Just in Time for ESRIUC, 2015 GaslampMap.com Updated

Yes indeed, just in the nick of time, our friends Martha and Jim have shared details of the latest update to the wonderful and useful GaslampMap.com. Use this handy resource while in San Diego attending ESRIUC, Comic Con, or ??? and have access any time any place to all the latest and greatest restaurants, bars, and night spots in the famous Gaslamp District.

San Diego Gaslamp map

San Diego Gaslamp map

San Diego Gaslamp restaurant and bar map [Read more…]

Dangerous by Design 2014 spotlights pedestrian safety with Fatalities Map

From Smart Growth America… In 2012, pedestrians accounted for nearly 15 percent of all traffic deaths, up 6 percent from 2011 and representing a five-year high. More than half of all pedestrian fatalities occur on arterials, and over 60 percent of these tragedies occur on roads with speed limits of 40 mph or higher. These roads were not planned or designed for more than speeding traffic – Dangerous by Design 2014 spotlights the issue of pedestrian safety and the factors that make walking dangerous—and identifies the tools and practices available to put an end to the decades-long neglect of pedestrian safety.

Dangerous by Design 2014 spotlights pedestrian safety with Fatalities Map

In addition to a fatalities map, the group has also made available National spotlights and detailed State and regional Data – the full PDF report is also available

Search the Dangerous by Design fatalities map, 2014


Announcing Weekly US Census Data Visualizations

I’m a HUGE fan of data visualizations and I’m always glad to see when awesome companies are working hard to create beautiful, meaningful data visualisations to generate a buzz or tell a story – case in point, just check out what Jon and the gang at IDV have been doing in order to show off the skills and technology that the IDV team have (check out their latest map showing commuting patterns of people in Seattle – it’s amazing! It actually blows my mind that the traditional GIS industry is full of data hounds, developers, hackers, cartographers, and others, most of them having advanced map mapping skills, cartographic expertise, and awesome software at their disposal yet relatively few companies make any effort to create and share amazing data visualizations.

Another feel good story hit my email box today as I heard from International Mapping Associates (see @TaitMaps and @Intl_Mapping) as they described the official roll-out of a project they’ve been working on for the US Census Bureau – The Weekly Data Visualization Series.  Each week, visitors are greeted with an impressive, new data visualization created by mashing up some of the data held by the Census Bureau… this is great stuff! See more details in this announcement or jump directly to http://www.census.gov/dataviz

Source: census.gov via Glenn on Pinterest

Mapping Wal-Mart and sam’s Club Growth Over Time

An interesting data visualization got my attention recently and I noticed it also got some nice traction on twitter via mentions and re-tweets… enter the Wal-Mart data visualization and growth video. This map shows the viral-like spread of Wal-Mart store locations over time, starting in the early 1960’s in Kansas and up to [almost] present day.

I did uncover some interesting tidbits on the history of this project, starting with an excellent blog post that provided a video describing the efforts to build the map using Freebase and authoring the animation using Modest Maps – See more about the map in this article and you can also download the raw wal-mart location data HERE

Direct link to GZ file here


GISuser (http://s.tt/1xYdp)

A Resource Devoted to PDF Maps for iOS

Learn all about PDF Maps, search and download map, become a PDF Maps vendor – Another fabulous resource for GeoGeeks and GeoTechs is something new from our friends at Avenza Systems. The crew has rolled out a new resource on the web at http://www.pdf-maps.com devoted to Avenza PDF Maps. The site informs you all about PDF Maps for iPhone and iPad, offers a vast library of maps, and describes in detail how you can become an official PDF Maps vendor (think $$$) and sell your own maps in the PDF Maps store – think iTunes for maps!

Check it out at http://www.pdf-maps.com/

Free Topo Map Gift Wrap from the USGS

A fun, green solution from the USGS lets you wrap up your holiday goodies in a map! To promote the reuse of the colorful but space-consuming outdated topographic maps, the USGS-CGS maps office is giving them away for use as gift wrap. With their shades of green for forests, cities etched in red, and blue waterways, many of the maps are arrayed in holiday colors, and their large size, 24″ by 30″ offers a generous wrap for most holiday packages. The free maps will be available for pickup in person only, in limited quantities, through December 24th. Holiday shoppers can pick up free gift wrap now from the U.S. Geological Survey and California Geological Survey’s Maps and Publications Sales Office at our new location on the Menlo Park campus.

Monetize Your Awesome Maps in the PDF Maps Store

You may have noticed the news today from Avenza touting the number of developers (100+) now using their online Map Store – think iTunes shop for Maps. this is an awesome  revenue generating activity that anyone who creates awesome maps should consider using. It can easily complement your business as a fantastic way to share your map and you can also monetize your maps by selling them in the store… everything is setup and configured for you, you simply use your own cartographic brilliance, GIS skills etc… create some great maps, and distribute them via the Map Store.

Some details – PDF Maps is available now on the iTunes App Store free of charge for personal use. For more information about the app, visit the Avenza website at www.avenza.com/pdf-maps. Pricing of each map is set by the publisher and free maps can be downloaded at no cost through the PDF Maps in-app map store.

See more details in this PR announcement – FYI, The PDF Maps app recently won the International Map Trade Association best mapping product in the world for 2011.