to successfully navigate and track their progress as they ride the routes ahead of Wiggins, Froome, Cavendish and co. OS Ride contains mapping for all three British stages of the 2014 event which take place on 5, 6, 7 July 2014, as well as high quality route maps for historic stages of the tour when the world’s most famous cycle race came to Great Britain in 2007, 1994 and 1974. Each stage has also been split into smaller segments making the app a fantastic tool for all levels of road cycling.

The free iOS app is available to download from the App Store – app/id808770114

illustreets Exemplifies the power of Open Data Enabling Anyone to Explore England

You know the scenario… you want to move to a new city and you’d like to find out where the best places are to live, however, you know nothing about the region at all. Have you been there? Well, there’s great news, particularly for people wanting to locate great places to live in England thanks to the awesome resource illustreets ( The powerful, map driven, data rich resource empowers users with data, TONS of it, thanks to all that fabulous open data in and around the UK. Using illustreets, users can pinpoint a place on the map, then browse loads of social variables, economic indicators, housing market data, crime stats, transportation links and much more.


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Ordnance Survey Extends Reach to Mobile via OS MapFinder for iOS

Another cool mobile app launch, this time from the British national mapping agency, the Ordnance Survey. The org has just rolled out OS MapFinder the organisation’s first official mobile app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This from the OS… MapFinder, is an ideal iOS app for outdoor enthusiasts or anyone participating in in outdoor activities; is free to download and includes free overview mapping for the whole of Great Britain. Once downloaded OS MapFinder allows users to purchase and download more detailed map data for outdoor use. Note… Sections of mapping are purchased in single 10 km by 10 km tiles with prices from just 69p – The OS MapFinder app is free to download from iTunes- see more details in this announcement

Got a million pieces of Lego? Why not make a World map!

Who doesn’t love Lego?/ Heck, just yesterday my daughter and friends pulled out a big box that I have and created for several hours… the stuff is timeless! And thanks to Gary in the UK for sharing this awesome story about an amazing Geo creation using the building blocks – about a million of them!

Yes indeed, some savvy Lego engineers got their hands on a ton of the stuff and created an amazing and HUGE World Map in the UK near Royal Festival Hall. Read more about this on Gary’s blog

Source: via Glenn on Pinterest

3D Map of the Future from Ordnance Survey

An interesting 3D mapping product has been released in the UK – the Map of the Future! Ordnance Survey has been trialling the use of incredibly accurate lasers to create a spectacularly detailed map that could change the way the national mapping agency works. The map was created as part of a trial spanning three years, with every square metre of Bournemouth captured using a combination of land-based and aerial survey with high-accuracy lasers. See more info HERE

Explore the UK with Explore (Beta) from the Ordnance Survey

Explore is a new beta application from Ordnance Survey, allowing you to create and share your routes with the world, and join in with ones that already exist. Search for a location and then view the routes that people are sharing for that area. This will include details and points of interest – even photos, so you will be well prepared for a satisfying walk – almost a 1 000 routes posted so far. Check it out at Locate your routes for running, walking, sailing, horse riding, flying, rock climbing and more.