Video – The Complete Guide to Geocaching Etiquette

Something fun and useful for you geocachers or those of you wanting to introduce the family to geocaching over the holidays… via From the resource… “What is Geocaching?” and seen the Beginner’s Guide to Finding a Geocache, it’s time to make the transition into pro-level geocaching. This video has tips to take your geocaching game to the next level and guidelines that every geocacher should know. See also Beginner’s Guide to Finding a Geocache:


Dalhousie University GIS Prof seeks solution to student ignorance of geography

A cool story on a popular topic that rears its head every year or so, students and their lack of geographic skills and understanding of the Earth. Imagine a group of Canadian University students not being able to locate the Atlantic Ocean on a map! Indeed, this is the state of geographic literacy in many countries… From the article, this comment by James Boxall (@GISjames) of Dalhousie U, “I actually do [a quiz] with my first-year students every year, I just haven’t publicized it, and it’s the same results” –see more in the article on CBC

Let us all remember the hilarious yet sad response from Miss Teen S. Carolina a few years back!

Now That’s A Cool Globe!

A little fun here as I share a pic I snapped walking through our urban core and stumbled onto a cool, little shop that was enticing people in by using Globes. Not just any globe, this place had a pretty cool piece that had a distinct red flavor going on along with a nice, metal finish… indeed geography can and is art! ;0) Do you have a killer piece of geo art or a stunning globe that you want to share with us? Ping me @gletham

Source: via Glenn on Pinterest

USGIF Trajectorymag Coming in June from the USGIF

Info about this tidbit from the USGIF came to me via Twitter this morning as I noticed that the USGIF is planning a new magazine… it appears that it will be an online publication, however, I suppose it could also be in print… I guess we’ll wait and see. Until then check out where you can find the new home of the official publication of the US Geospatial Intel Foundation

10 New, Must-Read GIS user Articles of Interest

A number of fun, educational, and interesting articles and blogs have hit GISuser recently. In case you missed out, here’s a quick list of 10 hand-picked, must-read Geo Tech stories… enjoy!

  1. Geospatial Technologies and GIS to model predictive behavior and meth lab locations in Colorado
  2. 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Press Release Doesn’t Suck
  3. Location-Aware Instagram-Like Photo Sharing For Dog Lovers With Dogsly
  4. 2012 Super Bowl Fan Map – Esri Mashup of Football Pick and Political Candidate
  5. B.C., Canada Islands Trust launches MapIT online mapping system
  6. 2011 Salary Survey of GIS Professionals and How We Stack Up Against Others
  7. GIS Geeks Guide to Mastering the ArcGIS Server API for JavaScript
  8. JobMo Career search App For Tablets (iOS, Android) Fantastic Location-Aware App With Superior Results
  9. Mapping the Pacific Garbage Patch and Ocean Currents Moving Plastics and Debris
  10. Even CNN Gets Their Cartography Wrong! Sorry London

meth lab locations colorado springs

OpenStreetMap Developer Hack Weekend at GeoIQ, Washington, D.C.

Over on the GeoIQ blog Andrew Turner has penned details of a coming hack fest, OpenStreetMap Hack Ween-end. The GeekFest is scheduled to take place at the GeoIQ HQ in D.C.  on Feb 18 and 19 and promises to be “very technical” and focus on building core apps and technology that use OSM or support OSM. So, if getting your hands dirty with code makes you queezy you might be better off staying at home and watch some TV or hang out with the kids…

See details over on the GeoIQ blog

Gotta love those cool autumn days!

Sometimes you need to just kick back and enjoy the day… You gotta just love the fall season with the change in colors and that cool feeling in the air… I had to share this shot from the other day, captured at a rest stop picnic area along HWY 34, headed West towards Estes Park, CO (about 15 miles East of Estes)… hope you’re having this kind of beautiful weather in your area!

Trulia Rolls out Trulia Pro program for the real estate industry

Interesting to see an innovative business model roll out.. .case in point, the new Trulia Pro Program. The popular real-estate mashup resource is now offering users a chance to advertise and make some cash while at it. What will make this so effective I think is the established reputation of Trulia as a true online leader in real estate search as well as the heavy focus on the real estate market and the ability to enhance offerings and branding for the real estate professional. The service enables clients to take advantage of featured listings and local spotlight ads to help with branding. See more at


Geospatial Line of Business consolidating Federal geospatial-related investments

A useful resource for you Geospatial technology business owners and Federal contractors… GLOB has a vision of developing a a more coordinated approach to producing, maintaining, and using geospatial data, and will ensure sustainable participation from Federal partners to establish a collaborative model for geospatial-related activities and investments. A number os useful public documents are available at