Webinar tip – How to use google maps and big data in your business

Some details on a webinar of interest via Clevertech … “We at Clevertech have implemented a number of GIS web applications based on Google Maps JavaScript API v3, and want to pass along our knowledge to YOU”. During this webinar you will learn about:

  • What type of Google Maps API applications we build
  • HTML Components
  • How AngularJS works and how to apply it to Google Maps
  • As well as much more

Google i/o 2014 – Save the Date, June 25-26 – Registration opens April 8

This from Google… We just launched the Google I/O 2014 website at http://www.google.com/io. Play with the experiment, get a preview of this year’s conference, and find out more details about registration. Registration to begin April 8 with attendees selected randomly

A month ago, we mentioned that this year’s registration process would be different. You won’t need to scramble the second registration opens, as we will not be implementing a first-come-first-served model this year. Instead, registration will remain open from April 8 – 10 and you can apply any time during this window. We’ll randomly select applicants after the window closes on April 10, and send ticket purchase confirmation emails shortly thereafter.

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Google Opens Android Wear to Developers – Video of Preview SDK

Finally some wearable tech from Google… check it out! Android Wear extends the Android platform to wearables, starting with a familiar form factor — watches. Download the developer preview at: developer.android.com/wear. And yes indeed, this technology is going to be HUGE for the Geo developer!!

See also:

Video – Google Project Tango – A smartphone that can map its surroundings in 3D

So, you may have heard about Google’s foray into the smartphone market and Project Tango. What is Tango exactly?? From Google… Our current prototype is a 5” phone containing customized hardware and software designed to track the full 3D motion of the device, while simultaneously creating a map of the environment. These sensors allow the phone to make over a quarter million 3D measurements every second, updating its position and orientation in real-time, combining that data into a single 3D model of the space around you. It runs Android and includes development APIs to provide position, orientation, and depth data to standard Android applications written in Java, C/C++, as well as the Unity Game Engine. These early prototypes, algorithms, and APIs are still in active development. So, these experimental devices are intended only for the adventurous and are not a final shipping product.

Cool Stuff! See more about Project Tango

Mapping the Flu – Google flu trends

Here’s an interesting resource, particularly this time of year as we enter the height of flu activity – Google flu trends. The resource shares flu maps and data based on aggregate Google search data (estimations are provided). The site has a simple layout with users being presented with a Global map of trends around the world. simply click on a country of interest to view more detailed data (estimates) – currently you’ll see that North America has a ranking of “High” – Western Canada and the western US currently have the highest rate of affliction.

google flu trends

google flu trends

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Correlate data and search results with Google Correlate

GeoGeeks love crunching and munching data, there’s no question about that! Well, for those of you looking for something very cool from Google checkout the Correlate resource tool from Google. The service lets you correlate variables of your choice and display results on a map, scatter plot or graph – Correlate lets users compare data by time series or State . the results will reveal interesting spatial and temporal trends that you can use in your analysis and research… if anything its quite a bit of fun!

Sample correlations:

Correlation of GIS jobs

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Now Available The Google Nexus 5

Ohhhh yes indeed, I’m drooling over the new Nexus 5 which is available in many areas now, however, with a price that’s now almost double ($349 compared to $199 for the Nexus 4) I’m not really sure how badly I really want one. The specs are nice indeed (photosphere, immersive 360, kitkat, 4G LTE…) , the commercial… meh! You gotta admit though, this is a pretty darned nice device to consider and at $400 for an unlocked World phone it’s not a bad deal at all. See details and specs

Google Helping Small Business Grow on the web

Some small business tips shared via the Google Canada Blog… need blogging or SEO help for your business? Need Google adwords tips or support? According to Google, every day, AdWords enables more than one million businesses connect with their customers online. So if you’re a small business looking to grow your business online, be sure to have a look at these helpful resources (oh and if it helps, AdWords Business Credit will give Canadian businesses more flexibility and some free stuff)

See more on the Google Canada blog

Google Trekkers tasked with capturing images of Florida’s beaches for Google Maps

Soon, people around the world will be able stroll Southwest Florida beaches virtually. It’s coming courtesy of a Google and Visit Florida photo-mapping project that documented Lee and Collier county shorelines last week.  The statewide campaign ends with a splash on Miami’s famed South Beach early next month. The end result will be 360-degree panoramic views of Florida beaches — some 825 miles of them — available to Web surfers 24/7. Think Google Street View, in which users see places they are going before they arrive, minus the streets.  The photo crews ,  called trekkers, walk the beaches carrying 15 cameras embedded in a watermelon-size orb perched just above their heads

See Four Google Trekkers tasked with capturing images of Florida’s beaches for use by Google Maps