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8 Cool things About iOS 8

TweetSo, the day has come and gone and Apple has unveiled iOS 8, the biggest release since the launch of the App Store, giving users incredible new features and developers the tools to create amazing new apps. So what’s the … Continue reading

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What’s The Best Smartphone For Enterprise Solutions?

TweetIn 2006, Blackberry devices dominated the global enterprise and business community. From small to medium enterprises, including the Fortune 500 global companies, Blackberry handsets were the top choice for office/field productivity with 10 millions users in 2007, due to its … Continue reading

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OS Ride iOS app maps the first three stages of the Tour de France

TweetSeems the UK Ordnance Survey is in the mobile app making business as the UK data provider for teh Government has released OS Ride, a mobile app for iOS featuring routes for the Tour de France. OS Ride features detailed … Continue reading

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New standalone iPhone app for facebook – Paper

Tweet You may notice faccbook getting loads of attention on the wires this morning… that’s due to a new app called Paper – This morning, Facebook is announcing a new standalone iPhone app called Paper. Contrary to earlier rumors, it’s much … Continue reading

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The “Secret” Location-Tracking Map Discovered Inside iOS 7 Again!

TweetSomething pretty interesting, and perhaps a little creepy from FastCompany as they disclose how to discover the “secret” location tracking that your iOS 7 device is doing for you. Nothing totally new here as the tracking data “issue” had already … Continue reading

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Fulcrum Adds More New Features and Functionality

TweetThe crew at Spatial Networks has continued to work on the Fulcrum mobile app (Think mobile data collection), most recently releasing version 2.0 for iPad and iPhone (See more here) . Recently, the team described some of the very cool … Continue reading

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New iPhone 5 Side-by-Side and Which iPhone to Buy, the 5S or 5C? Here’s some tips

TweetSo, the new iPhone 5 will be available to consumers very soon, as will iOS 7. So, which iPhone… the 5S (sexy) or 5C (cheap)? The iPhone 5C and 5S devices will be available very soon so you may be … Continue reading

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The iPhone Infographic Shows How Much of Apple iPhone is US-manufactured

TweetAn interesting visualization takes a close look at the iPhone, where it’s made and more.  Just some of the facts you will discover: Did you know that it only takes 15 days to hire 8, 700 engineers in China to … Continue reading

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Hot Mobile Apps to Maximize Fun this Summer with Your Smartphone and iPad

TweetSummer is a great time to load up on those handy mobile travel apps. Just in time for Memorial Day and the unofficial kick-off of summer, Sprint has shared a few tips for road warriors. Taking a road trip this … Continue reading

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Getting Started With iOS 6 LBS / Mapping Apps – 10 Useful Docs

TweetAre you Creating Location Aware Apps and Mapping Apps for Apple iOS 6 and the iPhone 5? Here’s 10 Must have documents for developers looking to migrate to iOS 6 or those looking to get started creating location-aware apps and … Continue reading

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670 million smartphones ship in 2012, 67 million Samsungs in Q4 Alone!

TweetSome interesting stats coming our of Juniper Research this week from the mobile industry. According to the latest figures more than 670 million smartphones shipped Globally in 2012 and in Q4 of the 200 million devices that sold, over one … Continue reading

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Ordnance Survey Extends Reach to Mobile via OS MapFinder for iOS

TweetAnother cool mobile app launch, this time from the British national mapping agency, the Ordnance Survey. The org has just rolled out OS MapFinder the organisation’s first official mobile app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This from the OS… MapFinder, … Continue reading

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