How to Write a Tweet!

Sounds simple enough right? Jot down 140 characters (max) and hit send, that’s it! Well, indeed that is what most people do, however, it really isn’t that simple, particularly if you expect some engagement. Thanks to the crew at Hootsuite, they’ve reminded us of several important elements that you must consider when crafting a tweet – some good reminders here.

how to write a tweet

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10 Reasons Why You Should Love Twitter!

I gotta admit, I’m really tired of hearing from people that they think Twitter is simply a waste of time, or a stupid social network for boasting about your cat or where you eat or for sharing a selfie etc… Seriously, if you think that’s what Twitter is all about then you are missing out. And if you happen to be a “technology professional” and have that mind-set, I’d seriously also have to question your technology skills and the lack of an open mind that you bring to your work and your personal life. In short… crawl out from under that rock!

10 reasons to love twitter even if you hate it!

There’s many ways to use Twitter. There’s no right or wrong way to use it and the possibilities are seemingly endless. To say that using Twitter is silly and/or a waste of time is very short sighted. Read on for 10 Things you can easily do with Twitter that will make you love it, even if you hate it!

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Social Tip – Mastering your Twitter Analytics

You Tweet But Are You Aware of your Twitter Analytics? Here’s How — Ok you tweet, but do you have any idea how well your tweeting is doing? Indeed using twitter is subjective and it really is tough to say to anyone that they are doing it right or wrong. However, there are analytics and tools at your disposal that can qualify your tweeting and show you quite clearly what’s working and what isn’t. 

How to Run your Own Twitter Analytics

Using Twitter’s analytics capabilities you can easily connect your account and deep dive into pretty detailed analytics and reports. Brows your twitter activity by date range and quickly view tweets along with data showing impressions and engagement activity including: likes, replies, retweets, favorites, and link clicks.

Learn more about how to analyze your tweets in this feature

10 Most Popular @GISuser Geotech Tweets of the week

There’s been loads of interesting geotech gems to share this week in the Twitter-sphere. On our @GISuser account we’ve had more than 100 retweets and replies to a number of the items shared. the following are 10 of the most popular Tweets we shared this week… enjoy!

  1. Don’t Care About Birds? You should… Why Birds Matter {video}
  2. Smartphone Users don’t Mind Sharing Their Location for Safety Reasons
  3. Boundless Celebrates Four Years of OpenGeo Suite with version 4.0.2
  4. Rats in New York – there’s a map {and OpenData} for that 
  5. Learn to Share Cached Imagery in Esri ArcGIS 
  6. Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) Open Licensing Project 
  7. Local, state, region, Fed Governments – do you have an OpenGov OpenData portal to share? Add to this directory
  8. This map can help identify vaccine-preventable diseases in your region
  9. Time to Code Canada! The Canadian Open Data Experience (CODE) Hackathon #GCA4
  10. What is the Cloud? The Cloud, Simplified

popular tweets

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Vizify – Create an animated portrait of your Best Activity on Twitter from 2013

Ok Tweeters, here’s an awesome tool to help you create a fabulous recap of the BEST of your Twitter activity from 2013. Vizify munches and crunches your data producing a nice mashup of tweets, photos, and stats that you can then share with the World as we steamroll into 2014. Happy Tweeting and Happy New Year to all… See our GISuser Vizify HERE and see Vizify at


Tweet – Just made a movie of my #2013memories on Twitter: What’s yours look like? #Vizify

Top 10 Tips For Socializing an Event from @guykawasaki

I’ve been a pretty decent fan of Guy Kawasaki for some time now… it likely goes back about 10 or 12 years when I met him at an event in Vancouver. I had a chat with him, exchanged contact info and we kept up periodic exchanges for a short time. I learned lots from his blog and his books over the years and still enjoy many good things from him via his extended reach over social media channels – I was always amazed an impressed with how prompt Guy was at responding and engaging, even though I’m sure he received a TON of email and tweets. Recently Guy shared a gem of a post that anyone who’s involved or thinking of getting involved in event planning could use.

Via LinkedIn, Guy shares details of his experiences hosting events for Motorola Mobility and graciously passes along a number of no-brainer tips that many folks seem to ignore. follow some or most of these tips and chances are good that you’ll have a much better event. From Guy… His top 10 tips for  How to socialize an event:

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Twitter Rolls Out Twitter SMS Alerts for Emergency Notification

Something new and of interest from Twitter this week as the company has now rolled out the Twitter Alert notification service. Twitter Alerts are an opt-in service where users can elect to receive “breaking” news and announcements from emergency notification services and accounts like FEMA, the USGS and other government agencies – I’m looking forward to local police force and city government accounts in my region providing these!

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