Wifarer Mobile Indoor Positioning on Android Guides Me Through the @RoyalBCmuseum

Yesterday afternoon I took a trip to the BC Museum… not purely for fun (Ok, seeing the dinosaur exhibit was a blast! ) but I also went to test out some killer indoor positioning technology. Indoor positioning is a real challenge (Google, Apple, Nokia and others still haven’t figured it out) but a company in little old Victoria BC, Canada has figured it out and they have a killer solution available to Android users (sorry, Apple won’t let them or other developers do this as they likely have their own plans… good luck coming up with something better than this Apple! So, check out my summary of the experience along with a hands on demo video of the app that I shot on site (sorry about the quality of the video… shooting the phone in the dark is challenging!)

Simply instal and run the Wifarer app on your Android mobile
The app will detect venues nearby

See my full review, video demo and images from my trip to the museum HERE

Waze Crowd Sourced Traffic to feed ABC San fran Affiliate With Real Time reports

Ever wondered about how crowd-sourced services like Waze and others can monetize their offerings? Here’s some very cool information from Waze (think free, mobile, community sourced traffic data) on a new relationship with ABC 7 news in San Fran as the service will be providing the network affiliate with real-time traffic reports for use in their on air broadcasts. Looks like Waze may now be competing head to head with the likes of INRIX and others!  Sourced from the waze Blog

See more about Waze:

A Few Favorite Mobile, Social Location Articles from 2011

Over the past year we’ve authored and published more than 100 feature articles on Social location, mobile app development, and location services. the following are some of my favorites that I’d like to share with you.  Most of our articles only hang out on the front page for several days and then slowly start working back into the archives. These resources should provide to be useful and of interest to anyone into mobile app development and interested in mobile social location.

The year started out with a detailed look at the State of Foursquare, then we covered off such topics as the Google Transit API, hackathons, open data sources and resources, geotagging digital media and much more…

See Some Favorite Mobile, Social Location Articles from 2011

A natural fit as Hootsuite Nabs Vancouver startup, Geotoko

This one seems to be a natural fit as popular social networking platform, Hootsuite has acquired another Vancouver-based startup, Geotoko. Geotoko technology reports on geo-based social media interactions like key influencers, customer sentiment, and demographic patterns to help businesses draw conclusions about audience behavior, as well as help brands reward customers for checking-in via Foursquare and Facebook Places. You may recall that Geotoko got a huge push last year via the popular techchrunch disrupt event.

With the new tools, businesses can gather competitive intelligence to see how their reviews and traffic compare trends across locations. Have a look at the new HootSuite video (featuring The Radii) demonstrating Geotoko’s functionality.

See more details on the Hootsuite blog

TREASURE SQUARE Extends Foursquare to a Global Adventure Game

TREASURE SQUARE is an interesting new mobile game for iPhone built on the Foursquare API that extends the simple checkin to a fun, adventure game experience. Using the app, the user connects via their foursquare user login and then begins to play, with the foursquare checkin venues (like an airport or a train station, cafe, etc…)  becoming the setting for an action or adventure game experience.

From the developers… Beneath the spots lie hidden virtual dungeons, and when you pass over them, various events unfold as you seek treasures and proceed deeper within the dungeons. What was once just simple movement, to and from your company or school, this game gives it the excitement of new discoveries. The app also connects to the user’s Twitter and/or facebook for further game sharing. See more details HERE


LocalSocial Proximity Platform for LBS App Development

Here’s details of what’s known as a Proximity Platform from Rococo Software (Ireland) . The dev team tells us about it… Developers can use LocalSocial to build proximity-enabled applications that can react when near to a person, device or business of interest… whether you’re using NFC, WiFi or Bluetooth, it should be simple for the developer to use proximity in their applications. A quick background on highlights on  LocalSocial:

– Developers can register, get the LocalSocial libraries, track analytics, use Tags,  social integration, and more
– Libraries are available for J2ME and Android – more to follow
– Support for WiFi and Bluetooth, NFC to follow
– Analytics provide views on scans, devices, location and more
– Tag API provides a flexible “overlay” for developers to associate any information they want with the devices “seen” by their apps
– Two small showcase apps in the Android market (Tagster and Dowser) – feel free to download and try out
– We also have built two other showcase apps *not* on the market yet – for loyalty/ local deals for businesses / customers
– These apps are called NearBuyers (there’s a store one, and a customer one) – you can download from the showcase area on the site
– The NearBuyers apps are intended to be white labelled, and act as a good starting point for discussion with retail / digital agencies / proximity marketers
– End users and Developers can find out about LocalSocial at : www.mylocalsocial.com

TomTom Mission To Reduce Traffic Congestion – Traffic Manifesto

Here’s a nice look at how TomTom is using the user’s data to share traffic data and help the network of drivers.  TomTom’s research indicates that it only takes 10% of drivers with TomTom’s HD Traffic service to create a real-time “collective effect,” making roads flow more efficiently and reducing journey times for all.  The Manifesto has been unveiled in the U.S. market following the recent introduction of TomTom’s HD Traffic service to the U.S. in April on the new TomTom GO 2535 M LIVE and its availability on TomTom.com. See more details in this announcement

The four commitments outlined in the Manifesto are:

1. TomTom will encourage and inspire people to play a role in reducing traffic congestion.

2. TomTom will increase the availability of TomTom HD Traffic.

3. TomTom will lead the continuous improvement of traffic and route guidance technology.

4. TomTom will bring together key traffic stakeholders to share ideas and drive actions forward.

Manage Your Location Based Deals with @GeoToko #LBS

With Geo Location being hot and mobile advertising and couponing being MASSIVE, there’s a huge demand from companies for tools that provide them with the ability to manage and monitor their social location campaigns and marketing efforts… enter GeoToko. The service puts companies in charge of their social marketing and equips them with some handy tools like:

  • a campaign wizard to create engaging location-based promotions for Foursquare, Facebook Places & Gowalla
  • Get access to powerful real-time location analytics
  • Easily upload and manage thousands of locations and automatically match your locations to venues on Foursquare & Facebook Places.

This fab service comes from Vancouver, Canada-based GeoToko http://geotoko.com/

Good News, @RunKeeper Pro is Remaining Free

Awesome news about an awesome app… RunKeeper (I use it to keep track of my runs using my iPhone 3GS) will remain free to download the Pro version for an unspecified time. According to the team’s blog, the overwhelming response from the user community has encouraged them to extend the free download period a little longer.  This from the RunKeeper blog...

Based on what we have learned in the last month, and based on our long-term goal of building the biggest most engaged community of users that we can (who get the best fitness results in the process), it became clear what we needed to do. We are pleased to announce that, as of today, RunKeeper Pro will continue to be a FREE download!

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