LizardTech White Paper Reveals 12 Hidden Gems

Here’s a handy resource particularly if you frequently wrangle with data in numerous formats, projections etc… the publication from LizardTech will enlighten you on a number of ways that GeoExpress Software, LizardTech’s flagship software, can make your job easier!

LizardTech White Paper

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Video – How Does LiDAR Remote Sensing Work?

Ever wondered to yourself, how does LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) work?? Here’s a simple video that may help should some light on the topic for you.  About the video… This NEON Science video overviews what lidar or light detection and ranging is, how it works and what types of information it can provide. The video was produced by the National Ecological Observatory Network – a non profit project devoted to open science and open data.


Live @ AU IMAGINiT – LIDAR Magazine Interview

A video interview of interest from our partner site LiDAR Magazine – Live @ Autodesk University 2015: Interview with Matt Mason, Director of Software Development, IMAGINiT Technologies. Topics include:How does the release of IMAGINiT 2016.1 Scan to BIM help architects and designers model reality capture?

  • How does the release of IMAGINiT 2016.1 Scan to BIM help architects and designers model reality capture?
  • How does SCAN to BIM add value to 3D laser scanning?
  • What trends do you see in reality capture and how will this effect IMAGINiT’s software development?

Going Inside the Vehicle with HERE Maps

Like many of the readers here, I’m into maps, mapping technology and anything location-aware it seems. A recent visit to the California HQ of HERE (think Nokia maps) provided me with a glimpse inside the company and an up close look at the technology they use to create and deliver such an awesome in-vehicle mapping experience.

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Video – What is LiDAR?

LiDAR can be considered an acronym for Light Detection and Ranging. It is a remote sensing technology that’s used to measure distances, and it doesn’t act on its own. It actually — LIDAR typically includes three independently operating technologies. In this video Dewberry Director of Remote Sensing Amar Nayegandhi explains the science and technology behind Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) services.

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Results of Raster and LiDAR Data Challenges Discussed

Recall, LizardTech has recently conducted extensive research on the challenges that are faced by users of raster and LiDAR data. After conducting research and surveys, the company has published a detailed white paper and made it available to the community. Additionally, LizardTech has also started a series of articles touching on the topic – these articles will be rolled out over the coming weeks on their official blog.

LizardTech Publishes Industry Survey Results on Raster Imagery and LiDAR Data Challenges Continue reading “Results of Raster and LiDAR Data Challenges Discussed”