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Antares Rocket Explodes on Lift Off – suffers a catastrophic anomaly!

TweetA tragic and sudden end to the Antares Rocket for NASA today as the launch went sideways, so to speak, and the rocket exploded shortly after launch. This from the CBC…  The 14-storey rocket, built and launched by Orbital Sciences … Continue reading

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Drone Mapping and Selecting Your First UAS … err … UAV… err… drone… err

TweetAh yes, to drone or not to drone… Selecting one’s first drone errr UAV errr UAS can be a little daunting. Do you purchase from a local dealer who can guide and advise you and also hook you up with … Continue reading

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DigitalGlobe’s 6th Satellite, WorldView 3, Takes Flight

TweetIndeed a happy day in Longmont, Colorado today as Earth Imaging giant, DigitalGlobe, put their sixth satellite successfully into orbit today as WorldView 3 took flight from the Vandenberg Air Force Base launch site – congrats! See more at … Continue reading

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Tasking your own satellite for data collection… there’s an app for that!

TweetYes indeed, recently, at the ESRIUC, Esri business partner, Airbus Defense and Space showed off their newly launched service that enables ArcGIS users to easily task a satellite (Pleiades and SPOT) for data collection over any area of interest. the … Continue reading

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National Map’s Historical Topographic Map Collection – 178,000 historical topographic maps of the US

TweetHere’s a fabulous digital archive with tens of thousands of maps for your viewing and printing pleasure! Available in time for the Fourth of July and able to be accessed on all digital devices, the USGS Historical Topographic Map Explorer brings to … Continue reading

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Webinar Tip – Take Your Data to New Visualization Levels

TweetHere’s details of a webinar of interest from Golden Software taking place this week at 2 times… Create stunning, multidimensional images by combining the functionality of Golden Software’s powerful visualization programs. Details – The Voxler Compatibility Webinar will demonstrate the … Continue reading

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CrowdSourcing Imagery to Help Find Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

TweetA couple of efforts have been announced to help scour the vast collection of recently collected imagery for any sign of Flight 370 that may have been recorded by a data collection sensor. DigitalGlobe has a service known as Tomnod … Continue reading

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Lizardtech Announces Express Server 9 with ExpressZip and 10 Cool things

TweetThis week, Seattle-based Lizardtech, the experts in image compression, have rolled out Express Server 9. After 10 years in development, Express Server at R9 boasts a painless, automated upgrade process for users [think upgrade in minutes while retaining all of … Continue reading

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Visit Curtin University Australia via virtual 3D model

TweetAn impressive virtual 3D model flies you around the Curtin University campus (Australia) created with aero3Dpr. About the project…  Based on advanced aerial photogrammetry techniques, aero3Dpro is a 3D modeling service from Australian mapping and survey company AEROmetrex.  The unprecedented … Continue reading

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Sanborn Map Company Purchases Visual Intelligence iOne n-Oblique Sensor System Solution

TweetHouston-based Visual Intelligenc eannounced today that Sanborn Map Company’s extensive evaluation of Visual Intelligence’s iOne n-Oblique Sensor System Solution for oblique and 3D imaging has resulted in a purchase. Sanborn is the first customer to deploy this new and innovative … Continue reading

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DigitalGlobe First Look Webinar – Essential Imagery for First Responders

TweetOver the past week while the massive flood was occurring in Colorado you may have heard DigitalGlobe touting a service called FirstLook – given that the floods were basically taking place right in the backyard of DigitalGlobe HQ I have … Continue reading

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Spectral Transformer tool sets for Landsat-8 imagery from Geosage

TweetLandsat-8 captures more than 400 scenes per day, and as of early June 2013 more than 20,000 scenes are already available. New from Geosage, free tools for working with Landsat 8 imagery. GeoSage has released Spectral Transformer tool sets for … Continue reading

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