Esri Shares Tropical Storm Erika Interactive Map

Here we are again with hurricane season upon us and just in time to monitor the extreme weather, Esri has shared a story map to help monitor  Tropical Storm Erika. This interactive map features live data from NOAA showing Erika’s projected path, as well as storm watches, warnings, and storm surge information. You can also explore geotagged social media from Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube related to the storm.

Stay safe this season to all of our friends who live and work in hurricane prone parts of the country!

Tracking Hurricanes and Historical Hurricane Data

Hurricane season is well under way as the traditional North Atlantic hurricane season began on June 1. As soon as the weather alerts start coming in about tropical storms its natural that interest in previous tropical storms will heighten and for good reason. Many of us flock to the site to check out historical paths of storms and hurricanes to see if they match up with current activity. This can be accomplished by using one of my favorite resources from NOAA, the Historical Hurricanes Tracks web.

Historical Hurricane Tracks

Historical Hurricane Tracks (Source)

Using the site you can easily search by geographic location to view all the past storms conveniently color coded by strength.  Note, you can also easily save and share storm paths of interest, for example, this link which takes you to the path of Andrew in 1992 – handy!

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#Haiyan Typhoon Damage Assessment maps from the Philippines via e-GEOS

Some of the first damage assessment maps from the Philippines have been released. According to e-GEOS, The Emergency Crisis Room was activated at 6:00 UTC on November 8, since when some 30 maps have been produced by the combined efforts of the e-GEOS Emergency Management Team, with others from GAF in Germany and ITHACA in Turin, with 25 people working day and night – e-GEOS is the Service Provider of the Emergency Management Service funded by DG Enterprise within the Copernicus Programme.

All map and vector products produced are accessible through the Copernicus Emergency Management Portal

See more details on this effort HERE in this official announcement

Hurricane Sandy Google Crisis Map Updates

The Google Hurricane Sandy Crisis Map has evolved nicely over the week with a number of additional data layers being included in the map. Some of the data layers available for users include:

  • Shelter locations
  • power outage regions/status
  • pharmacies, hotels, restaurants and gas stations that are running
  • road work / traffic advisories
  • shelters
  • FEMA disaster declared areas
  • flood waters
  • public alerts
  • evacuation routes
  • and more!

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Hurricane Sandy: The AfterMap from Esri Reveals Pre and Post Sandy NOAA Imagery

The latest Esri story map is a handy resource that reveals the latest pre and post Sandy imagery from NOAA. Using a slider action the user simply drags the red line to delineate where the pre and post imagery will be determined… amazing to see the destruction from this terrible tragedy.

The map shows NOAA imagery before and after Hurricane Sandy and lets you swipe over the map to view storm damage. You can also use the included bookmarks to explore some of the most damaged areas in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

See the resource at

Do you want to help with Sandy response? design, code, and learn at a CrisisCamp

CrisisCommons has shared details of a number of CrisisCamp events that have spawned in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Do you want to help with Sandy response? Come design, code, and learn with other people this weekend at a CrisisCamp!

Here’s how you can get involved if you are a:

Volunteer that can attend in person: If you would like to attend a CrisisCamp in person, please sign up on one of the EventBrite pages below.

Volunteer that can’t attend in person: There will most likely be many projects that you will be able to coordinate on with volunteers at the event, so if would like to participate, please sign up on Eventbrite as well so you’re in the email loop.

Project or Organization that could use some help: If you are currently involved in a the recovery process for Sandy – preferably in an official capacity, but non-official projects that are providing a needed service are great too

See more details HERE at CrisisCommons and see also the Hurricane Sandy Wiki

NY, NJ and Hurricane Sandy Stricken Areas Electric Company Outage Maps

Esri has shared a number of useful maps and data resources of interest to those needing information in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Several maps have been archived in the gallery and one particularly useful resource is a map directing users to additional maps and outage maps from electric companies in the stricken areas. See more info HERE.

Some useful maps and map resources from electric companies include:

Hurricane Sandy Map and Geospatial Data Resources

When there’s massive weather events like Hurricane Sandy there’s always a rush to access online maps and web mapping services. People need access to elevation maps, wind scenarios, tidal information and data etc… Indeed there’s many to select from, particularly at the local level. The following are just a few of the resources that you might find useful: