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Lizardtech Announces Express Server 9 with ExpressZip and 10 Cool things

TweetThis week, Seattle-based Lizardtech, the experts in image compression, have rolled out Express Server 9. After 10 years in development, Express Server at R9 boasts a painless, automated upgrade process for users [think upgrade in minutes while retaining all of … Continue reading

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Data Tip – NOAA Digital Coast Data Access Viewer adds LiDAR

TweetHere’s details of a pretty sweet data access tool from the NOAA Coastal Service Center- the Data Access Viewer. In a recent update from NOAA we learn that Many new LiDAR data sets recently have been added to the resource. … Continue reading

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3D models from laser scans with Autodesk ReCap

TweetAn interesting application from Autodesk – ReCap (thanks to Gene Roe of for turning me on to this one).  Autodesk ReCap now enables any designer, architect or engineer to add, modify, validate and document their design process in context … Continue reading

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Safe Software Offers LiDAR Data Webinar

TweetDale Lutz and his team of data gurus at Safe Software are offering a webinar entitled, “Gain Total Control of Your LiDAR and Point Cloud Data.”  The event takes place on Thursday February 28 at 8AM PST which means it … Continue reading

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LiDAR as Art Competition – Round 2 from Geodigital

TweetHere’s round 2 of this very cool, popular competition that looks at LiDAR as an art form… GeoDigital International is pleased to announce the ILMF 2013 “LiDAR as ART” Contest. To enter, submit your outstanding example(s) of an airborne LiDAR … Continue reading

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Webinar – Introduction to LIDAR Production in TerraScan/TerraModeler

TweetA webinar of interest this week from GeoCue presents an Introduction to LIDAR Production in TerraScan/TerraModeler – standard software tools for LIDAR data production in the MicroStation CAD environment. Designed for viewing, classifying, editing, feature extraction and surface modeling from … Continue reading

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Discovering the Link Between the Mayans and Georgia with LiDAR

TweetAn interesting video from the History Channel that explores the link between the Mayan ruins and the State of Georgia. The team uses LiDAR to discover if in fact there are ancient artifacts buried in the Sate of Georgia.

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OpenTopography – open and free access to high-res topographic data

TweetSome interesting “super computing” news as The National Science Foundation (NSF) has renewed funding for OpenTopography, an Internet-based project that provides open and free access to high-resolution topographic data collected by technologies such as LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging). OpenTopography was … Continue reading

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Video – Overwatch and LiDAR Analyst 5.1 at GeoInt 2012

TweetI recently had the pleasure of a  meetup with Matt Morris, Product development director, Overwatch Systems, LTD. at geoInt 2012 in Orlando, FL.  Matt discusses LiDAR Analyst 5.1 for high end visualization of LiDAR data in a 3D environment. Recall, LIDAR … Continue reading

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3D Mobile Scanning to model Space Shuttle Endeavor Move to LA

TweetLiDAR and laser scanning data is useful for many visualization projects, for example, pipeline corridor mapping, utility planning, and many other applications like perhaps modeling the route for moving the Space Shuttle Endeavor to its permanent home in a museum … Continue reading

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Event – Preparing LiDAR for Use in ArcGIS 10.1 with the Data Interoperability Extension

TweetYou may have missed the Aug 21 webinar from Safe Software (See the recording here) about the company’s Data Interoperability Extension for Esri, however, if LiDAR is your thing take note that another webinar on Thursday will tackle the useful … Continue reading

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Video – Aerial LiDAR fly over along coastal Texas

TweetWhat can you accomplish with LiDAR? Well, here’s a cool video from the University of Texas showing off some great imagery from a LiDAR point cloud used for a coastal fly-over… pretty impressive. Want more info on LiDAR? See also … Continue reading

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