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10 Cool, New Things About SketchUp 2015

TweetThis week at the annual Trimble Dimensions conference in Vegas, the company officially released the latest update to SketchUp, the awesome 3D modeling environment. the following are just 10 of the new features and functionality awaiting users: 64-bit Support:  In … Continue reading

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Lizardtech Announces Express Server 9 with ExpressZip and 10 Cool things

TweetThis week, Seattle-based Lizardtech, the experts in image compression, have rolled out Express Server 9. After 10 years in development, Express Server at R9 boasts a painless, automated upgrade process for users [think upgrade in minutes while retaining all of … Continue reading

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Free Software Tip Friday… Tableau Public for Data Visualization

TweetI love sharing and on Friday I really like to share… and so, here’s a tip off about a cool data viz tool that I learned about from the OpenDataBC gang who recently used tableau to create a cool infographic … Continue reading

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Mapping Global Energy With the Global Energy Mapper

TweetAn innovative product from Blue Marble Geographics and Spatial Energy enables users to visualize and map Global energy resources – Energy Mapper. With energy specific symbols, data sets and layer options available for direct access from Global Mapper, users are … Continue reading

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vDatum for transformation of orthometric and ellipsoidal vertical datums

TweetA useful geo transformation tool for anyone that has a need to work with shoreline data and other hydrographic data products from NOAA and others. A useful transofrmation tool from NOAA – vDatum. VDatum is a free software tool being … Continue reading

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ERDAS IMAGINE 2011 Released

TweetNow available for download (to licensed customers) ERDAS IMAGINE enables users to easily create value-added products such as 2D and 3D images, 3D flythrough movies, and cartographic-quality map compositions from geospatial data. About the app; ERDAS IMAGINE 2011 features streamlined … Continue reading

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Geo Technology Update and The MrSID White Paper from LizardTech

TweetRecall, Seattle-based LizardTech recently lifted the lid off GeoExpress 8, the latest major update to their flagship product. At V8 GeoExpress adds support for multispectral data, alpha channels and improved mosaicking – Previously, mosaics were either quick to create but … Continue reading

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LizardTech Rolls Out GeoExpress 8 and MrSID Generation 4 (MG4)

TweetJust in time for the 2010 GeoINT event in New Orleans, LA, Seattle-based LizardTech announced the release of  version 8 of their flagship image compression software, GeoExpress®. At R 8, GeoExpress enables geotechnology end-users and industry professionals to compress, manipulate, … Continue reading

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ObliqueMapper, a new tool for the collection of GIS data from oblique photography

TweetThis week we heard from Nova Scotia-based Gaiamatics Solutions who launched their new  ObliqueMapper software tool – According to the company, this is Mapping from oblique photography made easy! Originally designed for flood mapping from aerial photography, ObliqueMapper has a … Continue reading

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10 Things About The New ERDAS 2010 Software

TweetRecall late last year at GeoINT  that ERDAS began touting the new 2010 Application Suite – ERDAS IMAGINE 2010 is many solutions in one, incorporating image analysis, remote sensing and GIS. And so, in familiar fashion, enjoy the following list … Continue reading

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A video is worth a million words! Show off your software in a video

TweetI’m a firm believer that a video is worth a million words (or more).. its great to see some companies taking advantage of simple video creation software and social media for sharing to not just describe a new app or … Continue reading

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5 Things that encourage me to use an application

TweetLocation – This is a no brainer, but perhaps the most compelling feature that an application can provide me along with the experience is location provisioning. Given that pretty much everything has a location component (physical location, a particular place … Continue reading

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