Nokia Rebrands Lumia to Microsoft Lumia

This comes via Nokia Conversations blog… When we announced that the Nokia Devices & Services business would become part of Microsoft, we also shared that Lumia, our smartphone brand, would become part of the Microsoft family. Since then, we have naturally been making the change from Nokia to Microsoft in our websites, packaging and other consumer touch points.

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HERE maps for Android (Beta)

From HERE… HERE offers fast, accurate maps that are always ready to use, with or without an internet connection. Search for places, find routes and get turn-by-turn voice guidance wherever you are. Underground, on holiday, or even in the middle of nowhere: HERE just works, always.

here maps for android


  • Offline navigation: Interactive maps and turn-by-turn voice guidance are still available even without an internet connection.
  • Maps to download and to use offline for nearly 100 countries.
  • Public transport maps and directions for over 800 cities in over 40 countries, also when you’re offline.
  • Live traffic info for more than 40 countries.
  • Plan your journey on, then find your way there using your mobile.
  • Personalise your map by creating Collections of your favourite places.
  • Share your location with family and friends in real time as you go via Glympse. It’s private, secure and safe.


50 Nokia Lumia 1020s + Microsoft Surface Generate #LivingMoments from New York

What can you accomplish with the pretty incredible camera packed inside the Nokia Lumia 1020? Check this out… Paul Trillo and his awesome team are back again! This time they are armed with 50 connected Lumia 1020’s, a Microsoft Surface tablet and a custom app to create ‘Living moments’ to stunning effect!The ‘bullet’ effect is a technical first; offering 100% mobility through the streets of New York, capturing the essence of the city and its ‘living moments’

Nokia is 3D Printing Chocolate… #NOM

Now here’s something clever and yummy from Nokia… this Spring Nokia took to cool 3D printing technology to print up some tasty chocolate treats. Very cool indeed… I can just imaging them also printing up a chocolate Lumia smartphone or even better, imagine printing a 3D chocolate map… how cool would that be?

Introducing Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 with Cortana

Microsoft today has unveiled details of Windows POhone 8.1 OS as well as their new “digital Assistant” – enter Cortana – honestly, I have to say that I’m really not hot on the name and I’m even less excited about actually saying the name Cortana! Regardless, Microsoft has rolled out their latest effort to hype the Lumia lineup of devices with hopes that some of these slick smartphons may even start showing up in the hands of consumers…  see more on the WP blog

Personally, I think the enhanced Skype app and calling features to be the most exciting here and data (and wifi) sense (think data warning and wifi data management) is a nice touch also!


Nokia at #MWC14 – Summary of Mobile World Congress 2014

So, what went down in Barcelona at MWC this year? Here’s a recap from Nokia that highlights what the company was up to at this year’s Mobile luv-fest in Spain! If the Nokia X didn’t get your attention or turn your head then apparently you really didn’t miss much!

Nokia #PassItOn – A unique experiment beyond social photography

In 30 cities around the world Nokia Lumia 1020s are being passed from hand to hand. Selected people like you are capturing their story of their city and sharing it with a global audience.

From Nokia…

We don’t know who will end up with one, but we’re definitely going to see some interesting stuff. Some of it might just be yours.



Via Nokia world – Instagram will be coming {finally} to Windows Phone

Yes indeed, Nokia smartphones, which have long been touted as having perhaps THE best cameras in any mobile device, will finally be getting Instagram {insert loud applause here…} The Nokia blogosphere is going wild (well, not really) and this is some of the hottest news to come out of Nokia World event this week which takes place in Abu Dhabi – geesh, business must be pretty good for Nokia!  From the event…
DreamWorks Animation, Flipboard, Electronic Arts, Vine and WhatsApp are among leading developers who have built new applications for the latest larger screen Lumia devices and intuitive Asha phones, including Nokia’s first tablet, which were also launched at Nokia World (details of the new devices is HERE).
More Nokia World News at-a-glance:

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Nokia’s first-ever Windows tablet – the Lumia 2520 runs on Windows RT 8.1

Nokia’s first Windows tablet, the Lumia 2520, is designed to work anywhere, with a vivid 10.1-inch HD display that is designed to provide the best outdoor and indoor readability of any tablet. Building on Nokia’s rich mobility heritage, the Lumia 2520 combines both 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity, a 6.7MP camera, and for the first time ever on a tablet, ZEISS optics, letting people take beautiful pictures – even in low light.

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Steve Balmer’s Rationale and Plans for the Nokia Devices & Services acquisition

In case you haven’t seen details of it yet or heard about it, here’s Steve Balmer’s plans for how the Nokia acquisition will be integrated into Microsoft. For the most part, Nokia teams and leaders will remain in their role and integrated into new positions within Microsoft, albeit reporting under Microsoft execs, for example, Jo Harlow of Nokia will continue to run the smart devices team. This from Balmer… While details aren’t final, here is what we know, and how we’re generally approaching integration:

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