Tip – Shoot Photos From Your smartphone Like a Pro

If you’ve followed me over the years then you likely know that I really luv mobile photography… yet no, I refuse to call any of my work or myself a photographer, iphoneographer, AndroidOgrapher etc… heck, we’re all photographers in my mind!

But, there’s some great way to enhance your photo taking skills and the tricks are quite simple. Check out this very cool video with some simple tricks that will WOW yourself and your fiends… happy snapping!

Thanks to Lipstiq for the tips


You Might Dump Facebook as a Social Platform When you Start Using IconoSquare with your Instagram!

Here’s an awesome tip for you Instagram fans! Are you looking for a fun and interesting way to view your Instagram activity, stats and more? Enter IconoSquare – was statigram – apparently, Instagram recently clamped down on third party apps using their API and they can no longer use the term “Gram” within their name so look for many apps to rebrand!

IconoSquare provides many useful stats revealed as an Infographic

IconoSquare provides many useful stats revealed as an Infographic

To use the app simply create an account by connecting IconoSquare with your Instagram account (ie. give them access to your username/password), then view photos from accounts that you follow, browse your own media, see popular stuff, view all the photos you “like” and more. What folks may really dig about the app are the stats, for example, you can easily see your media count, number of followers, your love rate, spread rate, lost followers and much more – quite nice!

Mapping Selfies and the “Selfiest” Cities in the World

With facebook viewed by many as the ultimate platform for narcissists coupled with Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, is it any wonder that the selfie has soared to new levels of fame?

You may have noticed recently that Time Magazine (online) has generated a little bit of buzz by jumping on the “selfie” hysteria that has carried over from the Oscars (ya thanks Ellen for inventing the selfie). In an interesting read that has very little science to support the findings, Time has generated a ranking of World cities that apparently take and share the most selfies.

Selfie – A slang term used to describe a photo that is taken of oneself for the purpose of uploading it to social networking sites  and image sharing websites, such as Facebook, Instagram or Imgur.

selfie map

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WOW Photog Technology – Panono panoramic ball camera #IcanHaz

Wow, I’ve just updated my Christmas wish list to Santa to include this amazing device – the Panono panoramic ball camera! Simply toss the ball errrr camera in the air and the device snaps images producing a high resolution panoramic scene via the 72 megapixel lens. The device is rugged and can withstand a droop or you can mount it on a pole like stand and walk around with it. You have about a month (as of Dec 8) to pre-order for about $585

Pre-order on Indiegogo: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pan…
Learn more about PANONO on the website: http://www.panono.com
Download our app and experience more panoramas!

Pinterest Adds Pin Maps

Have you checked out the Pinterest Pin Maps option yet? You may be somewhat surprised when Pinterest encourages you to search on the map. Essentially, this feature lets you create a custom board that is on a map UI. You then search in a location/city of choice and then browse topics. For example, I’m set on Victoria BC and search for “beer” and then start pinning. It’s a cool spin on Pinterest and quite a bit of fun although the usability is still a bit clunky! Check out this first board that I have which shares Pins on a map of my area.

Pinterest Map

Intergeo 2013 Amerisurv Photo Gallery

Marc Cheves from Amerisurv was on location in Essen, Germany Oct 8-10 to take in the 2013 InterGeo event. Always toting his DSLR camera around, Cheves has shared a number of images in his conference photo gallery on Flickr… enjoy!

Intergeo 2013 photos

Intergeo 2013 Flickr photo gallery (Credit: Amerisurv)

Tech Companies and Colorado Non-Profit helps Salvage Flood Damaged photos, documents and more

Here’s a clever effort by some folks and companies in the Colorado tech community to help flood victims preserve some of their precious documents and memories forever, simply by getting access to scanning and digitizing hardware and handy tools from a local company. As people begin sifting through their water-logged homes, most will inevitably come across precious memories – photos, slides, videos and other memorabilia – that have become water-logged, buried in mud or otherwise damaged in the disaster.

memory preservation coalition

Flood victims can go to any Memory Rescue Center for information, assistance and resources to rescue their photos, videos, films and other memorabilia. Memory Rescue Centers will have on-site wash-and-dry stations free for use, free take-away information on how to salvage photos and home movies, Flip-Pal mobile scanners free for use, as well as extensive services to digitize photos, slides, videos, film and other memorabilia at a discount.

More information on the effort can be found here in the official PR

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Social Tip – Add an Instagram Competition to Your Event Plans

Instagram is huge, there’s no question about that. Instagram is also very social and it’s a great way to engage your friends, customers and others. People really enjoy sharing moments they capture and Instagram also has a pretty nice user engagement level so it’s a very worthwhile use of your time. To date I haven’t seen a ton of usage by companies, however, one group in the GeoTech / CAD/surveying space is doing a nice job with it – enter the Faro 3D Documentaztion Conference Instagram competition. The event is encouraging attendees to post pictures to instagram and tag them with the #Faro3D2013 hashtag and share – given that many, if not most, Instagram users also connect their accounts to Twitter this is a great way to encourage socializing and sharing by event attendees.

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First Look, Instagram Video – Fast, Simple, Beautiful

Today, Instagram adds the ability for users to create and share a 15 second (max) length clip, even cooler, the user can create a 15 second long video clip collage (think stitch together several videos). Big deal you might think! Well, what’s cool about this is that Instagram videos provide video filters (13 of them!) that allow the users to create beautiful video clips (with Instagram stabilization)  to share. The usability is awesome, additionally, edits can be made easily and the app is fast and simple to use – sorry but Vine fails at this!

Key components of Instagram video are simplicity of use, beauty, and community – the key  here is community! Instagram will win this battle against others (like vine) because of the community and their engagement… plain and simple! See more about the new Instagram + video in this video recording from the press conference held by facebook

Some Instagram facts:

  • 16 billion photos shared
  • More than a billion likes every day (high engagement)
  • 130 million users
  • It’s about coming together and staying connected…

Recall, Instagram was born out of the idea of a location sharing app (Bourbon) that was designed to quickly, and simply share photos and videos in a beautiful way. This new functionality of video on Instagram completes the vision that was in Bourbon

Instagram with video is available today for iOS and Android! You can see my first Instagram video HERE