The World’s Most Rugged Tablet from getac – Take That Otterbox!

Who Says Your Tablet Can’t Be Tough?  With consumer tablets dropping in price basically to a point where they are disposable to some companies, there’s much demand on folks to use consumer grade hardware for enterprise functionality… perhaps that may make sense, however, there’s many jobs that simply demand a tough unit – don’t be making a bad choice and getting stuck in the field with no hardware. Tablet computers are all the rage, however, don’t you dare even think about dropping your iPad or android device, even if you have it covered up in an Otterbox or other form of protection… you may get some protection from those, however, you’ll never make it even as close as rugged as this bad boy from Getac – enter the 7″ Getac Z710 with LumiBondTM technology.

The Z710 is optimized for viewing in the sun, can be used with gloves on thanks to amazing touch sensor technology, has built-in connectivity via 3G, WiFi, Barcode reader, RFID, Bluetooth and boasts SiRFstarIV GPS. The device can also withstand  6-foot drops and operating in temperatures from -20oCelcius to 50oC – lets see you do that in your Otterbox wrapped iPad!

See more extensive details and specs HERE

Google Announces Nexus 7, light, portable tablet for Google Play

Today at Google I/O Google lifted the lid off their new tablet offering (Actually many of you will consider it an E reader) the Google Nexus 7. The device has a 7″ screen and tight Google Play integration – ideal for watching videos and consuming digital media like e-books and music (sorry, Google play music is only available in the US). The device will sell for $199 and come with a $25 Google play credit to consume data. Device can be ordered today and will ship in July (to US, Canada, UK… more countries to follow) Some specs:

  • Nexus 7
  • 7″ display
  • Quad core CPU
  • Front facing camera
  • Connectivity – Wifi, Bluetooth
  • Gyroscope, accelerometer
  • 9hr video playback, 300 hrs standby time
  • Weights 340 grams -same as a small book
  • Designed for single hand use
  • Google play integration (music movies, apps, magazines…)


Week-End Poll: What Will Your Next Tablet Be?

Yep, sure does sound like next week Microsoft may be rolling out details of a new tablet… heck, what else could it be ? Actually, it may also be regarding the Nokia PureView  smartphone.  Given the recent release of Windows 8 with support for flash and touch it seems to be a no brainer. Will people care? Tough to say but you have to think that enterprise users who have until now been flocking to Android for tablet solutions could give this one a close look – iPad is killing in Tablet marketshare but also slowly loosing it slowly.  So, with that in mind, please chime in on this poll and answer what kind of Tablet will you purchase next… thanks!


Android Tablet Gets Rugged With the RAMPAGE 6 From Juniper Systems and SDG

Great news for you Android fans out there (and I know there’s a few of you) as now you can take your Android to the field, drop it, submerge it in water, toss it around, kick it or  ?? Utah-based Juniper Systems has announce a partnership with Pennsylvania-based SDG Systems in order to  bring to market the Mesa Rugged Notepad with Android (AOSP) 2.3 operating system. The result is a new, rugged handheld computer known as the RAMPAGE™ 6 and will be distributed exclusively through SDG Systems.  You’ll get a chance to get your hands on this awesome device if you happen to be attending the ESRIUC this July in San Diego, otherwise, the RAMPAGE 6 will be shipping in Q3.

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Coming this week, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Tablet

Coming soon to retailers, the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 – The Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 will be available for $399.99 SRP. Retailers carrying the devices include Amazon, Best Buy, hhgregg, Tiger Direct, WalMart, Office Depot and others. Some of the features and functionality available in this popular tablet include:

  • Control, Watch and Share Your TV Content – use your Tab as a universal remote, multitask on the web while watching and wirelessly stream the live feed from your TV to your Tab.
  • Browse the web, explore over 450,000 apps from Google Play and Samsung Apps, and access thousands of TV shows and movies via WiFi.
  • A big 10.1″ entertainment machine The Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is powered by AndroidT 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, a dual-core processor with a microSDT card slot and more.

Tab 2 10.1 Key Specs

  • OS: Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Processor: 1 GHz Dual Core
  • Camera: 3MP FF (rear) + VGA (front)
  • MicroSD slot (up to 32 GB add’l storage)
  • Built-In IR blaster (Smart Remote)
  • Services: Google Maps, GPS, Dropbox, Media/Readers/Music/ Game Hubs, Chat On, Netflix
  • Display:10.1 Widescreen HD display (1280 x 800)
  • Storage:16 GB on device (one 1 GB = 1 billion bytes), HDMI Compatible


Tablets Are Defining the Mobile Market and Shaping the Future

There’s no doubt that the mobile space is thriving, in particular, the tablet ecosystem. The new iPad is selling like hot cakes and new, affordable Android tablets are a compelling option for many businesses, particularly as they struggle to stay lean and also outfit employees with the latest connected devices and sensors.  During 2011, apps in the Apple App Store for iPad grew 180% to more than 140,000 apps by the end of Q4 2011. It’s no wonder that between 2011 and 2011 tablets were the fastest growing mobile market segment!

Source: via Glenn on Pinterest

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Rugged Tablet PC Tip – The MobileDemand xTablet

Loads of companies and contractors have a need for a rugged, mobile solution. Here’s one to consider, the MobileDemand xTablet.  Most recently, this device was selected by Elecdata  for use in a mobile GIS app for recording and managing data critical for controlling mosquitoes. About the device – MobileDemand xTablets are built military rugged to withstand the rigors of real-world field applications. They are MIL-STD 810G compliant and have an Ingress (Sealing) Rating of up to IP65, which means they have been tested to survive pressured water, temperature extremes, rain, humidity, salt, sand, dust, shock, vibration and 26 consecutive drops up to 5 feet. xTablets are full Windows 7 PCs, are powered by Intel processors. The tablets are also WLAN and WWAN compatible and provide GPS on some models. Optional cradles, mounts and accessories are also available.

See more details and specs in this announcement – Rugged Tablet PC Provider MobileDemand Announces Partnership with Electronic Data Solutions

Work with JPEG2000 and MrSID on LizardTech GeoViewer for iPad

Recall, LizardTech recently announced their GeoViewer app for iPad (iOS), their solution for viewing massive imagery compressed as MrSID and JPEG 2000 formats on your iPad. Users can expect to have access to a fair amount of functionality including the following:

  • Open MrSID and JPEG 2000 images.
  • Select bands to view from a multispectral image.
  • Explore imagery by panning, zooming and zooming out.
  • Add vector overlays (Esri Shapefiles and KML files) to get more out of image layers.
  • Center on your GPS location so you can see what’s nearby.
  • Measure the distance between a series of points.
  • Identify geolocation by touching on any image.
  • View layer properties, including coordinate reference system, geo bounding box, dimensions, colorspace, datatype, and resolution.
  • Search by geographic coordinates in WGS 84 (Lat/Long) or the image’s native coordinate reference system.
  • Set viewing preferences (band selection, layer line color, etc.).
Lizadrtech GeoViewer for iPad

For more info on the GeoViewer app see more on the Lizardtech website at

Avenza PDF Maps Featured On Discovery Channel, Planet You

This awesome as our good friend and colleague Ted Florence, CEO of Avenza Systems gets some awesome air time on the Discovery Channel program Planet You. Ted shows off PDF Maps and touts the merits of working with mobile devices like iPad or iPhone in a disconnected environment. I love how the host brings up the Google maps comparison (naturally because most mainstream media simply think of Google as being the only provider of maps and map services) . Great stuff from Ted and Avenza and nice + for the Geo Tech industry in getting some great visibility.  See the video HERE and you can connect with Ted and company on Twitter @avenza


War Horse Journey Time Map by Dreamworks and Microsoft (Bing)

A new movie promotional effort has been put together for Dreamworks and Microsoft (Bing) for the movie War Horse – the entire project done using AJAX.  This from the developers… After months of research into the battlefields of World War One and development of the TimeMap code for the AJAX version of BING maps, we are proud to announce the launch of  “The War Horse TimeMap Journey”  on MSN USA.

For this project, DreamWorks and Microsoft commissioned Shoothill to create an experience for online users to be able to follow the fictional horse Joey from southern England to the Western Front in France using archive material from World War One. And, we have put together an “edutainment” piece using Bing Maps, Deep Zoom and Azure to tell the fictional story of Joey (the horse) and his owner Albert’s journey from Devon to the trenches of WWI through the use of scans of real trench maps, aerial reconnaissance imagery of the battles, historic imagery of real war horses and Calvary officers from the Dragoon Guards War Diary extracts from the beginning of the war.

The project is built entirely on AJAX and has been optimised for PC, Mac and IPad.

To see the online exhibit please go to: