Esri Shares Tropical Storm Erika Interactive Map

Here we are again with hurricane season upon us and just in time to monitor the extreme weather, Esri has shared a story map to help monitor  Tropical Storm Erika. This interactive map features live data from NOAA showing Erika’s projected path, as well as storm watches, warnings, and storm surge information. You can also explore geotagged social media from Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube related to the storm.

Stay safe this season to all of our friends who live and work in hurricane prone parts of the country!

Flood Safety, Safety Checklists, and Preparation Tips

With the sudden downpours to which we’re prone at this time of year, and in preparation for storms in the next few months, this is a great time to get educated and prepare for if a flood disaster should strike. The following are just a few of the useful resources available to anyone who lives in or near flood prone areas – stay safe out there!

flood safety

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Summer Travel Tip – Find Lost Bags Faster with the TSA Lost & Found Map

Find Lost Bags Faster with Interactive Esri Map – A handy summer travel resource for those of you who get jacked around by the airlines! Worried you’ll lose something while traveling over the long holiday weekend? Use Esri’s TSA Lost & Found Map to easily find contact information for Lost & Found departments at each passenger airport in the US. Click any icon to access contact information, or search for an airport using the three-digit airport code. [Read more…]

Open Source Geotech and OpenGeo components Explained

Some great questions have been answered in a recent blog post from the OpenGeo crew. The meaty article takes a close look at the OpenGeo Suite as well as a look at the individual, OpenGeo Components. For the non-developer type like yours truly, this is an excellent and must read if you think there’s any chance you might be considering  a move to open source solutions in your mapping workflows.

opengeo components

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Popular this week on GISuser…

A few highlights on trending articles from the past week…

Is ESRI to Reschedule the 2016 #esriuc to Avoid Conflict with @MLB All Star Game?

I have to thank Twitter colleague, Craig Williams (@williamscraigm) for some tips and insight on this one! Those of you who are baseball fans may be aware that the 2016 MLB All Star game was recently awarded to the San Diego Padres! WAY COOL you might think, but sit back and think of years past and ask yourself, isn’t the All Star game usually the same week as the Annual ESRIUC which is also in San Diego? Bingo!! Indeed it is.

pteco park

Image Credit: UT San Diego

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Map Design Gone Wrong – Do People Even Care Anymore?

Cartographers take pride in their work, typically applying all the rules and principles of good cartographic design to their work, all in an effort to make people want to look at and appreciate their work (See Esri, Make Maps People Want to Look at).  However, in this new era of social sharing it seems that the map has been replaced by the Infographic and the data visualization, a mashup of data, graphics, and maps presented in an effort to tell a story.  Now us geographers are well aware of story telling via map, however, to this new breed of data visualists the focus has sadly been on quantity rather than quality. Bloggers, publishers, newspapers, etc… run to the web, download data and mashup the results in creative and not so creative ways, the end result is often a map but sadly, the product is also something your GEOG 101 Prof would likely slap you if you called it a map!

ugly map

The Ugly Map – Source: ObliviousAT

Yep, gone are the days of cartographic principles, map design standards, scale, composition, and elements of good map design.

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#JeSuisCharlie – Cartoonists show solidarity after Charlie Hebdo attack

An impressive showing of solidarity by journalists and cartoonists around the World in the wake of the latest, cowardly terrorist attack in Paris, France – Indeed a tragedy but these acts will never deter people from enjoying their freedoms and liberties… Great to see that journalists will not be silenced by this latest act.

Je Suis Charlie

Je Suis Charlie

See the telegraph for an impressive gallery


NASA Explains Holiday Lights from Space

Great stuff from NASA… remember Buddy in the Holiday movie trying to light up his house to be seen from space?? From NASA… It’s official — our holiday lights are so bright we can see them from space. Thanks to the VIIRS instrument on the Suomi NPP satellite, a joint mission between NASA and NOAA, scientists are presenting a new way of studying satellite data that can illustrate patterns in holiday lights, both during Christmas and the Holy Month of Ramadan. These new tools can provide new insights into how energy consumption behaviors vary across different cultural settings – Read More