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Dev tip – How to Register an App with Facebook

TweetSo, you’ve been thinking about creating an app to run on facebook, so now what? Well, to begin you can take advantage of this great read from fbombmedia… enjoy! To make sure your app reaches its full potential, you need … Continue reading

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Businesses and Social Media – Most Fail to Plan

TweetI’m pretty active on social media – both for business and pleasure – and have been for a long time (about 8 years now I’m guessing). I admit that one of my own personal observations is that I often have … Continue reading

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Echosec Social Media Map Search Announces Echosec Live

TweetKudos to the gang from start-up, Echosec Systems who have not only been named a Top 25 B.C start up recently but they’ve also just rolled out a Live / “pro” release of the very cool Echosec social media map … Continue reading

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You Might Dump Facebook as a Social Platform When you Start Using IconoSquare with your Instagram!

TweetHere’s an awesome tip for you Instagram fans! Are you looking for a fun and interesting way to view your Instagram activity, stats and more? Enter IconoSquare – was statigram – apparently, Instagram recently clamped down on third party apps … Continue reading

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Blogging, microblogging, media, social media or… Which for your business?

TweetYou may be wondering, which would be better for me or my business.. blogging, social bookmarking, a social media focus, or ?? A darned good question, particularly as all have a purpose, a time, a place, advantages and disadvantages. So, … Continue reading

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Infographic – Men and Women use their mobiles and social media differently

TweetNo huge surprise here I guess as research has shown that men and women differ in their use of mobile social media. For example, 38% of women play games on their smartphones and they outnumber men by 10%, 13% of men … Continue reading

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Social Media Guide For Parents (2014 Edition)

TweetA valuable resource for parents was released today and it’s pretty darned nice – and useful! The social media guide for parents has been developed by the Liahona Academy (be sure to check out their website and the other valuable … Continue reading

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Growing Social and 10 Social Media Tips to Help Build Your Brand Loyalty

TweetOk, you’ve gone to great lengths to create social media properties for your company. You’ve spent countless hours customizing the look and feel,built a following, curated and created content, so now what?  The biggest thing you can likely do is … Continue reading

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Our Most Popular Social Media Shares from the week

TweetThis week we saw plenty of activity and engagement via our various social media channels. the following are the stories and tips we shared that seemed to have resonated with our connections and generated the most activity… enjoy! Provo, Boulder, … Continue reading

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Mapping Selfies and the “Selfiest” Cities in the World

TweetWith facebook viewed by many as the ultimate platform for narcissists coupled with Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, is it any wonder that the selfie has soared to new levels of fame? You may have noticed recently that Time Magazine (online) … Continue reading

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Video – The Social Media Guard takes the social out of Media

TweetHere’s Coke’s solution to the “social media problem” – yes indeed, get your head out of the phone! Nice… (Source)  

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How Distracted Are you by Social Media? Webrate will tell you

TweetA new web service helps employers determine just how distracted employees are with Twitter, facebook and emails – enter Webrate. The application gives users two options to block the internet. Option 1: They set a time and disconnect. But they … Continue reading

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