8 Cool things About iOS 8

So, the day has come and gone and Apple has unveiled iOS 8, the biggest release since the launch of the App Store, giving users incredible new features and developers the tools to create amazing new apps. So what’s the big deal? Well, there’s a ton to discuss about this release, however, to kick things off, here’s just 8 of the coolest things that you can expect from iOS8:

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Fulcrum Adds More New Features and Functionality

The crew at Spatial Networks has continued to work on the Fulcrum mobile app (Think mobile data collection), most recently releasing version 2.0 for iPad and iPhone (See more here) . Recently, the team described some of the very cool functionality that users can leverage by spatial filtering and searching data with Fulcrum’s web dashboard (where administrators or managers can login, create or edit their apps for deployment).

This from the team… In addition to the current data management dashboard features, allowing you to browse your data on a map, table, or split/combined view, we just added a few other big improvements to make data review, QA, and field service management tools even more powerful.

Search, filter, and sort

 Continue reading more about Fulcrum’s web dashboard HERE

You can keep tabs on Fulcrum via Twitter @FulcrumApp

Fulcrum 2.0 Updated for iOS – Now available for iPhone and iPad

An update of interest for you iOS fans in need of a reliable data collection solution – enter Fulcrum 2.0. According to the development team, 2.0 is now even faster at data collection and more powerful. The app has been rebuilt from the ground up with tons of features and improvements all around, as well as a whole new refreshed look and feel. There’s loads of new functionality to boast in this release including:

  • additional layers to give you access to high-resolution imagery data while in the field
  • Support for overlay layers
  • fullscreen editing on iPad
  • better photo settings and management
  • data search improvements

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A Look at the new iOS 7 and some tips on the new features

Have you run the latest OS update on your iOS device(s) yet? IF not you should keep in mind that iOS 7 is now waiting for you. If you’ve been wondering what to expect you might find this piece on MacWorld of interest along with the video they provided below – enjoy iOS 7. So far I’m not totally sold on the new look and feel, the color schemes, and some app issues so far have kind of ticked me off, particularly concerning apps that are no longer supported in Canada! The native apps are all redesigned with a common look and feel and if you aren’t sold on the new design the good news is that you’ll be ticked off across the entire application suite! The new calendar is nice, I like the lock screen functionality, new look notes isn’t appealing to me at all, and multitasking is nicely improved. See more about iOS7 from Apple

10 Map Services Your Business MUST Be Listed in

You have a business… perhaps a bar, a coffee shop, or maybe a consulting firm. Regardless of the business type, if you have a brick and mortar presence then you need to get your business listed in some of the popular online location-based resources and search tools, particularly so the mobile app user can locate you, and with mobile outselling PCs big time its now even more important than ever to get listed! The following are 10 places you need to be listed:


Google is crucial for your business success online and having a good business listing with Google is also crucial. Get started with Google Places for Business where you can create an account, add your business, enhance your listings with information and photos. Be sure to also get your business a Google G+ place as well! http://www.google.ca/business/placesforbusiness/ or jump directly to add your place http://www.google.com/local/add/businessCenter
Need help with Google+ – See Get into Google+

Keep reading the full piece for ideas on getting listed in facebook, Yelp, foursquare, Nokia HERE and more

Google Rolls Out New Google Maps for iPad / iPhone

On the heels of a recent update for Android (yep, Android users always get the first update to Google maps) an update for iPhon and iPad is now available. The update boasts an enhanced UI and a dedicated new iPad experience.

So, what’s New in Version 2.0?

  • Optimized iPad experience: A dedicated tablet design brings all the features of Google Maps, including Street View, to a larger screen, which makes exploring the world from the comfort of your living room engaging and fun
  • Enhanced Navigation: When you’re stuck in traffic and wondering what the holdup is, use Google Maps on your iPhone to get live incident reports on road closures, construction, accidents, and more.
  • Biking directions and navigation: For you bike enthusiasts out there, get turn-by-turn directions and voice guided navigation for more than 330,000 miles of trails, paths, and bike lanes around the world
  • Explore is a fast and easy way to visually browse and discover new places without typing a single letter. Simply tap the search box and you’ll see cards showing great local places to eat, drink, shop, play, and sleep.
  • Reviews, Zagat and Offers: There’s a new 5.0 star rating system that gives you a quick read on how your friends and others rate places like restaurants, bars, and cafes

See Google Maps blog and get the update on iTunes

Hot Mobile Apps to Maximize Fun this Summer with Your Smartphone and iPad

Summer is a great time to load up on those handy mobile travel apps. Just in time for Memorial Day and the unofficial kick-off of summer, Sprint has shared a few tips for road warriors. Taking a road trip this summer? Here are some suggestions:

  • The TripIt trip planner helps you organize, plan and store all of your travel plans in one spot. Create a master travel itinerary with hotel, dining and shopping destinations, and access your itinerary planner on your mobile device – even share your updates on the road with friends.
  • Hotels.com app lets you browse more than 157,000 hotels in more than 60 countries, store favorites, track rewards and make reservations directly from the app. Whether traveling last minute or planning a family getaway, you can read reviews and get the best deal for your location.

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Skobbler ForeverMap 2 + Mapdust OpenStreetMap Bug Reporting

I recently downloaded skobbler Forever Map (2) and have to admit that it is pretty darned sweet! Just grabbed the latest release on iPad and have been banging around a little with the functionality. There’s a nice UI, navigation is sweet, and then there’s the offline maps – wicked handy! A nice surprise was stumbling onto Mapdust Skobbler’s OSM map update/bug reporting service.

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Getting Started With iOS 6 LBS / Mapping Apps – 10 Useful Docs

Are you Creating Location Aware Apps and Mapping Apps for Apple iOS 6 and the iPhone 5? Here’s 10 Must have documents for developers looking to migrate to iOS 6 or those looking to get started creating location-aware apps and services for the iPhone 5 or iPad. The Apple Dev Center is a great starting point and there’s a wealth of material there. Of particular use to developers and those wishing to get started with iOS 6 are the following 10 documents and developer resources:

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