Expedia Road Rage Report Reveals Trends in Texting and Maps Apps

From Expedia, a fun way to kick off the summer road trip season. Data from this year’s effort indicated that “The Texter” generates the most fury among pre-established  categories of American drivers, earning scorn of 26 percent of 1,000 respondents. Rounding out the top five, “The Tailgater” (13 percent) ranked second, narrowly edging out “The Left Lane Hog” (12 percent), “The Crawler” (10 percent), and one of my least favorites “The Multitasker (7 percent).


Expedia 2015 Road Rage Report: “Texters” Enrage Fellow Drivers Most

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5 Trends and Future of Enterprise Mobility Includes Geography

Some new research on trends in mobility… According to Forrester, there will be one billion smartphone consumers by 2016, with 257 million smartphones and 126 million tablets in the U.S. alone.  Businesses will implement the following five trends in response to this mobile movement, transforming how we experience shopping, business collaboration, travel and marketing.

trends in enterprise mobility

1.       Ultra-Personalization in Mobile Marketing: Businesses will capture a user’s context to create better results for marketing campaigns by ensuring that every customer, worker and supplier is hyper-productive and engaged. [Read more…]

Apple Tops Smartphone device sales, Android leads in Platform Marketshare

According to Comscore, the Number of Americans Who Own Smartphones Surpasses 150 Million. 152.5 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones (63.8 percent mobile market penetration) during the three months ending in November, up 3 percent since August. Apple ranked as the top OEM with 41.2 percent of U.S. smartphone subscribers (up 0.5 percentage points from August). Samsung ranked second with 26 percent market share (up 1.7 percentage points), followed by Motorola with 6.7 percent, LG with 6.5 percent and HTC with 6.4 percent.

Overall, Apple is winning as the OEM provider of choice with a 40.7% marketshare, however, Android is leading the smartphone platform race with 51.6% marketshare. Android ranked as the top smartphone platform in November with 51.9 percent market share (up 0.3 percentage points), followed by Apple with 41.2 percent (up 0.5 percentage points), BlackBerry with 3.5 percent, Microsoft with 3.1 percent and Symbian with 0.2 percent.

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Infographic – Men and Women use their mobiles and social media differently

No huge surprise here I guess as research has shown that men and women differ in their use of mobile social media. For example, 38% of women play games on their smartphones and they outnumber men by 10%, 13% of men use social media for dating in comparison to only 7% of women, and 71% of women on Facebook are willing to ‘like’ a brand for deals. Only 18% of men do that.  Apparently, the gender difference revolves around three distinct areas: our personal and professional relationships, the need for information and entertainment, and consumer behavior.

social media use by genderDo you know that men and women use smartphones in a completely different way?

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10 Best GPS Navigation System Providers

Not everyone is glued to their smartphone navigation app while driving… apparently there’s still a large market for GPS navigation devices. Users praise the always on capabilities, robust maps, lack of power related issues, large bright display, and more. Each month the best GPS navigation system companies are put through a methodical evaluation process in order to determine which companies produce the best services overall.

top 10 gps

And so, the 10 top GPS navigation system providers for March 2014 are:

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GeoGeek Reading – 7 Free e-Pub downloads for the week-end

A few GeoGeek training tips here for the week-end. Tradepubs provides hundreds (perhaps thousands) of free, downloadable resources and white papers.  Most are available as PDF downloads and are perfect for storing on a mobile device like an iPad – I frequently browse these white papers while I’m sitting on a plane for hours – they really are great material and perfect content for the iPad!

A few of the most recent, useful publications that the GeoGeek might enjoy include:

Free 328 Page eBook

Smartphone Shipment Volume Reached About 255.3 Million Units in 3Q 2013

Year-end and the end of another quarter is upon us, that means research numbers are out! According to Taiwan`s MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute), an ICT industry research institute based in Taipei, worldwide mobile phone industry`s shipment volume in the third quarter of 2013 topped around 465.2 million units, up 7% sequentially. Of the total worldwide mobile phone shipments, smartphone shipment volume reached about 255.3 million units in the third quarter of 2013, representing a 13.6% sequential growth.

Major Mobile Phone Vendor Shipment Volume Share, 1Q 2011 – 1Q 2014

Source: Respective companies and MIC, December 2013

To see more about this report, please visit: Worldwide Major Mobile Phone Vendor Performance, 4Q 2013

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