Drone Mapping and Selecting Your First UAS … err … UAV… err… drone… err

Ah yes, to drone or not to drone… Selecting one’s first drone errr UAV errr UAS can be a little daunting. Do you purchase from a local dealer who can guide and advise you and also hook you up with spare parts after an unexpected crash landing, or do you shop online and roll the dice? I’m scoping out a few options for a personal airborne sensor and wondering which route some of you folks are electing to go… [Read more…]

Webinar Tip – Take Your Data to New Visualization Levels

Here’s details of a webinar of interest from Golden Software taking place this week at 2 times… Create stunning, multidimensional images by combining the functionality of Golden Software’s powerful visualization programs.

golden software webinar - Voxler

Details – The Voxler Compatibility Webinar will demonstrate the benefits of uniting Voxler with Strater, Surfer, and Didger software programs. The host will utilize these programs to transform borehole data into a publication-ready model. At the conclusion of the webinar, you will have a better understanding of the tools available to enhance your data visualization methods. Please note, while this webinar highlights the use of multiple Golden Software products, all products are stand-alone and are not required to be purchased together.

  • Who should attend? Anyone needing to display geoscience data.
  • When? Tuesday, April 15th at 11am Mountain Time & Thursday, April 17th at 3pm Mountain Time

Register for the webinar(s) HERE

For more information on Golden Software, Inc. products See HERE

My Secret For Press Release Writing and Distribution Made Easy

Here’s your dilemma, the boss has asked you to create a nice PR release to share an announcement with the World. You spend hours crafting a nicely worded release, double check the spelling, the grammar, and you fact check everything – now what? Well, you need to get the news out there. If you have a website you likely have a “News” section (if not then you have a blog), otherwise you need to make one FAST! Most important though, you need to distribute your release. Here’s where I’m going to share a HUGE secret of mine with you that will hopefully make your life easier (Note, ideally this advice is meant for any consultant or small business owner not interested in creating a newswire account on one of those wire services that charge several hundred$$ per release.

PRLog - www.prlog.com
PRLog – www.prlog.com

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The HP All-In-One Workstation – Portable, Powerful, and Sweet – Oh, and Affordable!

So, it may (or may not) surprise you that for the past few weeks I’ve been the happy user of a very sweet, and big, HP Z1 all in one workstation. This is courtesy of some new friends (and old HP fiends from Fort Collins, Colorado) from HP that I made at the ESRIUC last July who so graciously connected me with a demo unit to put through the paces.

For those of you not yet familiar with the “all in one” devices from HP, simply put, the Z1 is a very handy and powerful workstation that comes conveniently bundled in a single piece of hardware.  The result is a powerful PC workstation that is fully configurable upon order and all the hardware is squeezed inside a package along with the monitor – the world’s first all in one workstation! Oh, did I mention it has a delicious 27″ screen?

HP Z1 All in One Workstation

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10 Map Services Your Business MUST Be Listed in

You have a business… perhaps a bar, a coffee shop, or maybe a consulting firm. Regardless of the business type, if you have a brick and mortar presence then you need to get your business listed in some of the popular online location-based resources and search tools, particularly so the mobile app user can locate you, and with mobile outselling PCs big time its now even more important than ever to get listed! The following are 10 places you need to be listed:


Google is crucial for your business success online and having a good business listing with Google is also crucial. Get started with Google Places for Business where you can create an account, add your business, enhance your listings with information and photos. Be sure to also get your business a Google G+ place as well! http://www.google.ca/business/placesforbusiness/ or jump directly to add your place http://www.google.com/local/add/businessCenter
Need help with Google+ – See Get into Google+

Keep reading the full piece for ideas on getting listed in facebook, Yelp, foursquare, Nokia HERE and more

Tips To Save Yourself From death by PowerPoint

Some useful tips here from Stephen Hannon as he picks on the topic of death by PowerPoint! We’ve all been there. An important customer meeting has finally been scheduled, and a presentation is needed. As usual, you feel there’s a lot of information to be communicated. The outline is rote. You have files upon files of other similar presentations. Simply pick a few charts from here, and a few more from there. Pretty soon, a deck of more than 30 slides is in place. The title chart just needs to be updated, and a bit of shuffling is required. The deck is dense with some graphics, an awful lot of words, and too-small font size. There’s not a prayer of fitting into the 60 minute slot. But, you’ve briefed the material umpteen times before, so you somehow convince yourself you can shave the metric to 45 seconds per chart, leaving plenty of time for discussion. Save, copy it to the memory stick, and off you go. It’s called “Death by PowerPoint” and we’ve all been guilty of it.


Given the choice, your audience will read and not listen

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Google Tips on Securing your WiFi Network

I bet you’ve noticed many of your neighbors have unsecured WiFI and I also guarantee to you that many of them have not altered the default settings on their routers as well! Google has a cool resource know as their Good to Know site, and they’ve also shared a fun video and blog on tips for securing your WiFi… handy stuff for work and home for many! See Securing your WiFi Network

Build your own vector based web map of rivers in the contiguous 48 states

You may have already seen this infographic making the rounds on various social media channels. The visual is a stunning look at all of the hydrographic features in America and indeed it is quite impressive. But what you may not have seen is what’s behind the scenes and how to make this webmap for yourself!  The map was produced by Nelson Minar (@nelson) and he’s documented his experience in details on his blog, furthermore, the entire project and everything you need to know to create it for yourself is on Github

About the project… “This project contains everything you need from start to finish to make a vector based web map of American rivers in the contiguous 48 states. This demonstration map is neither particularly beautiful nor complex, but it is a complete example of how to build a web map using tiled vector data into a web map. The source code is open source you are encouraged to read and tinker with. There are three parts to the project: data preparation, HTTP serving of vector tiles, and clients that render maps”

Source: popsci.com via Glenn on Pinterest