Create Beautiful, Custom Maps in Minutes with MapJam

MapJam is an interesting collaboration tool for anyone, the novice to the developer. The idea here is essentially this, MapJam is a map publishing platform that allows businesses, organizations, and people to create useful, personalized maps that are easy to share. Account creation is fast and simple (just connect via a social network) then create your own map collection to share. I created the map below in less than a minute, and sharing is a breeze! Easily add descriptions, custom elements like photos and vide, then embed or share with just a click… an idea way to share a static or interactive map via a blog, newsletter or ?? – well done!

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Location History How to tip – Mashup your Flickr Photo history in ArcGIS Online

Sharing photos via Flickr is an awesome way to archive and share photos, I’ve been using the service almost since Day 1. The now free service provides a great way to easily upload photos over mobile while it is also to have a backup of your photos hosted in the cloud. Flickr makes it a little tricky to locate your feed, however, it really is there!

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Offline Mobile Navigation with HERE Maps – Save Your Data!

A recent visit to the HERE maps HQ in Berkeley, California reminded me just how awesome this in vehicle navigation experience really is. Best of all HERE maps functions equally well completely offline… and did I mention that HERE mobile is free?


HERE maps mobile app on android, offline mode

Why Offline?

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LizardTech White Paper Reveals 12 Hidden Gems

Here’s a handy resource particularly if you frequently wrangle with data in numerous formats, projections etc… the publication from LizardTech will enlighten you on a number of ways that GeoExpress Software, LizardTech’s flagship software, can make your job easier!

LizardTech White Paper

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Video – How Does LiDAR Remote Sensing Work?

Ever wondered to yourself, how does LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) work?? Here’s a simple video that may help should some light on the topic for you.  About the video… This NEON Science video overviews what lidar or light detection and ranging is, how it works and what types of information it can provide. The video was produced by the National Ecological Observatory Network – a non profit project devoted to open science and open data.


Video – What is LiDAR?

LiDAR can be considered an acronym for Light Detection and Ranging. It is a remote sensing technology that’s used to measure distances, and it doesn’t act on its own. It actually — LIDAR typically includes three independently operating technologies. In this video Dewberry Director of Remote Sensing Amar Nayegandhi explains the science and technology behind Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) services.

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Tips to Locate and Track Your Lost or Stolen Android Smartphone

I’m a pretty heavy Android user, and I’m also a big lover of my device(s). So naturally I’m also quite proactive when it comes to keeping them secure. Here’s a tip on how you can hopefully secure your Android smartphone – remember, a disaster is pretty much inevitable!

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Data Collection 101 – Creating an Urban Art Walking Tour with FulcrumApp

It was a beautiful Sunday here in the PacNW so what better way to kill the morning than by walking around the beautiful downtown core in Victoria BC while testing out a little data collection using FulcrumApp.

YYJ urban Art

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Drone Mapping and Selecting Your First UAS … err … UAV… err… drone… err

Ah yes, to drone or not to drone… Selecting one’s first drone errr UAV errr UAS can be a little daunting. Do you purchase from a local dealer who can guide and advise you and also hook you up with spare parts after an unexpected crash landing, or do you shop online and roll the dice? I’m scoping out a few options for a personal airborne sensor and wondering which route some of you folks are electing to go… Continue reading “Drone Mapping and Selecting Your First UAS … err … UAV… err… drone… err”

Webinar Tip – Take Your Data to New Visualization Levels

Here’s details of a webinar of interest from Golden Software taking place this week at 2 times… Create stunning, multidimensional images by combining the functionality of Golden Software’s powerful visualization programs.

golden software webinar - Voxler

Details – The Voxler Compatibility Webinar will demonstrate the benefits of uniting Voxler with Strater, Surfer, and Didger software programs. The host will utilize these programs to transform borehole data into a publication-ready model. At the conclusion of the webinar, you will have a better understanding of the tools available to enhance your data visualization methods. Please note, while this webinar highlights the use of multiple Golden Software products, all products are stand-alone and are not required to be purchased together.

  • Who should attend? Anyone needing to display geoscience data.
  • When? Tuesday, April 15th at 11am Mountain Time & Thursday, April 17th at 3pm Mountain Time

Register for the webinar(s) HERE

For more information on Golden Software, Inc. products See HERE