Do’s and Don’ts For Taking Your Dog to the Office

A little mid-week fun here to break things up a bit… those of you who know me know that I’m a dog owner and dog lover, as are many of you I’m sure. However, have you ever considered taking the pooch into the office to hang out with you?  If so there’s a few things you’ll need to remember before  attempting this.

Dos and Don'ts for Taking your Dog to Work

Dos and Don’ts for Taking your Dog to Work

Dog lovers  will be taking their pets to work the week of June 22-26. The annual “Take the Dog to Work” event celebrates the bond between people and their canine companions and demonstrates the joys of being a pet parent. [Read more…]

Enjoy the Chemistry of Guinness Beer on this St. Patty’s Day

A little shout out to all of our colleagues, friends and others who are enjoying the Irish spirit today. Here’s a fun visualization sourced from my favorite local Craft Brewery (here on Vancouver Island)  to enlighten you a little on our favorite Irish refreshment – enjoy!

the chemistry of Guiness beer

Click to enlarge image – Happy Saint Patrick’s Day All – Cheers!

And if the poster isn’t enough, you can learn everything there is to know about Guinness in this fine documentary… its kinda long, you might need 2 beers to get through it!

10 Reasons to Marry or Date a GeoTech Professional or GeoGeek

Here’s a little end of the week fun… Dating  a geek  can have its perks [and a few pitfalls]. For example, you won’t have to worry about getting over-caffeinated when they say they need to work with some Java. Remembering the name of that awesome bar or restaurant you visited a few years ago won’t be an issue because chances are good that he or she has record of it in a Checkin with Foursquare, Google plus or facebook (a real geek will have a GeoRSS feed that pulls all those checkins into a web service). And don’t fret about having access to gadgets and computing power because you’ll have more technology kicking around than you could ever know what to do with. So you might wonder, what about the GeoGeek? What could possible be the perks of dating a Geo professional? Well, after reading a similar article that looked at the pluses of marrying a real estate professional I decided to take a similar look at the GeoGeek.

Perks of dating a Geek!

And so, here’s just 10 perks of dating or marrying a GeoGeek: [Read more…]

Verrückt, the Tallest Water Slide in the World shot by Garmin VRB Elite

Hold on tight!! Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), the global leader in satellite navigation, and Schlitterbahn Waterparks & Resorts, today released a video for the highly-anticipated opening of Verrückt, the tallest water slide in the world. Schlitterbahn has completed construction and testing of Verrückt and the ride will open to the public on July 10th. Officially verified by Guinness World Records, the water slide in Kansas City, Kan. stands at a record-breaking height of 168 feet and 7 inches. The video released today shows the complete experience of riding Verrückt, plunging a staggering 17-stories at a 60-degree angle. The video has been shot with VIRB Elite, a unique Garmin action camera that captures data to highlight the intensity of the ride, including speed and heart rate. VIRB Elite is the exclusive action camera of Verrückt. To view the video and more from Garmin click here.

 See also more details HERE

Nokia is 3D Printing Chocolate… #NOM

Now here’s something clever and yummy from Nokia… this Spring Nokia took to cool 3D printing technology to print up some tasty chocolate treats. Very cool indeed… I can just imaging them also printing up a chocolate Lumia smartphone or even better, imagine printing a 3D chocolate map… how cool would that be?