Gadgets – Epson Runsense GPS and Heart Rate Monitor

Another nifty, GPS enabled gadget has hit the market for you runners – the Epson Runsense GPS and Heart Rate Monitors. Depending on the model, the watch can provide up to 35 measurements including elapsed time, stride length, distance, pace, laps, intervals, speed and many more. The watches are also water resistant up to 50 meters, making Runsense the perfect companion to train in any weather conditions or terrain.

The Runsense SF-810 GPS Watch with wrist-mounted heart rate

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5 Reasons to Replace Proprietary GPS Handhelds with a Modern, Mobile Solution

This guide was written to help organizations leave the past behind and join today’s mobile revolution. Here are five compelling reasons for operations managers to modernize their field data collection workflows, free their field workers from the shackles of proprietary GPS handhelds and tap into the massive benefits of modern technology.

Guide to GPS Data Collection

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10 Best GPS Navigation System Providers

Not everyone is glued to their smartphone navigation app while driving… apparently there’s still a large market for GPS navigation devices. Users praise the always on capabilities, robust maps, lack of power related issues, large bright display, and more. Each month the best GPS navigation system companies are put through a methodical evaluation process in order to determine which companies produce the best services overall.

top 10 gps

And so, the 10 top GPS navigation system providers for March 2014 are:

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Video – The Complete Guide to Geocaching Etiquette

Something fun and useful for you geocachers or those of you wanting to introduce the family to geocaching over the holidays… via From the resource… “What is Geocaching?” and seen the Beginner’s Guide to Finding a Geocache, it’s time to make the transition into pro-level geocaching. This video has tips to take your geocaching game to the next level and guidelines that every geocacher should know. See also Beginner’s Guide to Finding a Geocache:


Piksi RTK GPS Receiver Getting a Kickstart

Here’s an interesting kickstarter project that’s getting quite a kick! Enter the Piksi RTK GPS receiver, a low-cost GPS receiver boasting open source software, centimeter accuracy GPS collection, rugged design, Bluetooth and more… nice!

This interesting info comes from the developer and helps explain what sets Piksi apart from the others… It implements RTK (Real Time Kinematic) functionality, which makes it 100 times more accurate than a standard GPS receiver – about 4 centimeters of total error.

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2 Million Hidden Geocaches and counting…

How cool is it to see that the sport of Geocaching is now boasting almost 2 million hidden geocaches… wow! The crew at has a real time (almost) count tracking the number of registered geocaches and it’s rapidly approaching 2 million. Most of us Geogeeks have at least tried to geocache and uncovered one or two, and if you haven’t and in particular, if you have kids, you need to get outside and try it! There’s no doubt that the smartphone revolution and the supporting mobile apps and really given the sport a kick in the butt so get online, register at, get a hint about a cache that’s hidden nearby (I guarantee that there is one) get out there and find it – it really is a blast!  Read more about the 2 million count HERE on the official blog

Collect Professional Grade GIS Data – Juniper Aspect Webinar Recap

Want to Collect Professional Grade GIS Data without Complicated Mapping Software? Well if so, Juniper Systems answered that question recently via a live webcast. The Topic, Juniper Aspect. Ideally suited for non-GIS professionals, the intuitive user interface of Juniper Aspect is tailored to field crews and maintenance technicians enabling other professionals, and natural resource managers/analysts to quickly and easily capture and manage data in the field. Data capture is possible via the Juniper Mesa and Archer handhelds, while additional data management is then supported by Aspect in the desktop environment.

Via live webinar, Trevor Brown and Scott Hunter of Juniper Systems walked us though a live show and tell and demonstration in order to see the full capabilities of Aspect. Brown commented how the solution is ideally suitable for the non-GIS Pro and the app draws on the experience of Juniper who many know as the developer of the popular Archer and Mesa rugged devices for field data capture. Read more about Aspect and the webinar HERE

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Device Tip – Hydrus Ultra-Rugged Handheld

Here’s a quick look at the Hydrus Ultra-Rugged Handheld by Two Technologies – Designed to work long hours in the harshest environments, Hydrus is Two Technologies powerful, ultra-rugged handheld computer. With an IP68 rating and integrated imager, Hydrus offers power, proof, and productivity all in one “field application perfected” device. Users will find a camera (with flash) and inputs to support a wide variety of peripheral devices.

CBx5 Control Box Console, ruggedized, touch-screen control box

I’m definitely a gadget freak and a bit of a fan of cool, mobile technology. This bad boy, obviously geared towards a nice market (3D control, construction etc…), from Carlson Software is pretty darned sweet, and innovative! Enter the CBx5 Control Box Console, the next generation, ruggedized, touch-screen control box. It’s designed for use in heavy equipment utilized in mining, landfills, dredging, blast drilling and for other 3D machine control applications.

Some details – Provided exclusively by Carlson Machine Control, the CBx5 Control Box Console operates with a fast, industry-standard Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor and includes MS Windows 7. The CBx5 Control Box Console supports all of Carlson’s machine control application software. The system can be packaged with MineRover™, Landfill Rover™, Basic Earthmover™, and DredgeRover™ software addressing most machine types. In addition, Carlson’s application software has the largest GNSS driver library in the world offering compatibility with most GNSS receivers including receivers manufactured by Trimble, Topcon and Leica.

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