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Nokia Keeps Connecting With the Community with #NokiaConnectsMVC

TweetYesterday Nokia Conversations was hyping something big and new… well today Nokia announced that they had  invited Mark Guim, Jenifer Hanen, Clinton Jeff, Jason Goh and Jay Montano to visit Nokia House in Espoo. They had no idea why they … Continue reading

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Mobile Tip – Nokia Lumia 520 + AT&T pre-Paid on no contract

TweetAre you still having stress trying to figure out your monthly cell phone bill? No surprise as being under a contract can drive you crazy and then having to figure out all the charges can be a nightmare… consider a … Continue reading

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The Nokia Lumia 925 #switch Launch Video

TweetNokia launched the Nokia 925 in an official PR launch event last week (May 14, 2013) in London, sadly the invite to yours truly @gletham seems to have  gone missing ;0) but regardless, here’s a cool video from the event … Continue reading

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Nokia Takes the Gloves off in the Switch to Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone Video

TweetYou may not see a Nokia Lumia 920 in the wild on every street corner in North America these days, but you gotta give Nokia a little credit for their videos… great stuff! You don’t really get a feel for … Continue reading

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Cool Gadget Video – Nokia JBL PowerUp Wireless Charger Speaker

TweetI recently acquired a cool wireless charger / speaker from Nokia, the JBL PowerUp charging device.  This portable device is an ideal way to connect almost any audio device (smartphone, tablet, ghetto blaster or ??) either wirelessly over Bluetooth or … Continue reading

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Nokia in 2012 – Cash Strong, Sales Down, Profits Up

TweetNokia has just publicly released their full financials for 2012 via their 2012 Q4 Interim Report. The PR was lengthy and full of charts and tables, however, I did manage to skim through and picked up on a few interesting … Continue reading

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Create Your Custom Lumia 820 Case With a 3D Printer

TweetHere’s something kinda cool that you may have never thought of… how about printing up a new shell for your smartphone? Well, if you happen to have a device like the Nokia Lumia 820 which sports a removable shell (case)  … Continue reading

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Gadget Tip – Nokia Teams With Monster for Purity Pro Headset

TweetYes indeed, I’m a bit of a gadget freak… I just wish I had the budget to support me obsession! This week with CES taking place (oh yes, I do wish I could be there!!)  there’s going to be loads … Continue reading

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Nokia Q3 2012 Financials See smart device net sales off 56%

TweetIf you follow me then you know that I’ve tried quite hard over the years to remain a fan of Nokia and the terrific, high quality smartphones that they churn out – man, they sure have made it tough though!  … Continue reading

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Nokia Lumia Teaser and a Look at the Lumia 920 parts

TweetI recently received a “teaser” package from the Nokia Connects crew showing off some of the pieces of the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 device which will be coming out later this year. I was a little surprised by … Continue reading

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Nokia Hypes Maps and Google Hypes Transit Directions in Wake of iPhone 5 Release

TweetIt seems that Google and Nokia are giving Apple a run for their money today in creating hype.. indeed iPhone 5 activations and sales are dominating social media (you know, all those tweets “I just got my nice new iPhone … Continue reading

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Benchmarking mobile maps on Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple iPhone 5

TweetWith Apple dropping support for Google maps and leaving many wondering about what maps will look like on iOS 6, Nokia is wasting no time touting the merits of Nokia maps and related location technologies. To help users Nokia and … Continue reading

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