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Infographic – INRIX Reveals The Hidden Cost of Gridlock on Our Roads

TweetWith drivers in our world’s worst traffic cities wasting more than 60 hours in traffic last year, the frustrating impact of traffic congestion on our time has been known for some time The Hidden Cost of Gridlock on Our Roads

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Location Sharing Research – Top five relationships conducive to location sharing

TweetSome recent findings on location sharing… The Alohar Mobile Survey Finds 71% of Smartphone Users are Open to Location Sharing Apps; Adoption Driven by Relationship Milestones, Safety and Convenience – amazingly, 71% of smartphone users expressed their openness to mobile … Continue reading

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Infographic – Map of What Each state Googles More than Any Other

TweetI just love big data analytics… case in point, Estately recently ran a bunch of Google search queries through Google analytics in order to come up with an interesting map that reveals just which search trends are hot for each … Continue reading

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Infographic – Mobile Technology Is Changing The Way We Live

Tweet The usage of smartphones has risen dramatically over the past few years. Google has stated that online searches through smartphones will overtake desktop computer searches by the end of this year. Mobile access to the internet is becoming more … Continue reading

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You Might Dump Facebook as a Social Platform When you Start Using IconoSquare with your Instagram!

TweetHere’s an awesome tip for you Instagram fans! Are you looking for a fun and interesting way to view your Instagram activity, stats and more? Enter IconoSquare – was statigram – apparently, Instagram recently clamped down on third party apps … Continue reading

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Infographic – Men and Women use their mobiles and social media differently

TweetNo huge surprise here I guess as research has shown that men and women differ in their use of mobile social media. For example, 38% of women play games on their smartphones and they outnumber men by 10%, 13% of men … Continue reading

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Story Map Reveals Canada’s Top 10 BIG Infrastructure Projects

TweetWe’ve all become fans of story maps – these often awesome, interactive, webmap driven infographics inform, educate and entertain us on a variety of topics. Once new story map to hit the web reveals 100 of the biggest infrastructure projects … Continue reading

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Fun Infographic – Wordle of 100 Twitter Geo Influencers

TweetA recent blog post from OpenGeo shared a cool list of 100 Geotechnology innovators and influencers on Twitter and it generated a bit of discussion in the community. If anything, the list is quite handy for finding some great people … Continue reading

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First Look, Instagram Video – Fast, Simple, Beautiful

TweetToday, Instagram adds the ability for users to create and share a 15 second (max) length clip, even cooler, the user can create a 15 second long video clip collage (think stitch together several videos). Big deal you might think! … Continue reading

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The smartphone, past, present and future Visualized

TweetIt’s always enjoyable viewing the history of cool technology, in particular via some awesome graphics and infographics. Here’s a nice visualization (with some glaring omissions though!)  that reveals the history of the smartphone, from the creation of AT&T wireless, the … Continue reading

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Like Photos? Like Instagram? Here’s 10 Awesome Instagram Add-Ons

TweetIf you have a smartphone then there’s no doubt that you love sharing photos. And if you dig sharing photos then I suspect that you really like Instagram! Instagram is cool but you can make it much better by using … Continue reading

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USGS Infographic – The water cycle for kids

TweetHow about another cool infographic for the collection? This one is loads of fun and may be a nice little addition for you to have printed out, laminated, and slapped up on the wall in the kids room… or maybe … Continue reading

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