Watch GISDay Activities on the BlueRaster Instagram Map

GISDay is here once again and for a little GISDay fun the cool team at BlueRaster has mashed up a very cool map that shares all the photos on Instagram tagged with the #GISDay hashtag. Have a look around the world to see some of the activities and map fun taking place on Nov 20, GISDay. Nice stuff BlueRaster – see the Instagram GISDay map HERE

GISDay Instagram Map

The Geography and History of the Canada US Border explained

Ever wondered about that “imaginary” fence that exists for about 5000 KM separating Canada and the USA? Well, perhaps this new video will help explain things a little better… enjoy (Source of inspiration)

The video makes light of the border, however, there’s some really interesting quirks that you may have wondered about… for myself, I’ve often wondered what the heck is up with the border at Pt. Roberts which is very strange indeed!

National Geographic Invites You to Play Plan it Green

Here’s a cool, eco-friendly online learning experience from National Geographic, GE and a few friends – Plan it Green. This interactive, eco friendly, online game is designed to introduce kids (and grown up kids) to city planning solutions that are greener and energy efficient… think a green version of SIM City in some ways. According to NGS, the game is part of Connect! Transform the Future, a new national initiative designed to engage, enlighten and educate the nation’s youth in a conversation about the future of energy. The game is part of a growing trend that employs digital gaming to engage players around important social issues… awesome! See more in this official announcement or play it for yourself (and with the kids) at

2 Million Hidden Geocaches and counting…

How cool is it to see that the sport of Geocaching is now boasting almost 2 million hidden geocaches… wow! The crew at has a real time (almost) count tracking the number of registered geocaches and it’s rapidly approaching 2 million. Most of us Geogeeks have at least tried to geocache and uncovered one or two, and if you haven’t and in particular, if you have kids, you need to get outside and try it! There’s no doubt that the smartphone revolution and the supporting mobile apps and really given the sport a kick in the butt so get online, register at, get a hint about a cache that’s hidden nearby (I guarantee that there is one) get out there and find it – it really is a blast!  Read more about the 2 million count HERE on the official blog

The Canada Google Kiss Map Lets You Kiss and Tell – and Map it!

Ah yes, another Valentine’s Day is here and that can only mean one thing… another great excuse to make cheezy maps and apps – enter the Canada Kiss Map! Well, actually it’s not just for Canada as you can drop a kiss marker anyplace on the World map, however, it was designed in Canada (I guess). Use the kiss map to search for a romantic place where you smooched your sweetie, leave a marker, share the story behind the kiss… awwwwww! See

Friday Fun With Maps – America As Seen by A New Yorker

How about a little Friday fun with maps and a sweet, little gem I stumbled upon today… America as viewed by a New Yorker… I just love the “empty space caused by the stupid shape of Idaho”… LOL! Got any more awesome maps and examples or cartographic brilliance to share?? Ping me @gletham with your tips – Sourced from Funnyordie

Source: via Glenn on Pinterest

Obama and Romney Meat Heads! Vote for your favorite MeatHead Barack Obameat or Meat Romney

Ok, this one likely goes in the category of “Slightly off topic” or perhaps “slightly meaty!”… Just in time for the two major political parties’ national conventions, Jack Link’s® Beef Jerky has unveiled the ultimate tribute to the year’s political race: mosaic portraits of “Barack Obameat” and “Meat Romney.” Painstakingly created by a noted mosaic artist from thousands of pieces of Jack Link’s Jerky, the two presumptive presidential candidates now join Sasquatch, the brand’s icon, in the distinct honor of having their likenesses recreated entirely from jerky. Americans can vote online for their favorite “meathead’ in this unique portrait showdown.

Jack Link’s fans, jerky lovers and political junkies alike are invited to cast their votes for their favorite meathead portrait: Barack Obameat, Meat Romney or Sasquatch. To vote, simply visit or One lucky voter will receive a $5,000 Snack Stimulus prize package.  Results will be posted on and on

Source: via Glenn on Pinterest