10 hot consumer trends for 2015 and Beyond

Just in time for year end from Ericssson… 10 hot consumer trends in mobility. Yes indeed, I love the year-end predictions, often we seem to hear many of the same ones year after year, for example, privacy concerns, social media, location based ads etc… but some of my faves come from the leaders in the mobile space, after all, this is where all the VC seems to focus and indeed there’s plenty of innovation in the mobile tech arena. And so, here come the predictions for 2015 (and beyond)  from Ericsson Consumer Labs:

1. The streamed future. Media use patterns are globalizing. Viewers are shifting towards easy-to-use on-demand services that allow cross-platform access to video content. 2015 will be historic as more people will watch streamed video on a weekly basis than broadcast TV. [Read more…]

10 Best GPS Navigation System Providers

Not everyone is glued to their smartphone navigation app while driving… apparently there’s still a large market for GPS navigation devices. Users praise the always on capabilities, robust maps, lack of power related issues, large bright display, and more. Each month the best GPS navigation system companies are put through a methodical evaluation process in order to determine which companies produce the best services overall.

top 10 gps

And so, the 10 top GPS navigation system providers for March 2014 are:

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Top 200 US Colleges Ranked by Daily Beast

Ranking are always fun and here’s another fun “top List” for you to browse in order to get an idea of what are considered by some to be the Top Colleges in the US. The Daily Beast’s Down + Dirty Guide to the Best Colleges aims to change that, ranking schools primarily on what students actually care about: their shot at getting a good job, and making a good living. Criteria for The Daily Beast’s rankings includes future earnings, quality of education, affordability and diversity.  [Read more…]

Ranking of Top Earth Science Schools & Colleges – U.S

Highly regarded since its first appearance in 1994, the annual Best Graduate Schools rankings offer a reliable, easy-to-use resource for those seeking the best schools for attaining a master’s, professional or other advanced degree.  Part of the rankings is a listing of “top” earth science schools… Top Earth science programs at the graduate level offer advanced education for students seeking a master’s degree or doctorate degree in fields like geology and meteorology. Topping out the list are:
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Suggested Reading – 10 New GIS User Articles and Features

Another busy week in GISuser Feature content and Geo Tech Spotlights. The following are 10 recent GISuser feature articles, blog posts and app spotlights that you should be sure to check out… some fine pointers and good reading here! Enjoy the following 10 features:

  1. Landsat 5 Suspension of Operations Extended
  2. Thematic Mapper (TM) data began showing signs of imminent failure. Following an unsuccessful attempt to recover the ESRI Updates – ArcGIS for SilverLight 1.0 and Now ArcGIS Online in 9 More Languages
  3. Announcing The 2012 Esri #DevMeetup Schedule
  4. Checkin to Google Places, Share on Google G+ Via the New Google Maps Mobile on Android
  5. Video – Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone Smartphone
  6. PhoneGap OpenSource Devlopment Framework; Deploy to 7 Major Mobile Platforms
  7. USGIF announced the opening of its 2012 Scholarship Program
  8. Latitude Geographics @geocortex Featured in Canada’s National Newspaper For Hiring Interns
  9. Registration now open – 2012 Washington GIS Conference #WAurisa
  10. Carnival Of The Geospatialists 4

See 10 Must Read, Recent GISuser Geo, Social, and Mobile Features, Blogs and Spotlights to Check out!

Career Tips – 10 HOT Geo Job Opportunities

I love sharing and I really dig helping people. So, for some Friday fun I’ve elected to spend 20 minutes of my time putting together an awesome list of HOT Career opportunities for Geo/Tech professionals. Hopefully I can help bring together an employer and some talent – good luck! A number of companies are hiring  Geo and location Technology professionals, particularly professionals with programmer / developer skills. Here’s a short list of 10+ opportunities to consider from the following companies: Esri, Esri Canada, Intergraph, Latitude Geographics, Safe Software, OpenGeo, New Century software, Pacific Power, Spatial Networks, Telvent, Ubisense, and NBT Solutions. Got a job to share? Send details to jobs @ gisuser.com

Of interest, check out this article on Techcrunch about how LinkedIn is the preferred social media resource in use by recruiters

See complete details and Good Luck!

Top 10 Things That You Should Be Including In Your Press Release

For many companies, the PR and marketing department may be a PR machine, constantly creating and distributing interesting news and press to share with the World.  In the new age of new media you really don’t have to reinvent the wheel, however, for many companies, penning their PR has become rather robotic, with many of the same practices, styles, and tactics being used to get the word out. I receive dozens of PR releases every day, actually, I’m guessing that over the past 10 years I’ve likely received well over 500,000 of them!

With that, I’d like to share a short list of 10 items that anyone creating a press release might/should consider including in their press release:

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10 Android Apps To Boost Your Productivity

There’s no questioning that the Android OS is gathering momentum and the mobile ecosystem (in North America) is pretty much a 2 pony horse race.  IT’s tough for anyone to tell you which apps are the best as that’s totally subjective, however, it is possible to share 10 suggested apps that will likely help increase your productivity. And so, here’s a list of 10 mobile apps for Android that will do just that…

  1. Google Voice
  2. Quick Office Pro
  3. CamCard
  4. My Backup Pro
  5. SwiftKey Keyboard
  6. TripIt
  7. MightyMeeting
  8. Document Scanner
  9. AK Notepad
  10. mShare

For more details on each of these apps check out the feature article contributed by Blake Sanders

Top 10 Android mobile apps


Geo Tweets of interest – 10 recent Twitter Faves

We follow the Geo Twitter-sphere very closely… the following are just a few of the tweets we’ve “faved” in the past couple of days… enjoy!

  • @guykawasaki Learn how to easily customize your news
  • @stefanw Selling Your Company” #Exit tips by @FredWilson
  • @jeffharrison Apple sued over apps giving information to advertisers
  • @developerWorks IBM helps corpus christi build a Smarter city
  • @unmarketing Social media shouldn’t replace being social in person. It should enhance it.
  • @mashable HOW TO: Get the Most Out of Facebook Insights for Small Business
  • @marismith New social media dashboard to analyze metrics and understand your SM ROI
  • @druidSmith Nice – an @ushahidi based portal for digging out of the snow in NYC
  • @ottawaGuide OttawaGuide, an augmented reality tour guide for Ottawa, Ontario just released for android phones
  • @crisisMappers Maps: DARTr (Deep-ocean Assessment & Reporting of #Tsunamis) real-time monitoring systems

10 Popular GIS, GeoTech @GISuser Articles from 2010

This time of year I like to dig around GISuser.com and scope out some of the stats from various news categories and articles that we’ve authored. The following are some of the most popular items (according to our readers) that I’d like to share with you: