App Tip – Teleport Helps you Determine, Where Should we Meet?

Here’s a really cool application tip that comes via way of my friends at the @Co_mmunitySD co-working space in San Diego, CA, enter Teleport. This clever app is designed for those of you who work with teams that are spread out all over the country, or all over the World. Teleport helps you to plan for your next meeting, providing transportation options and prices so that you can budget accordingly.

teleflock answers, where should we meet?
teleflock answers, where should we meet?

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Social Media Use Puts Travelers at Higher Risk of Identity Fraud – Some Tips

Some interesting research from LifeLock reveals that International travelers are at a heightened risk for identity theft, particularly for those who frequently post to social media!

Though certain locations have higher risks than others, regardless of the destination, LifeLock recommends that travelers plan ahead and pack light to help protect against losing valuables.

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Hot Mobile Apps to Maximize Fun this Summer with Your Smartphone and iPad

Summer is a great time to load up on those handy mobile travel apps. Just in time for Memorial Day and the unofficial kick-off of summer, Sprint has shared a few tips for road warriors. Taking a road trip this summer? Here are some suggestions:

  • The TripIt trip planner helps you organize, plan and store all of your travel plans in one spot. Create a master travel itinerary with hotel, dining and shopping destinations, and access your itinerary planner on your mobile device – even share your updates on the road with friends.
  • app lets you browse more than 157,000 hotels in more than 60 countries, store favorites, track rewards and make reservations directly from the app. Whether traveling last minute or planning a family getaway, you can read reviews and get the best deal for your location.

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Live Mapping of San Fran Transit with LiveBus

Transit data is co cool and there’s no doubt that the transit app (on mobile) is now the defacto go-to example for coolness when it comes to mobile app development rather than the previous favorite pizza finder or coffee house locator examples. Thanks to James for tipping me off to this interesting article on TNW that explained the very cool SanFran LiveBus service showing real-time(almost)  bus movements – yes they are actually all moving in real-time in front of your eyes.  Indeed Google transit data is awesome and WAY useful to any local bus service so it’s so awesome to see more clever apps and services being built by the clever developers. Note, the LiveBus app is available to iOS users from iTunes and was inspired by a similar service from the UK showing a live Underground map

Note: code used for the LiveBus app has been made available on Github

Holiday Travel Tip – Most Costly Airports To Fly Out Of 2012

Online travel website and travel experts Lets Fly Cheaper announces their result for this year’s most expensive, major U.S international airports to travel in and out of. The airports were ranked on the cost of a domestic, round trip air fare against the national average U.S domestic fare cost of $384.81. Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport was ranked as the most expensive airport to use in 2012 with an average domestic round trip fare coming in at $517.50. Washington’s Dulles International was a close second with an average, round trip fare of $504.20.

Source: via Glenn on Pinterest


Below is the complete list based on the national domestic round trip average of $384.81:

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Mobile Tip – Tracking Flights With Flight Tracker on your Android Tablet

Flight Tracker has always been one of those way cool, wow apps that I’d gladly pay for… luckily for all they have free and pro versions of their awesome apps – and now in case you didn’t know they also have a flavor for Android tablets. Flight Tracker is a must have for keeping tabs on flight information… the app has saved me hours of wasted time that I would have endured by getting to the airport too early and is particularly valuable when you have to do the pickup!

Some details of the new Android Tablet apps: FlightView 2.5 for Android tablets, available in Free, Standard, and Eliteversions – comes loaded with all the flight-tracking and day-of-travel mobile functionality that made its smartphone apps so popular, along with tablet-optimized design and navigation improvements, including:

  • More Intuitive Layout. FlightView users won’t be simply accessing the smartphone app on a larger screen – FlightView 2.5 offers an optimized design which takes advantage of the larger screen size to display a 2-panel layout, enabling users to view more travel information in one place.
  • Easier App Navigation. FlightView 2.5 offers the greatest ease-of-use experience for travelers by incorporating high-level buttons at the top of the screen to enable quick navigation to day-of-travel information.

What One thing MUST You Pack for #ESRIUC

Esriuc conference week in San Diego is coming at us fast. this is year #14 for yours truly and as a seasoned traveler and veteran visitor to San Diego for UC I know there’s always a couple of things that I would likely freak out if I forgot. So, to help out others, please share with us what your must have item to bring along with you is (make it good, not just socks or shorts…) and for added fun, what one place to drink, eat, or have fun is ALWAYS on your things to do list while in San Diego?

what are you packing to bring with you to esriuc?

For yours truly I absolutely must have my handy HD flip camera, but I also make sure that I have at least one light, comfy short sleeve button up, dressy, Hawaii’n style shirt. As for places I HAVE to go… I never miss a visit to the Star of India restaurant (no not the sailboat in the harbor) for some killer chicken Tikka and I’ll always try to get to the Strip Club (it’s a steak house beside Dick’s, not that kind of strip club!!) to grill up a piece of Tuna! How about you??

New Yorker Goings On mobile app (iOS and Android)

The New Yorker magazine has rolled out a terrific location-aware location search app designed to keep New Yorkers in tune with cultural activities taking place nearby.  Available for iPhone and Android apps today, the app provides users with interesting updates on activities taking place around the city including nigh life, music, dance, talks, and restaurants information. There’s even audio tours and walking tours provided as well as valuable recommendations from New Yorker Magazine critics.

Users can optionally receive suggestions and recommendations and they can also share their favorite places with friends via Twitter and facebook and foursquare. See more in this announcement

New Yorker Going On mobile app (iOS and Android)
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