Place Matters! Here’s The Top 10 Happy Places in America

Yep, there’s a poll for just about anything you can imagine. Case in point,  some results have revealed what are being called the happiest cities in America and the results are pretty surprising I’d say! Let’s just say that maybe you do want to mess with Texas and apparently, all work and no play in the tech scene make for some pretty unhappy folks! Don’t worry though, the findings did reveal that more than one third of America is happy so you have about a 33% chance of being greeted with a smile when you approach someone…

About the poll. Conducted by Harris explored the many factors which may play into Americans’ happiness, including age, gender and race/ethnicity and the findings also show that place matters and can greatly affect the happiness index.

And so, here’s the Top 10 Happy places according to the findings:

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Home and Remote Office Workers… A Good Idea or Just Yahoo!-ing Around?

It seems that Marissa Mayer and Yahoo! have stirred the pot a little here with this topic, although honestly, given Yahoo!’s track record I don’t really take much to heart that is coming out of the fledgling Internet company (when was the last time you used yahoo! email or did a Yahoo! search??) It seems Yahoo1 is dead set against home-based workers and has taken a firm stance that all employees will work from the campus. Remote office workers provide many options to companies, particularly small or growing firms. Workers from home can be flexible in their hours, can provide economic savings, reduce needless commutes, and offer a variety of potential benefits. However, there are drawbacks, like lack of face-to-face engagement, declining productivity, and more. So, what are your thoughts on this for the tech professional? Have you or do you work remotely? What’s your company’s take on this? Drop a comment in the form to share… See also this feature on the Yahoo! position and the Marissa Mayer memo to Yahoo! employees

I can’t help but think that this is really a step backwards for the web, for the start-up economy, for the Internet, for women, for young tech workers, and for Yahoo! No huge surprise though given Yahoo!’s track record and as I’ve long suspected, Mayer will likely be sitting on a beach and sucking back a sweet severance package within a year or so and folks that have 401Ks that are heavily depending on Yahoo! may be sifting over their portfolios and looking for more sound investments, like maybe Nokia! ;0)

Week-End Poll: What Will Your Next Tablet Be?

Yep, sure does sound like next week Microsoft may be rolling out details of a new tablet… heck, what else could it be ? Actually, it may also be regarding the Nokia PureView  smartphone.  Given the recent release of Windows 8 with support for flash and touch it seems to be a no brainer. Will people care? Tough to say but you have to think that enterprise users who have until now been flocking to Android for tablet solutions could give this one a close look – iPad is killing in Tablet marketshare but also slowly loosing it slowly.  So, with that in mind, please chime in on this poll and answer what kind of Tablet will you purchase next… thanks!


GeoGeeks Getting Their March Madness On! Help Us Pick A Winner

We all know that geeks can’t jump but let’s see if GeoGeeks can pick an NCAA champ! A group of about 16 of us GeoGeeks (many of them you are likely familiar with) have jumped in and taken part in the GISuser NCAA Bracket hosted on ESPN (check out the bracket stats here) . So far things are pretty close, as can be expected but expect that to change after one more round of play. Interesting to see a real mix of selections with 16 of us selecting about 10 different teams to go all the way. Favorite picks from the crowd seem to be : Syracuse and Kentucky with other faves being Ohio St, Michigan St, Louisville, UNC, Missouri, and yes, even one Notre Dame! Let’s all hope the leader board changes soon as none of us will be able to handle James gloating from first place for 2 more weeks!

So, let’s ask the crowd… who do you think will go all the way in March? Pick your winner below… thanks!


Top GIS / Geo technology Stories from 2011? Share your thoughts

I’m already mulling over the archives and pondering this for myself, however, I’d be curious to hear what the community thinks. It’s a long list and a tough job, but what do you think is the top story(ies) in GIS/ or Geo technology from the past year? Any new developments or stories that really stand out from the crowd for you? Feel free to share with us your thoughts… Thanks!

A Few Results Of Our Reader Tablet Survey

A while back we asked our users and followers of @GISuser to answer a few questions about their use or planned use of a Tablet computer. The following is a snippet / summary of some of the responses. OF a sampling of fewer than 100 readers we found the following:

  • 59% already have a tablet
  • Of the tablet owners, 41% have an iPad, 34% have an Android device
  • Of the owners just 27% claimed their owner purchased the device for their use
  • Only 16% of respondents are actively developing apps for Tablet devices, 39% are not interested or have no plans to develop for tablet devices
  • 32% use their tablet strictly for personal use, 30% strictly for business use
  • Roughly 40% feel that Tablets are cool and fun for web browsing etc… but overall are not terribly useful (interesting!)
  • 34% claim to be interested in using their Tablet for GIS data collection, 30% interested but unsure how to accomplish that

See Tablet Survey – What’s Your Interest in Tablet Devices?


Week-End Poll – GISuser TV Suggestions

Welcome to another Week-End GeoGeek poll.Today my poll is about GISuser TV, something I’ve wanted to roll out for a long time now but have been stalling. Essentially, I’m going to livestream once a week (or ?) for a few minutes, discussing a topic of interest to the GISuser and GeoGeek crowd. I’m offering up a poll to get a better idea of the kind of topics that the community would be interested in hearing me discuss. GISuserTV will be streamed live to our facebook page using uStream technology with the added ability for viewers to share (fb and twitter) and chat with me or with each other. Please pick a topic you think would be cool for me to use or feel free to provide some suggestions. Thanks! FYI, You can check out the GISuserTV Page HERE

Week-end Poll – Tablet Survey – What’s Your Interest in Tablet Devices?

There’s no denying that the Tablet as a consumer and business computing/web device is changing the landscape. opportunities are huge and the masses have spoken, with usage soaring and devices selling faster than the store shelves can be replenished. Please consider responding to several questions to help us get an idea of your interest/use of the Tablet device – Thanks!

Shopping for a Tablet device? Check out this interesting Top 10 article from ZDNet