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Share Your Comments on OpenGov and OpenData

TweetWe’d like to hear from you with a little feedback and comments regarding Open Government and OpenData. We’d like you to share your favorite resources, comment on the state of OpenGov and provide some general feedback… enjoy, and thanks for … Continue reading

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Place Matters! Here’s The Top 10 Happy Places in America

TweetYep, there’s a poll for just about anything you can imagine. Case in point,  some results have revealed what are being called the happiest cities in America and the results are pretty surprising I’d say! Let’s just say that maybe … Continue reading

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Home and Remote Office Workers… A Good Idea or Just Yahoo!-ing Around?

TweetIt seems that Marissa Mayer and Yahoo! have stirred the pot a little here with this topic, although honestly, given Yahoo!’s track record I don’t really take much to heart that is coming out of the fledgling Internet company (when … Continue reading

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Week-End Poll: What Will Your Next Tablet Be?

TweetYep, sure does sound like next week Microsoft may be rolling out details of a new tablet… heck, what else could it be ? Actually, it may also be regarding the Nokia PureView  smartphone.  Given the recent release of Windows … Continue reading

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GeoGeeks Getting Their March Madness On! Help Us Pick A Winner

TweetWe all know that geeks can’t jump but let’s see if GeoGeeks can pick an NCAA champ! A group of about 16 of us GeoGeeks (many of them you are likely familiar with) have jumped in and taken part in … Continue reading

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Top GIS / Geo technology Stories from 2011? Share your thoughts

TweetI’m already mulling over the archives and pondering this for myself, however, I’d be curious to hear what the community thinks. It’s a long list and a tough job, but what do you think is the top story(ies) in GIS/ … Continue reading

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A Few Results Of Our Reader Tablet Survey

TweetA while back we asked our users and followers of @GISuser to answer a few questions about their use or planned use of a Tablet computer. The following is a snippet / summary of some of the responses. OF a … Continue reading

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Week-End Poll – GISuser TV Suggestions

TweetWelcome to another Week-End GeoGeek poll.Today my poll is about GISuser TV, something I’ve wanted to roll out for a long time now but have been stalling. Essentially, I’m going to livestream once a week (or ?) for a few … Continue reading

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Week-end Poll – Tablet Survey – What’s Your Interest in Tablet Devices?

TweetThere’s no denying that the Tablet as a consumer and business computing/web device is changing the landscape. opportunities are huge and the masses have spoken, with usage soaring and devices selling faster than the store shelves can be replenished. Please … Continue reading

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Where20 Location Technology poll – Which Demo Made You Say WOW


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Friday Geo Poll – To GISP or Not!

TweetAnother ‘fun, Friday poll. No topic has stirred up more discussion and bickering in our GISuser linkedIn Group that that of CErtification of GIS professionals via the GISP certification process. So, given that just today the GISCI has issued a … Continue reading

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Are you a MAC or PC? Seems The PC users want a MAC they Simply Can’t Afford One!

TweetSome interesting poll results… NPolls made a survey among iPhone/iPod and iPad users worldwide and got to the conclusion that 84% use normally a PC computer (Only 28% have an Apple computer). But if price was not an issue 67% … Continue reading

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