Smartphone Users don’t Mind Sharing Their Location for Safety Reasons

It seems that even in this day of privacy concerns that adults are still relatively comfortable with sharing their location, particularly for safety. That’s what the findings of a survey of some 1,100+ smartphone users has shown.

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Foursquare Global Hackathon, Innovation In Social Location

Wow, this is awesome. Glad to see the developers hard at work – the hackathon is a brilliant concept and never ceases to amaze me at the wealth of ideas that come out of it.. amazing what a couple of geeks fueled up on coffee, pizza, and redbull can do! Last week’s round-the-clock, round-the-world global hackathon saw more than 500 developers all over the globe produce a ton of incredible apps built on top of the foursquare API – about 90 developers were recognized.

Details of some of the finalists and crowd faves:

  • Sqavenger to create or play a scavenger hunt via text message and foursquare
  • Intersquares (by Mihai Parparita in SF) lets you see the intersection of your foursquare check-ins with a friend’s.
  • for building the best website using our new venue Push API. A four person team in SF worked through the weekend to build a digital screen replacement so that store managers can usher in the modern storefront with foursquare
  • VenueMachine, which allows venue owners to identify and reward influential visitors in real-time.

See more details HERE on the LBSzone

ZoomAtlas enables geo-social networking but is it too much information to share?

ZoomAtlas is offering what they refer to as a “Wiki style” service that enables registered users to leave notes at places from their past and connect these notes with their facebook account. At first glance I found the mapping service to be very impressive (the street maps with footprints are much different than anything you’ve likely seen before). But do I really want to leave a trail of notes at houses where I once lived or places where I worked… or as they put it, do I want to map my life? For me that’s just a little too creepy and a little too much information to share publicly… I guess you can be the judge for yourself – on the upside its a very clever app with a cool UI although I’d have to think that privacy issues will slow this service from taking off – and if that doesn’t slow things, how about the people on the image found on their homepage.. what the he#@ are those people doing?? . See or more information HERE

Need a Short url? Try short URLs for maps

Here’s an interesting way to use those popular short urls for sharing via your social media outlets. Using users can create a very simple Google map with a POI and then share the map and the short url to the map via Twitter or Facebook. Pretty basic service so far but there could be some possibilities here. I tested on iPhone but had some issues and couldn’t complete the sharing on my mobile… a bummer because really, the most need I would have for this service would likely be when I’m away from the office and on my mobile! Check it out at

After more testing, iPhone mobile use seems to work pretty well although connecting and sharing via Twitter on mobile is challenging.. on the upside the facebook connect and share on the native iPhone browser works just fine!

Tip – Get More Organized on LinkedIn With Profile Organizer

I’ve been a long-time user of LinkedIn although I’ll admit, I’m hardly a power user – yet! This week LinkedIn has added some new functionality that makes this fabulous service even more useful – the Profile Organizer. LinkedIn’s Profile Organizer allows you to save important profiles into folders to return them later.A demo video is provided below and keep in mind this is an option available to Pro users. Once more reason to upgrade I guess! Oh.. and FYI, you can connect with yours truly on LinkedIn HERE

Share Your Location on Social Networks With Brightkite

Share your location with Brightkite… Brightkite is a fantastic social-location sharing platform and much more! I first started using Brightkite’s mobile service on my Nokia N95 (Symbian S60) device. The app was useful although the UI was not terribly friendly on the s60 device… that’s all changed on the iPhone though (and Android platform as well I might add). Brightkite is a social app, with much functionality similar to twitter – users create a profile and get connected with friends. What really sets it apart from other apps though is the support (and tight integration) for sharing location information.

To begin, you must have an account, then the fun starts. Simply fire up the application on your iPhone (the app is free from iTunes shop) and the app will then start searching to detect your location. Once the service geocodes your location you can then accept the default location presented to you (for example… 100 First Avenue, Windsor, Colorado) or then “pick a place” which then searches a POI database of places that are at or near your current location (for example, Loodles Coffee Shop, Windsor, CO) select the desired location and then check in… what’s way cool is that you can check in and also include a note and / or a photo. Over time you will build a nice record of places you’ve been… I highly suggest attaching a photo with every entry to make it fun!

Finally, to really enhance your Brightkite experience users can integrate/connect their bright kite account with Twitter… this will then force a Tweet whenever you check-in. Also cool, Brightkite users can also login to their account via face book connect which results in updates (and photos) being sent to the user’s face book status update.. Also very handy! A Flickr connect is also available enabling you to quickly and easily share you media via your flickr stream as well.. When all your services are setup and connected correctly, you should see some decent traffic/hits on your uploaded media! Perhaps the best think about connecting brightkite to your Twitter is that you’ll build out your Geo-RSS feed which then provides a host of opportunities to you, for example, you can copy your flickr Geo-RSS feed address into Google maps (or Earth) and view your photos on the map!

Brightkite is likely THE best and most  used location-aware service that I use on my iPhone! See

Planning a Social Media Meet-up… check the calendar first! The Joel Comm / Ignite Blunder

I’m not sure about your local community, but here in Norther Colorado (NOCO) we’ve got a pretty decent, albeit relatively small, but growing social media community. This is a group of people that follow tweet-ups, chamber of commerce events, Ignite events, social media training, etc… I can’t speak for everyone, however, I do feel that there are a couple of events/venues that typically outshine all the others.. namely the local Ignite events (we have Ignite Fort Collins @IgniteFC and down the road there’s a very popular Ignite Boulder following). I should clarify also that by social media goups, I’m referring to those that typically communicate and extend their reach via popular social media outlets like Twitter and facebook. Continue reading “Planning a Social Media Meet-up… check the calendar first! The Joel Comm / Ignite Blunder”

10 Ways Your Tech Business Can Take Advantage of Twitter

Many companies and individuals are still asking themselves how can I use Twitter in my business? The following is just a small sampling of some of the ways that your technology business can use Twitter. Feel free to leave a comment on some of the ways your business has incorporated Twitter for a competitive advantage.

Developer or Tech support – look at ESRI EDN (ESRI developer network as an example. The company’s EDN team maintains a fine techie Twitter group where developers can exchange ideas, seek support and more. Follow the team leader on Twitter @jimbarry and other members including: @AL_Laframboise @dcardella @agup

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Images from Ignite Boulder 5

Last night in Boulder, CO at the Boulder theater, myself and some 740+ attendees took in another fine edition of Ignite Boulder (#IgniteBoulder 5). This was the first time at the Boulder theater for this event and indeed it delivered – what an awesome venue, although the free beer was noticeably absent – no worries as the bar was in full swing and offering up a great selection of Colorado micro brews at a great price! The crowd of mostly social media enthusiasts, techno-geeks, and others cheered, jeered, and mingled during the 5 minute lightning presentations, all of them delivering some very entertaining moments. Twitter contact @Yannr (also of Fort Collins) took some great pics at the event and I’m glad to share them with you below – thanks Yann! You can see more about Ignite Boulder on Twitter @IgniteBoulder or at

2009 ESRI UC Social Media Bookmarks, Tips for First Timers and much more

This year will be ESRI UC trip #11 for yours truly… a tradition of mine is to share tips, tricks, and down-right useful stuff with other GISusers that will be taking in North America’s largest GIS conference. And so, read on for some social media pointers to ESRI UC related Twitters, blogs, and other resources. We’ve also got a number of tips that I’m sure you’ll find handy

Remember, the official Twitter hashtag for the conference is #ESRIUC
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